Monday 14 Sep 2009

Feast of Fun

This just in, yours truly will be on the Feast of Fun podcast this week.

Yep, my night has just been made by the invite from hilarious Fausto Fernós and witty Marc Felion to come to their studios Tuesday night for taping.

Like many of you, I am one big fan of the daily Feast of Fun podcast! Their topics and rhetoric make me “that guy” on the bus who’s laughing to himself.

Interested in asking a question or making a comment? Go to the Fest of Fun Facebook Fan Page and stay tuned for the show!

Bill Pritchard
Sunday 30 Aug 2009

Pie Toss

Here’s Pie In Your Eye:
Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in the Pie Toss benefiting Equality Illinois.

Chicago’ s Sidetrack was full of would-be pie throwers all vying for the chance to huck a pie at their favorite or least favorite community leader. Yours truly was subject to said pie. (See Photo Above) A special thank you to my pal, Advisor Edward for shelling out some serious dough to this worthy cause. (Both EQ IL and seeing me covered in pie)

Photos of the fun can be seen HERE

Have you ever had chocolate cream pie in your eye? It burns

Happy SUNNYDay!
~Bill Pritchard
Tuesday 25 Aug 2009


Here’s Pie In Your Eye:
With as much hate mail as I get in a week here is a chance for all you haters to get me back and do some good at the same time!

This Saturday from 2-5PM you have the chance to make me look like crap as Sidetrack and Equality Illinois present the Pie Toss

EQ IL Pie Toss

Here’s the opportunity to throw an actual pie in my “smug”, “self-aggrandizing”, “ pushing”, “self-appointed”, “twink liking”, “arrogant”, “name dropping”, “Facebook living”, “il-fitted suit wearing”, “free loading”, “self-promoting”, “child chasing”, “drag queen favoring”, “Mayor of Boystown” face!

Come on . . . I dare ya haters!
Bill Pritchard

PS: I'm now "Orange" according to one damn funny blog!
Sunday 16 Aug 2009

Coffee wit Frasier’s Dad

The Best:

So here it is, a very sunny Sunday morning and I’m enjoying coffee and a rare pastry edible from the Caribou Coffee around the corner from my place. I’ve got Billie Holiday on my I-pod; making me think of my Mom and Dad (Note: John Mahoney, NBC’s Frasier’s Dad, just sat down next to me. I think he lives in the area. Perhaps my Father was right; I need to marry a rich older gentleman! He’s cute!)

Last night I took a page from my Besti’s book and enjoyed a Saturday night in; much to the chagrin of my pal’s Bill Healy, Jim Gregory and the cute couple Paul & Mike who invited me out and about. I’ve found lately that I really enjoy a Friday or Saturday night in. I make a nice meal, pour myself a glass (Or two) of red, and enjoy a dvd my bitch Buffy! (Yep! She’s still with us!)

Life is a Cabaret:

Be sure and stop by Martini Park Monday evening from 5-9PM for after work cocktails featuring the incredible song sounds of Paul Marinaro and drinks served to you by uber-hottie, Jake Conrad! A portion of the proceeds will benefit Chicago House

There are of course a number of other fun activities going on in Gay Chicago!


The world’s greatest best friend, my Isaiah; Travis Ahlquist (YAY He comes home this week!; Gordon & Mike Kosko; Advisor Edward and Dr. Drew; dJR; Gregory Rein; My bosom friend, David; my ex’s, Matthew & Jesse; Former roommate, Clyde, My good friends, Michael Elm, Jeffery Vander Mead and Arthur Chaney; Boystown crush; My dear pals Jon Chadwick and Ronnie; the hot, Adrian McGuire, Ryan Mulcahy and Calvin; and my dear old bitch Buffy!

Happy SUNNYDay!

~Bill Pritchard
Thursday 23 Jul 2009

The Bud Boyz!

. . .And The Winners Are:
Budweiser, in conjunction with Media Consultants and, presented the Bud Boyz Finalz at Sidetrack.

The four winners, Mikey, Zach, Nate and Christopher, (See Picture Above) were selected from 12 semi-finalists. There were two alternates picked as well; receiving a $500 contract from Budweiser.

Each of the boyz will receive an all-inclusive trip for two (Hey Christopher, I’m available to go with you! *wink*) to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, compliments of Apple Vacations plus $250 spending money. In addition, they will receive a guarantee of $1,500 in future appearances, a photo shoot, free haircuts for a year from the Menz Room and custom Bud Boyz attire.

Yours truly was LUCKY enough to be a judge. I have to say, it was one hard choice as all of the semi-finalists were hot. A personal honorable mention needs to go to Victor who’s flexible dancing ability won him the praise of many. (See Picture)

Lucky members were treated to a free Bud Light; making the hot event even more fun! Some lucky audience members won a trip for two to Puerto Vallarta; A custom Bud Light TREK mountain bike; Cubs Tickets, Concert Tickets; and Bud Light tee shirts!

A special thank you goes to Gehrig and his team from Media Consultants, Olin, Kyle, and Eric! They really made the Bud Boyz events a lot of fun. You can be sure that you’ll see more from Budweiser in the LGBT community in the near future! Budweiser is truly the “Queen of Beers”!

Cheers Queers!
Bill Pritchard

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