Wednesday 30 Dec 2009

Bye Bye Desert

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Change, Change, Change!:
And so the time has come for my holiday in California with my Sainted Parents to end. (Boo Hoo) Every day has been such a pleasure and I will miss them SO much!

One Last Hurrah!:
In great spirit My Father suggested that we all do brunch at Norma’s at the Parker. As you can tell I adore this little Shangri-La. I was also eager for my Bosom Friend David Beal to see and experience this hot spot. With libations and treats we fellowshipped under a cloudy Palm Springs sky.

Once again, my Father had the bagels and salmon; which was enormous! My more meat and potatoes Mom had bacon and eggs. David Beal and I had the damn tasty Huevos rancheros. (See Photo Above) He loved everything so much he hosted us all. (Thanks David!)

Saying goodbye to everyone I headed to my plane; which turned out to be overwhelmingly delayed. Thankfully, the Palm Springs airport has free WiFi! It is by said WiFi that I’m able to write this blog. I was also able to catch up via phone with my Besti, Isaiah, and text Erik, Paul and Ronnie.

Additionally, I was able to reunite with my Sainted Parents when they came for their flight. Leave it up to us to enjoy just one more libation before they boarded. Saying goodbye to them and watching them go down the jet way was really hard for some reason! I don’t ever want to know my life without them around. They are THE greatest part about my world! (Okay, enough with my silly emotional talk)

New Year:
Have plans for New Years Eve? If not, check out all the fun events in the New Year’s Event Planner. I hope this year is a blessed one for you!

Heading home to Boystown!
Bill Pritchard

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Saturday 26 Dec 2009

The Posh Life

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Palm Springs:
Greetings from the dessert! At the behest of my Sainted Parents I joined them on the sojourn to warm southern California for a holiday. True to form, my Parents are great company to be around.

Equally as charming are my Brother David and his partner (Yep, there are two of us in the Fam.) Clifford! We are staying with the boys and their cute dogs, Angus and Gavin, at their beautiful desert oasis.

Saturday’s always begin with breakfast with my Besti, Isaiah. Since he was not able to join us this trip, I had the pleasure of my Fathers company for Breakfast. Golly, the two of us are like peas in a pod! We had a perfect time people watching and telling stories.

This afternoon, the five of us decided to take lunch at Norma’s at the Parker Le Maridian. Set amidst palm trees and landscaped gardens this lovely spot was pioneered by Hollywood stars from the 30’s to the 70’s (See Photo Above). This Jonathan Adler-designed hotel was made famous in 1999 when actor Robert Downey, Jr. had his last drug bender. I have to say, it was such a charming venue; I couldn’t help but think of the countless friends I thought would adore such a setting!

More from the desert in the next few days!
Bill Pritchard

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Tuesday 22 Dec 2009

Congrats Feast of Fun!

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Fools get Four:
I can’t begin to say how proud I am of the boys at Feast of Fun for winning the 2009 People's Choice Podcast Award for "Best GLBT" podcast.

This is the fourth year in a row that the daily talk show hosted by Fausto Fernós and Marc Felion won in the "Best GLBT" podcast category in the People's Choice Podcast Awards.

If you’ve not had the chance to hear the boys for your self, you can find them free through the iTunes Music store: Feast of Fun is a mix of social news, rising trends, in-depth interviews and live music sessions, described as "the best of the net in real-time with a gay slant." Check out the time the boys interviewed me, last September. It was a total blast!

I’m off to Seattle to celebrate my 40th birthday with my Sainted Parents and Friends. Be sure to check out all the fun Events going on here in Chicago over this holiday week. There are a lot of places open on Christmas eve and Christmas. Go to CalendarQ for up to the minute info.

SIGHTINGS: The hip swaying Michal Kosko; Uber cute & sweet, Erik Thornton; Socialite and new blogger, Paul Blackburn; Advisor Edward; Piano man, Ben Hartman; Glasses wearing, Michael Paprzyca; Dr. Drew; Spandex wearing, William French; Sommelier, Derek Walker; Tall and sweet, Jeff VM; and the kind crew at Caribou Coffee on Halsted and Cornelia

SHOUT OUTS: Super sweet, Arthur Chaney; The slender, Adrienne Holt; My dear friend, Ronnie Kroell, my besti, Isaiah; Seattle’s very own, Jamile Mack and Mikey Payne; My doll, Matthew Barrett; My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal, My Cousin, Willaim Eddy; My Gal-pal, Jake Conrad; My ex, Jesse Rubly; Former roommate, Mike Rippe; My good friend, Alex Choren; Boystown crush, Kirk McNamara; My Mom and Father, and my old bitch Buffy

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Bill Pritchard

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Friday 18 Dec 2009


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Wednesday nighte socialite Paul Blackburn joined me for an evening of bubbly and bidding at Chicago House and Social Service Agency’s Champagne Wrapture!

Heavens, was it perfect! The atmosphere of the event was superb! I have to say that Jeremy Hilborn, Matthew Harvat and the whole crew at Chicago House did an AMAZING job! The event was sponsored in part by and the folks at Veuve Clicquot.

It has to be said that I am very partial to Veuve! It’s been present at some of the most important events in my life. I’ve had some great Champagnes, but Veuve Clicquot is by far the best! SO, I didn’t allow any to go to waste.

Adding to the evening were the holiday sounds of comedy and cabaret duo Amy Armstrong and Freddy Allen. They sure can add charm to an event!

As the weekend approaches be sure to check out all the fun Events and neat Places to go on CalendarQ

Bill Pritchard

Tuesday 15 Dec 2009

How The Diva Stole Christmas IV

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Ho! Ho! Ho!:
One can always tell the Holiday’s are here when advertisements for the annual How the Dive Stole Christmas show come out in Windy City Times, Nightspots, GRAB, TimeOut Chicago and here on

This year singer/comedian Amy Armstrong and her faithful sidekick, Freddy Allen really out did themselves from years past. Boystown favorite, Roscoe’s transformed their back dance floor into a festive holiday décor. As impressed with that as I was; I was even more blown away by their ability to take it all down so quickly after the show.

Here now is a taste of what the packed audience enjoyed:

Happy Holiday Season!
Bill Pritchard

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