Wednesday 15 Oct 2008

Hear The Heart Beat!

What’s a guy to do with the bad news from Madonna's rep, that she and her husband, Guy Ritchie, are getting a divorce. There’s also the buzz that the couple didn’t have a pre-nup; begging the question, who gets what!?

I guess we can’t worry too much about the always reinventing Madonna, Us Weekly is reporting that she and baseball star Alex Rodriguez "are definitely romantic." I can’t blame her; he’s hot!

Don’t be such a Dick:
Rumors are true, Vice President Dickless Cheney; who was slated to be in the state of Illinois today campaigning for Republican Marty Ozinga, had to cancel because his heart (Or lack there of) wasn’t working correctly. S U R E! Isn’t it more like the Veep knows it’s a waste of his time? Ozinga is running against LGBT friendly Congressional candidate Debbie Halvorson.

Tonight marks the 3rd and final debate between Senators McCain and Obama. I for one love a good show and this will be just that! Obama financial guru Jamie Citron will be hosting a viewing party at Sidetrack tonight. The debate starts at 9PM Eastern.

My heart wells with delight in the news that Seattle Sisters Trisha & Michelle Jones and Sunday Kyrkos (See Picture Above) will be in Chicago this weekend! Sister Sunday is getting married to that Seattle Socialite, Pat Heily this Friday. Being honorary “Brother Bill, I will be in attendance. Truth is, this will be one star studded weekend with the rehearsal dinner taking place at the Peninsula Hotel, and the wedding taking place at the luxurious Four Seasons.

Happy Hump Day!
~Bill Pritchard

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Monday 13 Oct 2008

The Guy-Crazy Adventures of Bill Pritchard


What a fun filled, action packed weekend! I really didn’t have too much on my plate, but I sure kept busy! Friday evening I met up with Advisor Edward and Dr. Drew down at Jack’s on Halsted. Enjoying some terrific fellowship with Bartender Drew and Jack himself! What a great venue.

I stopped by Minibar|Winebar to see Boystown Crush. What a damn impressive person he is! Every time I listen to Kirk, I learn something new. It’s especially refreshing to know someone with drive, passion, and determination to make a difference. These among all of his assets makes Kirk worthy of being my Boystown Crush! I was happy to see a lot of pals out and about. I was especially delighted to see Michigan birthday boy, Calvin (See Picture Above) in town. He and I know one another from MySpace. Heavens, what a nice guy! Many of my readers are familiar with my being a bit guy-crazy. Its guys like Calvin that makes me crazy like that. He’s really super sweet and well. .damn FINE! What do you think!?!??

Fabulous Foozie:

Saturday I met up with Arthur to go to Miss Foozie’s Fabulous Varity Show at Circuit Nightclub. I have to say, these shows get better and better each month. This month the show starred, Paula Sinclaire, Monique Marquette, Miss Foozie’s Foozette Dancer Brad, Comedian Marc Peurye; and return guest stars: Velicity Metropolis and Lila Star. Of course the super sweet Mike Kosko was on hand greeting everyone!

Sitting at our table was’s Enterprise Brand Manager Mike Livingston and Paul Rosenkranz. This was Paul’s first drag show. Poor kid looked like he’d seen a ghost. What a special treat it was to see the Grand Duchess and JP in attendance as well! They were all fine in their Sunday best!

Nice Stalking With Ya:

I went up to Scarlet to have a beverage with One of the Paul’s and Mike. No doubt about it; it was packed in there. What an adventure. I ran into the super cute Adam H. who was dancing his buns off. I had a bit of an odd conversation with a drunk friend so I high tailed it out of there to go rejoin Paul Rosenkranz at Minibar|Winebar. I just love running into everyone! I also had another Calvin (See Photo Above) sighting. Whew!

Darling Debbie:

Normally I keep Sunday’s to myself, but this last Sunday I hosted an LGBT Reception in honor of Congressional candidate Debbie Halvorson. We threw it at the Hearty Boys Catering Kitchen on Broadway. Oh my word! What a great venue! I was pleased to run into Samantha Travis and Frank Elliott. I think you will be hearing more about these two in the next few months!


Did I mention that Calvin (See Picture Above) is seriously beautiful? What!?!? It’s just a tiny crush. It will go away.


Facebook pal, Mike Koenig, My dear friend, Ronnie Kroell, my best friend, Isaiah, Piano instructor, Freddy Allen, Seattle’s very own, Jamile Mack, My doll, Matthew, (See Picture) my Mom and Dad, and my old bitch Buffy

Have a great week!

~Bill Pritchard

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Wednesday 8 Oct 2008

Recovering Bill Pritchard

Last weekend my besti Isaiah and I (See Picture Above) went to New York City. Holy cow did we have a fun time! It was one fast trip; with odd flights, but fun nonetheless! While there we enjoyed the fellowship of Jon Kastl (See Picture) & Mark Harbick. (See Picture) I’ve known these two for a long time and consider them family. They went above and beyond the call in hosting Isaiah and me in their fabulous home. It was wonderful to see them.

We were also able to meet up and hangout with DJ Scotty Thomson (See Picture) and my ex, Matthew Barrett (See Picture). I love New York for a whole lot of reasons, but Matthew and Scotty always go out of their way to see me when I’m in town.

With stops at SoHo House and The Chelsea Hotel; we were more than inundated with the New York experience. There are so many good looking guys there. I guess they like a man in a bow tie. (See Pictures)

A special thank you goes to Esquire Magazine’s Nick Brown for meeting up with us at The Modern for libations. I also want to say thank you to my new friend, Gabriel; the Manager of the Modern. He and I met the night before at SoHo House and chatted it up. He couldn’t have been any more hospitable to us!

Miss Foozie’s Fabulous Varity Show is taking place this Saturday at 10:30 PM at Circuit Nightclub!
 Miss Foozie's FABULOUS Variety Show!

Happy Hump Day!!
~Bill Pritchard
Thursday 2 Oct 2008


I Need You!:
It goes without saying that this is a unique time in our Nations history! Republican or Democrat; I hope we will all step up to the plate and get involved!

If you want to vote in the next Presidential Election, you must register no later than October 7th. After that 'deadline', Chicago voters have one last chance under the "grace period" from October 8-21. Chicago voters who utilize the grace period should go to 69 W. Washington Street, Suite 600. You will need to show two valid pieces of identification, with at least one showing the current residence address.

Perhaps you need to check your registration or find your voting location. Don’t wait until it’s too late! You might want to see a complete view of the candidates in Illinois; or see where the Democrat and Republican candidates stand on the issues. Chicago voters even have the opportunity to use Early Voting at 51 sites, starting on Monday, October 13, 2008.

This weekend I will be in New York City with my besti Isaiah. You can bet, however, that I will be watching the Debate and enjoying some fellowship tonight in Boystown!

See you out and about!
~Bill Pritchard

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Wednesday 1 Oct 2008


SOXtober 1st:
What happened to me this morning was so out of the ordinary; I had to BLOG about it.

When I got on the #22 bus this morning at Clark and Belmont, it was EMPTY! I honestly had to pause and look around before I swiped my CTA Card. The bus driver even greeted me with an “I know!”.

Has this ever happened to you??

Congratulations to the Chicago White Sox!
~Bill Pritchard

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