Tuesday 23 Dec 2008


Cabin Fever:
Greetings from a very snowy Seattle my friends! (McCain really ruined that one didn’t he!)

It feels SO damn good to be able to blog again! I’ve been somewhat stuck in Seattle since Saturday with no internet. It would seem that the city (Although wonderful in most every way,) shuts down when the snow comes. They’ve had almost a foot here too!

Wonderfully, I’ve been enjoying this forced vacation with good food, wine, and fellowship from 4x4 friends! As always, I am staying in my family’s guest flat in the Pike Place Market. (See Photo) If you’ve never been to Seattle; the Farmers Market is the city’s biggest tourist attraction. It is such a damn charming place.

With all this time on my hands I’ve been enjoying some books and doing a bit of writing. I’ve especially enjoyed taking calls from some of you over the last few days. I need to do this “not busy” thing more often!

I hope this finds you all well as the Christmas holiday approaches. Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday that we were celebrating the holiday!?

My best friend, Isaiah, Super cute/sweet, Arthur Chaney; Advisor Edward; Scarlet’s cute Thursday night hostess, Mike Kosko, Fruit flyAdrienne Holt, My dear friend, Ronnie Kroell, Seattle’s very own, Jamile Mack, My doll, Matthew Barrett,’s Enterprise Brand Manager Mike Livingston, My friends, Bill Healy, DJ Scotty Thomson & Greg Rein, My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal, Doggie sitter, Virginia Jones and said doggie, Buffy

I will be back in time for New Queers Eve!

Bill Pritchard
It snows in Seattle?
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Wednesday 3 Dec 2008

Sweets For The Sweets!

World of Chocolate:
I hope you will all join me this evening at the The AIDS Foundation of Chicago’s signature event, the World of Chocolate. (See Picture Above) This is always the start of the holiday season for me! It’s so damn festive!

I will be a guest judge again this year as will my partner in crime,'s own Miss Foozie! (See Picture) I’ve been equally blessed in having the damn sweet Mike Kosko as my date. Somehow I think he and I will have a party within the party!

The World of Chocolate will feature yummy chocolate creations from more than 30 of Chicagoland’s finest restaurants, caterers, and chocolatiers in the Make A Difference effort to raise awareness, while celebrating the world's achievements, in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Tickets will be available via phone today until 4pm and will also be available at the door for $100.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!:
Arriving tomorrow for the weekend is my sainted Father! (See Picture) Be on the lookout for us; and be sure to say hello!

Childhood Crush & Birthday Girl, Therese Victory, Barf Happy, Adrienne Holt, and my faithful old bitch Buffy

Bill Pritchard

Be sure to read the latest Make A Difference article!

Wednesday 26 Nov 2008

Once You Have Black. . .

Black Wednesday:

With five nights of fun filled fellowship ahead of us; it’s no wonder why they call it Black Wednesday! There are just so many fun things going on tonight!

There’s Hydrag at Hydrate with the fabulous Tajma Hall

Or, Pre-Thanksgiving Mystique at Boystown favorite Minibar Ultra Lounge and Café. Great music, hot bartenders, and sexy (Did I just type that word?) dancers!

Of course, if you feel like singing a tune, Pie Hole Pizza is offering a fun night of Creaoke Karaoke. Talk about good clean fun! There’s nothing better than pizza and pipes! (Wink)

Circuit Nightclub is offering Wild Wednesday Don’t miss out on one of the biggest parties of the year with DJ Alex Perez! As always, there are a lot of great activities going on in the community this weekend; including a number of Make A Difference events! Get out and get involved!


Quite honestly, there are SO many people that I’m thankful for! I am absolutely NOTHING without their love, support, opportunity, guidance and help! Here are some:

Travis Ahlquist; Arthur Chaney; Advisor Edward; Dr. Drew; H.Walker; Ben Hartman; Steve Rollins; BC & Jenean; Jim E. Gregory; Greg; Former Roommate Clyde; Mike Kosko; Jay Shaff; Victory Adams; John & Stu; Jason Haas; Sunshine!; Nathaniel Freyman; Kristy Riedel; Adrienne Holt; Ronnie Kroell; Isaac Way; Bill Healy; Amy & Freddy; Jamile Mack; Matthew Barrett; Jer; Ripp & Philip; Jesse; Rich D’; Phil; Mark & Jon; Alex C; Brother Dave Macintosh; Ed LeVasser; Hunter B. Lyon; Paul Rosie & Evan Or; JR Cranston; Sandra & Ryan Vanderbilt; Ben & Jen Brittingham; Calvin; and The Sisters.

A special thank you goes to the Icon of Boystown, Linda Little. Your love and kindness have reminded me why it’s important to try to make a difference!

Thank you to Team Editor At Large, Jason P. Freeman; Brand Manager, Mike Livingston; Community Ambassador and my friend, Miss Foozie; Sr. Executive Vice President, Editor in Chief, S. James Long; and President, R. Matthew Inawat

And finally, thank you to the most important of my life, My best friend, Isaiah; My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal; my Mom and Dad, and my faithful bitch Buffy


I’m always amazed this time of year to read the emails that ask me for assistance in finding charitable organizations that need help. Nothing pleases me more than to see others GIVING of themselves. I hope all of you will step out of your daily grind and invest in those around you. I noticed that Roscoe’s is hosting a Food Drive for Vital Bridges. You can earn $1 in Roscoe's Bucks for every food or toiletry item donated through december 14th. Times are tough for a lot of folks. Any help you can offer Makes A Difference!


Bill Pritchard


Be sure to read the latest Make A Difference article!

Tuesday 25 Nov 2008

Back By Popular Demand!

Floris of London has announced that their Stephanotis line of soap and fragrance is being brought back by popular demand! The popular scent that had appointment by the Queen herself was discontinued by Floris six months ago. Clearly someone was not amused by its loss. (This queen included!)

The comforting, reliable and honest Stephanotis scent has been a favorite of mine since I was introduced to it as a boy living in London. With heady notes of orange blossom enlivened with the soft spiciness of carnation contrasted with a green lily of the valley accord are evocative of the intensely fragrant stephanotis blossom. The floral heart, sustained by jasmine and coriander leads to the base notes of sandalwood and musk.

The Floris Stephanotis Luxury Soap is only $35.00. (Box of 3 Bars, each 100g/ 3.5 oz) The Floris Stephanotis Concentrated Bath Essence is only $55.00 (30ml)

Not heard of it? Go to the Floris Website

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Thursday 20 Nov 2008

It’s Broadway BITCH!

Amy & Freddy:

Thursday, November 20th, my friends Amy Armstrong and (Piano instructor,) Freddy Allen (See Picture Above) will be performing at the Lakeshore Theater. It promises to be a BLAST! Blessing me tonight with his company; will be my pal DJ Phil DaBeatz. Talk about a perfect evening! I hope to see you all there!

A Proud Friend:

By now you’re sick of hearing me praise my best friend Isaiah, but this is my BLOG and I have to say how happy I am that he has completed his degree at DePaul this week. (Smile) With all of his hard work and determination, it is obvious to see that he will go far in this life!

SIGHTINGS: The very cute, Trevor Cooper at the Body Shop, Arthur Chaney; Advisor Edward; Piano man, Ben Hartman; Soap mavin, Jim E. Gregory; and, Scarlet’s cute Thursday night hostess, Mike Kosko.


Smooth operator, Adrienne Holt, Facebook pal, Mike Koenig, My dear friend, Ronnie Kroell, my best friend, Isaiah, Seattle’s very own, Jamile Mack, My doll, Matthew,’s Enterprise Brand Manager Mike Livingston, My friends, Bill Healy, DJ Scotty Thomson & Greg, My bosom friend, David, Boystown’s Paris Hilton, Evan Or, my Mom and Dad, and my old bitch Buffy

There are a lot of great activities going on in the community this weekend; including a number of Make A Difference events!


Bill Pritchard


Be sure to read the latest Make A Difference article!


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