Wednesday 18 Feb 2009

A KISS and a Coke with Jesse McCartney


Thanks to my friends (Nicole, Paul, & Jessica) at Chicago’s 103.5 KISS FM and the kids at Coca-Cola, I stopped by to meet and greet cute singer, Jesse McCartney (See Picture Above) at the Coca-Cola Lounge.

Joining me was friend Allen McMillen. I think we were some of the oldest attendees, but we sure had fun meeting people and making fun of the teeny-bopper girls.

While there I ran into KISS FM Superstar DJ Nina Chantele (Note: I just love her big booby squishy hugs!) and weekend cutie, Special K. Jesse sang a few songs; even forgetting the words at one point. The audience was more than forgiving! *wink*. Jesse is in concert Wednesday evening at the House of Blues


This Thursday, I will be traveling to my hometown of Seattle. While there I will be enjoying 80’s Night at Neighbors Nightclub; the birthday party of my dear friend Jamile Mack and the fellowship of my Mom, Dad, and Brother David


The sweet, Mike Kosko; my best friend Isaiah; Advisor Edward; DJ’s DJ Phil DaBeatz, dJR, and DJ Scotty Thomson; Bill Healy; Gregory Rein; My bosom friend, David; My Gal-pal, Jake Conrad; my ex, Jesse; Former roommates, Rippe & Clyde, My good friends, Alex Choren, Arthur Chaney, and Jason Maldonado; Boystown crush; The adorable Clay & Andy; My dear pal Ronnie; thinner, Adrienne Holt; and my dear old bitch Buffy!


Bill Pritchard
Monday 9 Feb 2009

Justice For All

Justice for All:
It was a wonderful time this last Saturday at the Equality Illinois Justice for All benefit! Nearly a thousand people attended. My besti Isaiah (See Picture) was my date. He looked too cute! Joining us at the table (See Picture Above) was Matthew Inawat, Brian Decker, Mike Livingston, Shawn Porter, Aaron “Aray” Antonio, (See The Damn Cute Picture) Michael Roberts, Reed Krueger, and Frank Failing

While there, I ran into so many pals. I saw Jeffrey Patrick Wondrely; Andrew Jay Peerless; Congressional candidate, Sara Feigenholtz; (See Picture) personal trainer, Alex Blair; bartender to the stars, David Sikora; Attorney, Mario Sullivan; Politico, Kevin Hauswirth and Chicago artist, Matthew Lew. I even ran into my pal Alex Choren. I was pleased to see Representative Greg Harris receive an honor from Equality Illinois I love any event where people dress up!

Spring is in the air:
With the beautiful weather we had on Saturday, everyone came out and about to celebrate! After EQIL, Isaiah and headed to Minibar Ultra Lounge and Café. I’m telling you, DJ Phil DaBeatz was on fire that night! He just always makes a night good! We met up with sisters, Kristy Falkanger Riedel (See Picture) and Heidi Falkanger Peters; who were out celebrating Heidi’s birthday. One really does have to watch out for those two! They are TROUBLE! (In a good way!)

SIGHTINGS: Washington DC’s own Wade Ackerman; Equally as tall and cute, Robbie Martin; The very sweet, Phillip Barker and Tony Miner; Clean shaven, Mike Kosko; Parent praising, Hadley Rue; The guy who looks like Vlad and his (Cute) friend Jimmy; Kindred loud laugh, Mario HObama Green; Biker, Dale Kozak; and Thomas Aguirre and his posse of girls.

SHOUT OUTS: My Mom and all the Mom’s out there that read my silly blog; My Father whom I will see in Boston, and my dear old bitch Buffy!

Bill Pritchard
Friday 6 Feb 2009

About Damn Time!

I for one am damn happy the weekend is here! This has been one busy week!


Last weekend I was one lucky guy to fly off to New York. I went to attend the birthday party of my friend Ronnie Kroell (See Picture Above) at Splash Nightclub. It was such a marvelous time!

Joining me that evening was Advisor Edward, and my ex, Matthew Barrett. I also ran in to Chicago cutie Charlie Gurion who was also celebrating his birthday! While at Splash I ran in to New York DJ’s Scotty Thomson and Escape! Both are two favorites of mine! I was especially glad to catch up with Matthew over the evening.

The next morning (Or should I say a few hours after the party) Advisor Edward, Matthew and I met up with my dear family friends Jon & Mark at the very popular Elmo. Boy do I love this place. Our server, Ian was DAMN FINE! (Dibbs) It was nice to catch up with the boys!

From there it was a day of shopping and fellowship; including high tea at the St. Regis Hotel. What a charming time! Advisor Edward and I enjoyed more fellowship at The Townhouse on 58th Street. Gosh, did I love this piano bar! I even found me a crush in the talented Anthony Fett, who sang a few songs. With Brunch the next morning at famed, Intermezzo I was off to catch a plane back home!


Many in the Chicagoland area know the work of Equality Illinois to secure, protect and defend the basic civil rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the state of Illinois.

I hope to see all of you at the Equality Illinois Gala taking place this Saturday, February 7, 2009. This fundraiser is a terrific opportunity to Make A Difference. The Gala is a blast! Everyone dresses up for a great meal, inspiring speeches, fabulous libations and a great dance floor! If you would like to attend, tickets can be purchased by going directly to the Equality Illinois website Equality Illinois website

Click here for a complete listing of Make A Difference events!

SHOUT OUTS: My Cousin, Willaim Eddy; My best friend Isaiah; Arthur Chaney; Piano man, Ben Hartman; Scarlet’s cute Thursday night hostess, Mike Kosko; Adrienne Holt; My dear friend, Jamile Mack; My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal; my Mom and Dad, and my old bitch Buffy


Bill Pritchard

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Sunday 1 Feb 2009


There are a lot of great Super Bowl activities going on today!

One such event is the Make A Difference ULTIMATE SUPER BOWL PARTY at Hydrate
Austin Baidas, Brian Elmore, Brian Kupersmit, Mark Liberson, Ken Miller, Marc Moder, Greg O'Neil, Emily Santos, Edd Taylor, yours truly and Chicago's Diva Amy Armstrong are joining together to bring you the best Super Bowl Sunday Party in Boystown! There will be Football, beverages food, and a AUCTION of hot guys for Charity!

Your $10 donation to Chicago House gets you an OPEN BAR for an hour prior to the game (starting at 4 p.m.) Also Included is an incredible buffet of treats featuring Halsted's Turkey Chili, Pie Hole Pizza, An Italian Pasta Buffet, Subs, Veggies, Dips, Salads, Delicious Pastoral Cheese Trays, Popcorn, Pretzels and more! No one leaves hungry is; our rule!
Hydrate will be showing the Game on Hydrate's new theater projection screen, as well as on televisions throughout the bar. In addition you will hear the game on Boystown's best sound system, so you won't miss a thing, including half time entertainment and every commercial!

No one leaves empty handed... so be sure to pick up your gift bag at coat check on the way out!

See you there!
Bill Pritchard
Friday 30 Jan 2009

Up Up And Away!


Last night was such a damn good time! The fun started early by having dinner with DJ Phil DaBeatz at Wilde. How proud am I of Phil! He won a Pressie for Best DJ! It couldn’t happen for a better guy! Yesterday was a special day for Phil in more ways than one, so we were celebrating! Mike Kosko Joined us and we went to the Amy & Freddy show at the Lakeshore Theater. What a damn fun time. I’ll tell you, that Amy is as gifted in comedy as she is in song!

At ten I arrived to Scarlet to host FRAT HOUSE Thursday! Seriously, we had SO much fun! In addition to the great music and hot guys (Yep, I’m gay!) they had this photo booth set up that made buttons with your picture on it. I did get the chance to meet one of my newest Facebook friends, Matt Liberatore. How nice was he! (And cute!)

I was blessed to get a visit from my uber cute gal-pal, Jake. He was on the way to see Lady Vera Parker at her Pressie praised show!

At the stroke of midnight I said good night to all the cuties and headed home. Of course I stopped by Minibar Ultra Lounge to say thank you to Phil for dinner. While there I ran into Socialite Hunter B. Lyon. Seriously, the short haircut he’s sporting really works for him! I was also blessed to run in to my friend Brian Nowak. I think he is the kindest person! Every time we connect, I just smile bigger!

With that, I was back on the road again. Of course I needed a little snack to soak, (Def: A meal ment to soak up the liquor consumption) so I stopped by Boystown favorite Pie Hole Pizza! Would you believe that they made me sing a song before I could go?! Now, I like to sing, but I shouldn’t sing when I’ve had a few libations. I don’t know, but I think I pretty much sucked. (Laugh out loud)


Your truly is one damn excited person! I’m heading to NYC this afternoon to attend the birthday festivities of my dear friend Ronnie Kroell. (See Picture Above) Splash Nightclub is hosting the event and it promises to be one wild night of revelry! I will give you a full report with pictures.

While in the Big Apple, I am delighted to be able to connect with my ex, Matthew Barrett, DJ Scotty Thomson and my dear family friends Jon & Mark. I’m delighted that Advisor Edward is able to join me there too. He knows New York really well!

SHOUT OUTS: My best friend Isaiah (I'll miss our breakfast this weekend!) and my faithful bitch Buffy


Bill Pritchard


Upcoming Make A Difference Event!


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