Tuesday 10 Mar 2009

Drinking For A Difference

TONIGHT's Fundraiser:
I hope you will all join BRAVO television’s Make Me A Supermodel season one star, Ronnie Kroell and me (See Picture Above) this evening from 7:00-9:00PM as The Wild Pug, and Fusion Radio Chicago, raise needed funds for the victims of the Scarlet building fire.

ALL the sales from 4-9PM at The Wild Pug will be donated to those displaced.

Thank you to The Wild Pug, and Fusion Radio Chicago for their amazing devotion to this “make a difference” event!

If you can’t attend, but would like to donate/help, please email me!

Drinking for a Difference!!
~Bill Pritchard
Monday 9 Mar 2009

Chicago Takes It Off

Test Positive Aware Network hosted their Annual Chicago Takes Off show this last weekend at the Park West Theater. With as one of the major sponsors, I had the pleasure of going.

I have to say, TPAN’s Rhett Lindsey really outdid himself this time! The show was so well choreographed and organized! This event had something for everyone’s taste and it was done tastefully too!

The evening was hosted by none other than New York’s Coco Peru. (See Picture Above) Many will recall Ms. Peru’s performance in the movie Trick. I was really impressed with how witty she was. (See Video Below)

Joining me for the evening was my Gal-Pal, Jake Conrad. (See Picture) What can I say? The kid sure knows how to have a fun time. I wanna be him when I grow up!

Scarlet Fire Victims Support:
There are more events to raise funds for the victims of the Scarlet building fire.

Join The Wild Pug, Fusion Radio, and yours truly on March 10 as we raise needed funds for the victims of the Scarlet building fire.

If you can’t attend, but would like to donate/help, please email me!

Cheers to a good week!!
~Bill Pritchard
Friday 6 Mar 2009

A Note from Scarlet’s Genral Manager

Eternal Gratitude:
This morning I received an email from Dusty Hoffman, General Manager of Scarlet. He asked that I pass it along to you:

There is no way I could possibly express how grateful I am to our GLBT community as a whole, and how proud I am to call myself a member of it. I am assured, through your actions during this crisis, there is nothing we could not accomplish as a unified group of confident proud and educated Homosexuals!

I will never forget the first 25 years of my life and all I lived and accomplished, but from last Friday on I will always remember how the North Halsted community came out to remind my sister, Barbie and I, that no matter how damaged our house; we will always have a home.

Sadly, many members of the Scarlet Family depended on her as a large part if not all of their income. You can see many of them scattered about Halstead and I encourage you to support your Scarlet bartenders wherever they may be.

There will be many fundraisers in the upcoming weeks. Keep an eye out! Please feel free to email me directly at, or check out scarlet’s Facebook page. has been a great support to us all and will have these events posted!

The next fundraiser will be this Friday March 6 at Cell Block. From 9pm-2am and they will be donating 25% of the ring to relief efforts for all of our employees!

And for those of you have not seen the beautiful new Wild Pug they and Bill Pritchard will be holding a fundraiser next Tuesday March 10 from 7pm-9pm. The Wild Pug will be donating half the ring that night as well. I hope these fundraisers can also serve as a way to bring everyone who misses Scarlet together.

Scarlet was as much a home to many of you as it was to our staff. To our Extended Family of Patron’s I say one thing- SCARLET will return!

Conversations have already began about how we can ensure none of you have to go with out a place to view up and coming artists with Bret; explore the lighter side of S& M with Amy Armstrong; Oggle Hot Toddy; play a game of Beer Pong With Jennings; or do a shot of Jameson with Jared and Tom on a Saturday Night while bopin’ along with Psycho Bitch.

You are all as much a part of Scarlet as the stained glass behind the bar, so take care of each other and we look forward to the day when Scarlet’s doors open again even better than before!

My Eternal Gratitude

Dusty is truly one brave guy! I’m so touched with how he has responded to this turn of events. I am also encouraged to see the outpouring care and hope coming from the LGBT community! Keep it up gang! This is what life’s all about!

Be sure to include the March 23rd charity performance at Roscoe’s on your calendar! If you aren’t able to attend any of these, but would like to donate/help, please email me!

Have a GREAT weekend!
~Bill Pritchard
Tuesday 3 Mar 2009

The Difference of Community!

Bravo Cocktail:
Last night many in the community came out to Cocktail in support of the victims of the Scarlet building fire

The Fundraiser hosted by Cocktail owner Geno Zack (See Picture Above) raised $2000 in needed funds for those that have been displaced.

I have never been more proud of our community than I was last night. Scarlet owners, Rob & Paul came to show their support as well. Scarlet’s General Manager and building tenant, Dusty Hoffman greeted people with hugs and thanks. Clearly, this is one grateful person!

In addition to cash contributions, many donated clothes, and toiletries! (See Picture) The back of Cocktail looked like a department store!

More to Come:
I am delighted to report that there are two other events planed to raise funds for the victims of the Scarlet building fire. March 6 at Cell Block; March 10 at The Wild Pug and March 23 at Roscoe’s. Stay tuned for how you can give. If you can’t attend any of these, but would like to donate/help, please email me!

Get Out & Vote:
For those of you in the 5th Congressional District; please take a moment to go to the polls today and vote your choice in the primary election.

12 Democrats, 6 Republicans and 5 Green Party candidates are running to fill Rahm Emanuel's congressional seat that he left to become White House chief of staff. Now more than ever, we need to vote our choices!

A proud citizen!
~Bill Pritchard
Monday 2 Mar 2009

A New Hope!

Help for the Victims:
The victims of the Scarlet building fire will be receiving help from the community tonight as Cocktail will hold a Fundraiser from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. with half the sales going to the victims of that wretched blaze.

All are being encouraged to donate clothes, toiletries, and dollars to this very worthy cause! If you can’t attend, but would like to donate/help, please email me!

I know that times are tough for everyone, but perhaps we can all give up a latte or two for these folks.

See you tonight!
~Bill Pritchard

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