Monday 10 Nov 2008

I'll Lift A Glass To That!

Friday night was spent in sublime fellowship with Advisor Edward, Dr. Drew, and Bill Healy at Sidetrack. It was so nice to listen to these well educated guys talk everything from politics, to strategy. Extremely refreshing, really! While there we parked ourselves in the corner of the glass bar and held court. It was great to see so many friends out and about!

Saturday night was Miss Foozie’s (See Picture) Fabulous Varity Show at Circuit Nightclub! Damn was that a fun time! There is always such diversity in Foozie’s show. Joining me that night was my ex Jesse Rubly, Former roommates, Clyde Allred and Mike Rippe and super sweet Philip Trampe. I even saw’s President R. Matthew Inawat and Sr. Vice President, Business Development, Brian Decker.

From Boystown to Breeders Row:
It’s ALWAYS a pleasure to see one of my nearest friends and Boystown's favorite "Gay Manager of a straight venue" JR Cranston at John Barleycorn. The staff always take such great care to make sure you’re having a great time. Flirting with straight guys is fun too! (Laugh Out Loud)

I just found out that Harrods in London's Knightsbridge now has a Veuve Clicquot counter. (See Picture Above) Talk about heaven on earth. Anyone who really knows me knows that I simply adore Veuve Clicquot! It’s one special treat!

My Besti, Isaiah; My pal, Alex Choren; (See Picture) My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal; The damn sweet icon of Boystown, Linda Little; (See Picture) Freddy Allen, And of course, my dear old faithful bitch Buffy

Bill Pritchard
Friday 7 Nov 2008

And The Beat Goes On. . . . . . . .

Haram Iran:
Be sure to check out Jay Paul Deratany’s "Haram Iran" a true story that exposes the travesty of the Iranian legal system. Opening nights are this Friday and Saturday night. For more information, check out the Make A Difference BLOG

In case you missed President Elect Barack Obama’s acceptance speech, here it is.

Miss Foozie Variety Show:
I hope to see you all out and about at Miss Foozie’s (See Picture Above) Fabulous Varity Show taking place this Saturday at 9:30 PM at Circuit Nightclub!

My Mom and Dad; (See Picture) Encourager, Kale Ness; My ex, Jesse Rubly; Newlyweds, Sandra & Ryan; My first Chicago Best friend, Jeremy; My dear long lost Greg; Advisor Edward & Dr. Drew; My Besti, Isaiah; Socialite Hunter B. Lyon; Rising Star, Paul Rosie; My pals, Alex Choren, and Boystown's favorite "Gay Manager of a straight venue" JR Cranston; My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal; (See Picture) Gal-pal, Jake Conrad; Former roommates, Mike Rippe & Clyde Allred; My future ex-boyfriend, Ben Andrews; My good friend, Jason Maldonado; The Yoder Brothers, Ryan & Billy; Piano Man, Ben Hartman; Super cute, Arthur Chaney; Boystown crush, Kirk McNamara; My dear pals Ronnie Kroell, (See Picture) Freddy Allen, Phil DaBeatz, Mike Livingston, H. Walker, and Bill Healy. And of course, my dear old faithful bitch Buffy

Bill Pritchard

Be sure to read the latest Make A Difference Article

 Miss Foozie's FABULOUS Variety Show!
Wednesday 5 Nov 2008

Happy Day’s Are Here Again!

Be sure to read the latest Make A Difference Article

With a greeting by Alderman Tom Tunney; I exercised my right to vote yesterday. I will never get tired of that experience! It is one of the most outright feelings of impacting your community.

The quintessential Make A Difference moment came when they handed me the ballot receipt. (See Picture Above) It was my label of history. I will keep it forever!

The crowds grew all over the world as President Elect Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech in Grant Park.

I heard one person say, “It feels like a new world”. I think that my Father said it best when he said, “We’ve regained America’s soul!” It was truly a very happy birthday yesterday for my Mom. It promises many happy returns!

Bill Pritchard
Tuesday 4 Nov 2008


Get Involved:
Be sure to take a moment to vote today! This is your chance to Make A Difference.

You can see election results tonight at Sidetrack, Scarlet, Halsted’s Bar & Grill, Cornelia’s, and CREW Bar & Grill.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Bill Pritchard

Be sure to read the latest Make A Difference Article

PS: You can also get a free cup of coffee from Starbuck’s today!
Monday 3 Nov 2008



Tomorrow marks the birthday of my sainted Mom! I had the chance to spend some quality time with she and my Father in Seattle over the Halloween weekend. It was SO NICE!

We even had some time with my Aunt Peggy on Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound inlet. It was BEAUTIFUL

If you haven’t done so already I hope all of you will take a moment to vote tomorrow. Now more than ever we need everyone to step up to the plate and Make A Difference. Tomorrow night you can see election results at Sidetrack.

Bill Pritchard

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