Wednesday 8 Oct 2008

Recovering Bill Pritchard

Last weekend my besti Isaiah and I (See Picture Above) went to New York City. Holy cow did we have a fun time! It was one fast trip; with odd flights, but fun nonetheless! While there we enjoyed the fellowship of Jon Kastl (See Picture) & Mark Harbick. (See Picture) I’ve known these two for a long time and consider them family. They went above and beyond the call in hosting Isaiah and me in their fabulous home. It was wonderful to see them.

We were also able to meet up and hangout with DJ Scotty Thomson (See Picture) and my ex, Matthew Barrett (See Picture). I love New York for a whole lot of reasons, but Matthew and Scotty always go out of their way to see me when I’m in town.

With stops at SoHo House and The Chelsea Hotel; we were more than inundated with the New York experience. There are so many good looking guys there. I guess they like a man in a bow tie. (See Pictures)

A special thank you goes to Esquire Magazine’s Nick Brown for meeting up with us at The Modern for libations. I also want to say thank you to my new friend, Gabriel; the Manager of the Modern. He and I met the night before at SoHo House and chatted it up. He couldn’t have been any more hospitable to us!

Miss Foozie’s Fabulous Varity Show is taking place this Saturday at 10:30 PM at Circuit Nightclub!
 Miss Foozie's FABULOUS Variety Show!

Happy Hump Day!!
~Bill Pritchard
Thats is such a great picture of miss foozie!!!
Posted by aray on Wed, 10/8/2008 8:17 PM
The Chelsea Hotel, huh? Fancy. *snicker*
Posted by CPJason on Wed, 10/8/2008 8:39 PM
Thursday 2 Oct 2008


I Need You!:
It goes without saying that this is a unique time in our Nations history! Republican or Democrat; I hope we will all step up to the plate and get involved!

If you want to vote in the next Presidential Election, you must register no later than October 7th. After that 'deadline', Chicago voters have one last chance under the "grace period" from October 8-21. Chicago voters who utilize the grace period should go to 69 W. Washington Street, Suite 600. You will need to show two valid pieces of identification, with at least one showing the current residence address.

Perhaps you need to check your registration or find your voting location. Don’t wait until it’s too late! You might want to see a complete view of the candidates in Illinois; or see where the Democrat and Republican candidates stand on the issues. Chicago voters even have the opportunity to use Early Voting at 51 sites, starting on Monday, October 13, 2008.

This weekend I will be in New York City with my besti Isaiah. You can bet, however, that I will be watching the Debate and enjoying some fellowship tonight in Boystown!

See you out and about!
~Bill Pritchard

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Wednesday 1 Oct 2008


SOXtober 1st:
What happened to me this morning was so out of the ordinary; I had to BLOG about it.

When I got on the #22 bus this morning at Clark and Belmont, it was EMPTY! I honestly had to pause and look around before I swiped my CTA Card. The bus driver even greeted me with an “I know!”.

Has this ever happened to you??

Congratulations to the Chicago White Sox!
~Bill Pritchard
Monday 29 Sep 2008

Dow Low. . . Bill Pritchard High!

Sure, the Dow suffers biggest point drop in history, but I’m high on life with the opportunity to Make A Difference!

Get Ready To Vote:
I joined my friends Jodi Lee and Cocktail cutie David Sikora in watching the Presidential Debate. Both Senators did a good job in this first of three debates. What did you think?? Remember, you have until Oct 7th to Register to vote in the upcoming Presidential election! As you can see from today’s plunge in the stock market, it is really time to get involved in the course of our country!

Afterwards I met up with Scarlet’s Mike Kosko at the Chicago Public School’s Fundraiser at Scarlet. I was delighted to fellowship with owners Rob Sobieralski and Paul Cannella! I also had the pleasure of running into my ex, Jessy Rubly! God I love that guy! He’s such a joy to be around! What a great surprise to run into my besti, Isaiah; who came looking for me. He was all dolled up for a fashion show he attended.

Enjoying a glass of wine with Advisor Edward at Cornelia’s, we were joined by the immensely cute Arthur Chaney. (See Picture) As always; great conversation was abound! Joining us from time to time was piano man, Ben Hartman and Cornelia’s nutty owner, Edy.

Tie One On:
I was particularly proud of myself on Saturday evening! For the first time in my life, I tied a bow-tie. It’s not as easy as it looks and it proved to be quite a challenge. I found the secret is not to tie it whilst looking in the mirror.

My tie selection for the night was made even better with two of my favorite fella’s Paul Rosie and Socialite, Hunter B. Lyon surprising me by showing up for the evenings fellowship wearing ties. That was one true blessing! (Side note: Keep an eye on these two guys! They are cute and single!)

After a great night out and about, I had fellowship with the sounds of my pal DJ Scotty Thomson at Hydrate! I heart Scotty!

SIGHTINGS: The very BEAUTIFUL Mikey Langford;’s Enterprise Brand Manager Mike Livingston; Soap maven, Jim Gregory; Vlad himself, Nathan F.; DJ Phil DaBeatz; Clay Hinkle, Andy Kaim and Philip Trampe; Austin Hoover, Victory and gal-pal, Jake Conrad; Boystown’s Paris Hilton, Evan Or; Boystown Crush, Kirk McNamara; (With a nice a_s!) (Don’t worry Kirk; it’s petite and yet perky!) My future wife, Lakeview Broadcasting Company’s Heather; (See Picture) and Mikey (Name withheld to protect his closet status)

Friend and BIG TIME Helper, Kristy Riedel, My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal, The Missed, Greg, New York Boys, Mark Harbick and Jon Kastl, On the campaign trail, Sandra & Ryan Vanderbilt, My doll, Matthew Barrett, my dear friend Adrienne Holt, and of course, my bitch Buffy

Have a GREAT week!
~Bill Pritchard

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Friday 26 Sep 2008

Bill Pritchard & HOT Guys!

Thanks to the magic of YouTube, yours truly is featured with some of Chicago's finest. Sometimes my life is so rough!

See you out and about this weekend in Boystown!

~Bill Pritchard

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