Friday 2 Oct 2009

Better luck next time, Chicago!

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Copenhagen - Chicago has been eliminated for the 2016 Olympics. Not even the presence of the President and Mrs. Obama seemed to help.

Wonderfully, we who live in Chicago know that we have a home to be proud of. GREAT people, architecture, food, diversity, theater, art, nightlife, and BOYSTOWN!

Congratulations to Rio de Janeiro as they prepare to welcome the Olympic Games to South America!

Come out and about this evening and cheer the city up!
Bill Pritchard

Wednesday 30 Sep 2009

Welcome back!

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It is with great joy that neighborhood favorite, Scarlet reopens tonight!

Many in the community will come together to welcome back this old friend with a new twist. Four feet larger in the front, and extending all the way to the sidewalk; there is a featured seating area in the front, called “Table One”. There is a large glass window to the outside; a den area making the new Scarlet a larger, more functional bar.

Join me tonight for the fun!
Bill Pritchard

Monday 14 Sep 2009

Feast of Fun

This just in, yours truly will be on the Feast of Fun podcast this week.

Yep, my night has just been made by the invite from hilarious Fausto Fernós and witty Marc Felion to come to their studios Tuesday night for taping.

Like many of you, I am one big fan of the daily Feast of Fun podcast! Their topics and rhetoric make me “that guy” on the bus who’s laughing to himself.

Interested in asking a question or making a comment? Go to the Fest of Fun Facebook Fan Page and stay tuned for the show!

Bill Pritchard
Sunday 30 Aug 2009

Pie Toss

Here’s Pie In Your Eye:
Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in the Pie Toss benefiting Equality Illinois.

Chicago’ s Sidetrack was full of would-be pie throwers all vying for the chance to huck a pie at their favorite or least favorite community leader. Yours truly was subject to said pie. (See Photo Above) A special thank you to my pal, Advisor Edward for shelling out some serious dough to this worthy cause. (Both EQ IL and seeing me covered in pie)

Photos of the fun can be seen HERE

Have you ever had chocolate cream pie in your eye? It burns

Happy SUNNYDay!
~Bill Pritchard
Tuesday 25 Aug 2009


Here’s Pie In Your Eye:
With as much hate mail as I get in a week here is a chance for all you haters to get me back and do some good at the same time!

This Saturday from 2-5PM you have the chance to make me look like crap as Sidetrack and Equality Illinois present the Pie Toss

EQ IL Pie Toss

Here’s the opportunity to throw an actual pie in my “smug”, “self-aggrandizing”, “ pushing”, “self-appointed”, “twink liking”, “arrogant”, “name dropping”, “Facebook living”, “il-fitted suit wearing”, “free loading”, “self-promoting”, “child chasing”, “drag queen favoring”, “Mayor of Boystown” face!

Come on . . . I dare ya haters!
Bill Pritchard

PS: I'm now "Orange" according to one damn funny blog!

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