Tuesday 4 Nov 2008


Get Involved:
Be sure to take a moment to vote today! This is your chance to Make A Difference.

You can see election results tonight at Sidetrack, Scarlet, Halsted’s Bar & Grill, Cornelia’s, and CREW Bar & Grill.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Bill Pritchard

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PS: You can also get a free cup of coffee from Starbuck’s today!
Monday 3 Nov 2008



Tomorrow marks the birthday of my sainted Mom! I had the chance to spend some quality time with she and my Father in Seattle over the Halloween weekend. It was SO NICE!

We even had some time with my Aunt Peggy on Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound inlet. It was BEAUTIFUL

If you haven’t done so already I hope all of you will take a moment to vote tomorrow. Now more than ever we need everyone to step up to the plate and Make A Difference. Tomorrow night you can see election results at Sidetrack.

Bill Pritchard
Monday 27 Oct 2008

Our Thoughts Are With Jennifer!

My Thoughts are with Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson today!

The body of her nephew Julian King was found in Chicago this morning.

I pray that Jennifer will receive a warm peace and strength from God.

~Bill Pritchard
Wednesday 22 Oct 2008

Happy Hump; My Hump, My Hump, My Hump, Day!

Life’s A Drag:
Join Equality Illinois supporters and friends for tonight’s exciting show the 16th Annual Night of 100 Drag Queens at Sidetrack. The night showcases the talents of both amateur and seasoned performers in a hilarious revue filled with wild, wacky and outrageous routines!

The evening features a VIP Reception at 7:00 PM, with champagne, lite eats and special surprises, all prior to the actual show. Doors open for General Admission at 8:00 p.m. The show begins promptly at 8:30 p.m.

VIP Reception (7-8 p.m.) & Show (8 p.m.-Midnight)
Advance Tickets: $20.00 Door: $25.00
General Admission - Show Only (8 p.m.-Midnight)
Advance Tickets: $10.00 Door: $15.00
To Purchase tickets for Wednesday, October 22nd, please go here. Tickets are Will-Call only: The names for all guests will be held at the door of Sidetrack.

Happy Birthday:
I want to take a moment to wish my dear friend piano instructor, Freddy Allen (See Picture Above) a very happy birthday. Any and all who know Freddy realize that he gives SO much of his life in the pursuit of bringing joy to others. It's the reason why his life is SO successful. I’ve known Freddy for a long time and I’m honored to call him my friend!

The gang at, Scarlet, My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal, Rising Star, Paul Rosie, My best friend Isaiah, Cute Calvin (See Photo), The wonderful staff at, RL, DJ Phil DaBeatz, Everyone’s Favorite, Miss Foozie, (See Photo) and my very old bitch Buffy

Happy Hump Day!
~Bill Pritchard

Be sure to read the latest Make A Difference Article

Monday 20 Oct 2008

New Liver Needed for Bill Pritchard

I would like to dedicate this BLOG to my Mom and mothers everywhere! It is the support and care of my Mom that drive me to seek those Make A Difference moments in life. She loves me in spite of being a boy (Meaning: Gender not age!) crazy queer. Thank you to all Moms out there who love, accept, and support their gay sons!

Seattle Sisters Trisha & Michelle Jones and Sunday Heily were in town this weekend! Sister Sunday got married to popular Seattleite, Pat Heily on Friday at the luxurious Four Seasons. My besti Isaiah joined me in having a great time of fellowship, libations, and food. I swear, those girls can keep the party going all night. I see how we’re related. (Laughs)

Uncle Tom & Aunt Coco:
It’s ALWAYS a treat to have Tommy (See Picture) and Coco (See Picture) in town! These two provide so much inspiration to me for what love really is! I just love how committed they are to one another. I met up with them at neighborhood favorite Cornelia’s. Bartender John poured his famous cosmopolitans and Advisor Edward, Bill Healy, (See Picture) and his cute friend Shawn joined us.

Return of the Socialite:
It was wonderful to have some fellowship with Socialite Hunter B. Lyon this weekend! He’d been traveling for work the last few weeks and all of Chicago went through withdrawals. Joining Hunter B. was Donald Mills, Vlad, Paul Rosie and Evan Or. I introduced Soap maven, Jim Gregory to Boystown newcomer, Darryl Sher. I was especially happy to run into cute Matt F.! I was even blessed to see my dear friend Mike Rippe with his boyfriend Philip Trampe and pals Bret & Clay Hinkle. It had been a while since I’d seen them. It was equally as nice to see damn cute Thomas Aguirre. That boy has had his shirt off a lot lately.

Don’t you just love the sounds, energy, and joy for life that DJ Phil DaBeatz provides!

A special shout out goes to cute Calvin (See Photo) for all the RTU’s (Real Time Updates) throughout the weekend! Damn he’s FINE! Thanks goes to my friend Alex Choren for brunch on Sunday, My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal, My best friend Isaiah, My Facebook friends; the very cute, Vince Baer & Mike Koenig, and my very old bitch Buffy

Have a marvelous week!
~Bill Pritchard

PS: Looking for something to fill your time? Why not join the fan page in my honor on Facebook! It's cute.

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