Tuesday 10 Nov 2009

Gossip Girl!

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I have to admit, I’m a fan of the show Gossip Girl. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it, but there it is. For someone who spends a great deal of time working on the “gay job” ( in the evenings, I usually make sure that nothing gets in the way of Monday night’s at 8:00 p.m.

Yes, the guys on Gossip Girl are damn fine! The girls are bitchy, and the clothes are superb! I think what I like about it the most is the animosity that is felt by the author of the New York socialite blog. Nobody knows who she (It’s probably a gay boy!) is; hence the bloggers ability to say what she/he thinks and feels without recompense.

I see more blogs like this pop up here on and elsewhere. Their creative writing and expression is to be praised; even if I disagree or agree with their opinions. Like my friend Linda Little said in response to one such bar blog, “ opinions are like assh_le's and everyone has one." She’s right, although I have to surmise that her assh_le is prettier than most everyone else’s. Linda takes the negative press well! Like one blogger says correctly, “If you're gonna act like a celebrity in Chicago, prepare to take it.” Make no mistake about it, Linda doesn’t “act” like a celebrity; she is one and I’m proud to call her my friend!

So, from the Barfly to the Orange Guy; What the Drag Star thinks to the Twinks Who Buy Drinks; thanks for being our Gossip Girl’s! Positive or negative, you provide just enough mental anorexia for us to forget about our own lives. (That is unless you blog about us. *WINK-WINK*)

Bill Pritchard

PS: The photo above is in fact me when I was a twink.

A blog is a blog, no matter what the content. It's just someone's opinion on life. No need to crucify someone for speaking their mind.
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Monday 9 Nov 2009

Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!

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When my Besti, Isaiah made reference to Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, NPR's weekly hour-long quiz program, I could see and hear his excitement. I had never heard of the show, but thought his was high praise. Isaiah is one of the brainiest boys I know. Most of the stuff he enjoys revolves around events and activities that stroke the intellect and inspire critical thinking. He actually enjoys doing the New York Times crossword puzzles.

Twenty-four plus hours later, I get a call from my bosom pal David Cruse Beal inquiring as to whether or not I might be a fan of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! David is one hell of a mind and like Isaiah has looks to sway any savage beast. In addition to graduating Princeton University, David bested His Royal Highness, Prince William’s grades at St. Andrew’s; the oldest university in Scotland.

David echoed Isaiah’s praise of the show that tests your knowledge against some of the best and brightest in the news and entertainment world while figuring out what's real news and what's faux.

Hoping to add to the few brain cells I have left, I got up early and headed to Caribou Coffee to score my $1 medium coffee and free WiFi. OH MY GOSH! I love Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! I could not stop laughing! I also learned a number of things. Did you know that 7-Eleven is selling wine? Or how about the lady that called to report a drunk driver who ended up to be herself? Lots of fun facts dispensed in one creative way!

Let me encourage you to Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! for yourself! It’s the perfect way to begin your week!

Bill Pritchard

PS: I still remain a diehard fan of Feast of Fun! Nothing can ever replace Marc Felion & Fausto Fernós

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Sunday 8 Nov 2009

Indian Summer

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Sunny, Sun, Sun, Sun:
I just love a sunny day in Boystown! Hell, any town! For me it could be cold as a witch’s wart, and yet if it’s still sunny, I’m happy!

So here I sit, working on the “gay job" whilst enjoying coffee and cute guys at Caribou Coffee on Halsted. I’ve got a window seat and some decaf.

I hope you’re all enjoying this lovely Indian Summer of ours!

Check out all the photos from this weekend right here on!

Bill Pritchard

Wednesday 4 Nov 2009

Slain in Maine

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” -The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, July 4, 1776

Voters turn down same-sex marriage in Maine:
With the victory of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, a week ago, we are once again faced with the challenge of equality.

This will not go away in a day, week, year, or possibly even a generation. We are in the lengthy process of changing the collective minds of the average American. It’s no surprise that we still have our work cut out for us! It will take our time, treasure, and talent; but we must not stop until all men are indeed equal.

What do you think?

~Bill Pritchard

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Thursday 29 Oct 2009

Miss Foozie the Queen of Hearts!

Foo Boo:
Looks like the lovely Miss Foozie is at it again; this time on the cover of Gay Chicago Magazine. Of course Foozie is the emcee of this years Halloween festivities in Boystown!

Come out to see all the fun and freaks this Saturday at the Northalsted Halloween Parade. The schedule for the whole days festivities is here.

Happy Hallowiener!
Bill Pritchard

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