Friday 30 Jan 2009

Up Up And Away!


Last night was such a damn good time! The fun started early by having dinner with DJ Phil DaBeatz at Wilde. How proud am I of Phil! He won a Pressie for Best DJ! It couldn’t happen for a better guy! Yesterday was a special day for Phil in more ways than one, so we were celebrating! Mike Kosko Joined us and we went to the Amy & Freddy show at the Lakeshore Theater. What a damn fun time. I’ll tell you, that Amy is as gifted in comedy as she is in song!

At ten I arrived to Scarlet to host FRAT HOUSE Thursday! Seriously, we had SO much fun! In addition to the great music and hot guys (Yep, I’m gay!) they had this photo booth set up that made buttons with your picture on it. I did get the chance to meet one of my newest Facebook friends, Matt Liberatore. How nice was he! (And cute!)

I was blessed to get a visit from my uber cute gal-pal, Jake. He was on the way to see Lady Vera Parker at her Pressie praised show!

At the stroke of midnight I said good night to all the cuties and headed home. Of course I stopped by Minibar Ultra Lounge to say thank you to Phil for dinner. While there I ran into Socialite Hunter B. Lyon. Seriously, the short haircut he’s sporting really works for him! I was also blessed to run in to my friend Brian Nowak. I think he is the kindest person! Every time we connect, I just smile bigger!

With that, I was back on the road again. Of course I needed a little snack to soak, (Def: A meal ment to soak up the liquor consumption) so I stopped by Boystown favorite Pie Hole Pizza! Would you believe that they made me sing a song before I could go?! Now, I like to sing, but I shouldn’t sing when I’ve had a few libations. I don’t know, but I think I pretty much sucked. (Laugh out loud)


Your truly is one damn excited person! I’m heading to NYC this afternoon to attend the birthday festivities of my dear friend Ronnie Kroell. (See Picture Above) Splash Nightclub is hosting the event and it promises to be one wild night of revelry! I will give you a full report with pictures.

While in the Big Apple, I am delighted to be able to connect with my ex, Matthew Barrett, DJ Scotty Thomson and my dear family friends Jon & Mark. I’m delighted that Advisor Edward is able to join me there too. He knows New York really well!

SHOUT OUTS: My best friend Isaiah (I'll miss our breakfast this weekend!) and my faithful bitch Buffy


Bill Pritchard


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Thursday 29 Jan 2009

Choose Your Own Adventure TONIGHT!

Amy & Freddy:
Thursday, January 29th, my friends Amy Armstrong and (Piano instructor,) Freddy Allen (See Picture) will be performing at the Lakeshore Theater. It promises to be a BLAST! Blessing me tonight with his company; will be my pal and resent Pressie award winner, DJ Phil DaBeatz!

Scarlet Studs:
Scarlet and are teaming up tonight to host FRAT HOUSE Thursday! (See Picture Above) Join yours truly as I host all frat guys and their fans! (What can I say. . .Isn’t it fun to be gay!) Scarlet’s FINE bartenders, hosts and staff, feature 40-ounce beer specials, loud tunes, and hilarious high jinks. Don't miss this night of hotties!

There are a lot of great activities going on in the community this weekend; including a number of Make A Difference events!

SHOUT OUTS: Super cute, Arthur Chaney, New York Bound Advisor Edward; Piano man, Ben Hartman, The lean, Adrienne Holt, Facebook pal, Mike Koenig, My dear friend, Ronnie Kroell, my best friend, Isaiah, Seattle’s very own, Jamile Mack, My doll, Matthew Barrett, My friends, Bill Healy, DJ Scotty Thomson & Greg, My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal, and my old bitch Buffy

Bill Pritchard

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Friday 16 Jan 2009

Son of a. . . .

Screw The Cold! (I wanted to say something stronger, but my Mom reads the BLOG)

For those of you who aren’t in Chicago, the rumors are TRUE, it’s damn cold here! When I woke up this morning, it was -17 below zero. Add the wind and you get -30. If there were ever a reason to cuss; this is it!

Why let the bitter cold get in the way of a Friday night!?! “Onward and upward” is the right action! Hydrate is hosting a $10 Open Bar from 9-11:00PM to introduce us to their new DJ, JR. (See Photo) It’s pretty obvious that I love this guy! J’s one of my dearest friends and I know you will all love his music and style! The fact that he’s also unbelievably cute just adds to the whole “heat” of the night!

Hi! Hi! Hi!

Boystown is still a buzz with the exciting sighting of Dancing with the Stars fairy Lance Bass at Minibar Ultra Lounge and Café. I’ve never seen Minibar owner John Dalton so deservedly happy! It was good to catch up with Lance and snap a photo (See Photo Above) for my Mom. (Laugh Out Loud)

A Day On, Not A Day Off!

Of course this Monday the 19th marks the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day observance. (See Photo) What a tremendous time in history to reflect on civil rights and the challenges ahead of us. It’s time for us all to get involved in our community and country. (Right about now, the people out there who don’t like me very much; are rolling their eyes in disgust. That is if they read my silly BLOG anyway!)

Out With the Bad, In With the Good!

I’m extremely excited for this Tuesday! In my opinion, this is a day, where we get rid of what’s wrong, and make room for what’s right! Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States! For people like my Father and me, this is a day where we resolve to go “onward and upward”! (See Photo)

SHOUT OUTS: The recovering, Nathaniel Freyman; My best friend, Isaiah; Advisor Edward; Sunshine!; Calvin; Mike Kosko; Matthew Barrett; Alex Choren; Bill Healy; Jamile Mack; Socialite, Hunter B. Lyon; My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal; and my WARM old bitch Buffy

Cheers Damnit!

~Bill Pritchard


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Friday 9 Jan 2009

Bonsoir Blago!

Bye Bye Blago!
Illinois Governor Milorod Blagojevich (See Picture With Yours Truly Above) has been impeached by the Illinois House of Representatives today. The vote was 114-1. You gotta wonder what that one person was thinking. (Laugh out loud) The state Senate now deals with the question of whether to remove “ROD” from office. It’s all pretty sad really. Here Illinois was golden with the election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States, and then this taints it. Good riddance Governor!

A Proud Friend
When I see someone succeed in their life’s goals, I am truly one happy camper. When I see a dear friend do it, I’m even more elated! It gives me great joy to see JR Cranston fulfilling his dream of being a DJ! Many of you know JR from his work making breeders row hot spot, John Barleycorn so successful. He truly knows how to make an evening perfect! Now dJR (See Picture) takes that service and sound to the clubs of Chicago. Hydrate is featuring dJR this Saturday at INFERNO. A $10 donation to Chicago House provides a hosted bar featuring Absolut cocktails from 9-10:30PM!

Gamble Your Giggles
What better way to raise your spirits from the doldrums of cold weather, recession, or life's drama; than to see my pal, Miss Foozie as she hosts her Fabulous "Vegas" Varity Show Saturday night at Circuit Nightclub! The fun starts at 10:30PM and there will even be pizza provided by Pie Hole Pizza! You know how much I love the Hole! For complimentary admission add your name to the VIP List

SHOUT OUTS: Sunshine!; My best friend, Isaiah; (See Picture) Healer, Travis Ahlquist; Arthur Chaney; Advisor Edward; Dr. Drew; H.Walker; Ben Hartman; Steve Rollins; Mike Kosko; Alex Choren; Nathaniel Freyman; Kristy Riedel; Adrienne Holt; Mark & Jon; Ronnie Kroell; The Icon of Boystown, Linda Little; Bill Healy; Amy & Freddy; Jamile Mack; Matthew Barrett; Jer; DJ Phil; Socialite, Hunter B. Lyon; Evan Or; Paul “Rosie” Rosenkranz; Sandra & Ryan Vanderbilt; Boystown Crush, Kirk McNamara; Out of state Crush, Calvin; GoPride Brand Manager, Mike Livingston; My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal; my Mom and Dad, (See Picture) and my faithful old bitch Buffy
Bill Pritchard

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 Miss Foozie's FABULOUS Variety Show!
Wednesday 31 Dec 2008

Happy New Year QUEER!

What a festive time to think about all the great blessings we’ve been given and the challenges we’ve overcome. Giving up resolutions, I am all about the daily promise to myself and those I care for, to make a difference!

With Thanks!:
Keeping an attitude of gratitude, I really owe any success of 2008 to the warm love and care of a few people. Without question, Mom and Father, are the foundation of my life. Their steadfast love and support is above and beyond!

My Best Friend, Isaiah, is undoubtedly the greatest person I’ve ever known. His accountability, care, and friendship truly make a difference in me!

True, my close friends are what sustain me every day, and this BLOG clearly shows who they are.

Finally, I am indebted to the amazing team here at for allowing me to partner with them on the Make A Difference mission. In particular I want to thank Steve Long, Jason P. Freeman, Matthew Inawat, Mike Livingston, and of course Miss Foozie!

Play safe this evening and enjoy time with family and friends!

Bill Pritchard

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