Tuesday 26 Jan 2016

Ninety-Fourth and Going!

Today marks the 94th Birthday of my dear Aunt Peggy Golberg! She is a hero in my life; always looking for the good and living beyond the challenges life has thrown her way.

As a little child she was the first adult that told me to call her by her first name, treating me with an equal respect. She is always a joy to be around!

In a day and time where people tend to look at life negativly, Peggy remains positive. When I asked her the other day what the key to her long life has been, she answered, laughter. 

You can bet that I will raise a glass or four of red to Peggy tonight. My life is WAY better because of her love and friendship!

Happy Birthday Peggy!
Bill Pritchard (YouTube Channel!)

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Monday 7 Dec 2015

All Good Things. . .

Hard to believe that my time in Chicago, as a resident is about to end! Fifteen years goes by fast. I've never been one for goodbye's, but have chosen to live my life as if there were no tomorrow's. To that end, this is a time of celebration for my friends and me.

My best friend Mark Grotto, and my partners at are hosting a Bon Voyage Party for me, with the gang at Sidetrack, Saturday, December 12th at 9:00pm. Stop by and say hi!

Off to see the Wizard!
Bill Pritchard (Now also on YouTube!)

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Tuesday 3 Nov 2015

World of Chocolate

Get ready, get hotsy-totsy and party like Gatsby for an evening of chocolate galore at the World of Chocolate 2015! Hosted by the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, this yearr is inspired by the glitz and glamour of the 1920s. The World of Chocolate is Chicago's commemorative World AIDS Day event held at the beautiful Chicago Union Station. 

Revel in chocolate delights from more than 25 of the city's top chefs, imbibe to your heart's content at the open bars and win fabulous prizes, including vacations to New York City, Las Vegas and more. 

Since its inception, World of Chocolate has raised over $1.7 million to fund vital HIV services and programs at the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. Purchase your tickets today and savor the sweet satisfaction of making a difference! 

Get your tickets today!
Bill Pritchard (Now also on YouTube!)

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Sunday 11 Oct 2015

National Coming Out Day

Coming out is a powerful tool we can all use to advance LGBT equality. In honor of National Coming Out Day this Sunday, we celebrate all those who have come out and bravely shared their true, authentic selves with the world. Read more at #ComingOutPosted by Human Rights Campaign on Saturday, October 10, 2015
Monday 21 Sep 2015


It's with great joy and excitement I announce that I am moving to Seattle.

After 15 years, I have established a true home and life changing friends here in Chicago. I'd like to continue that journey in time spent with my wonderful Parents, in the city I grew up!

I am moving my consulting practice with The CompleMentor to our firm offices in Seattle. With technology being what it is, I'll continue the practice of personal growth, professional development, and life priorities nation wide.

My commitment to the LGBT Community through and the GoPride Network will continue to flourish thanks to my blessed relationship with my business partners Steve and Matthew.

I will take the next few weeks to celebrate Chicago; go on long overdue dates, and celebrate friends.

No goodbyes.
Bill Pritchard (Now also on YouTube!)


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