Friday 18 Dec 2009


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Wednesday nighte socialite Paul Blackburn joined me for an evening of bubbly and bidding at Chicago House and Social Service Agency’s Champagne Wrapture!

Heavens, was it perfect! The atmosphere of the event was superb! I have to say that Jeremy Hilborn, Matthew Harvat and the whole crew at Chicago House did an AMAZING job! The event was sponsored in part by and the folks at Veuve Clicquot.

It has to be said that I am very partial to Veuve! It’s been present at some of the most important events in my life. I’ve had some great Champagnes, but Veuve Clicquot is by far the best! SO, I didn’t allow any to go to waste.

Adding to the evening were the holiday sounds of comedy and cabaret duo Amy Armstrong and Freddy Allen. They sure can add charm to an event!

As the weekend approaches be sure to check out all the fun Events and neat Places to go on CalendarQ

Bill Pritchard

It really was a great event Bill. Thank you very much for the invite, it was a real pleasure!
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Tuesday 15 Dec 2009

How The Diva Stole Christmas IV

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Ho! Ho! Ho!:
One can always tell the Holiday’s are here when advertisements for the annual How the Dive Stole Christmas show come out in Windy City Times, Nightspots, GRAB, TimeOut Chicago and here on

This year singer/comedian Amy Armstrong and her faithful sidekick, Freddy Allen really out did themselves from years past. Boystown favorite, Roscoe’s transformed their back dance floor into a festive holiday décor. As impressed with that as I was; I was even more blown away by their ability to take it all down so quickly after the show.

Here now is a taste of what the packed audience enjoyed:

Happy Holiday Season!
Bill Pritchard

Monday 7 Dec 2009


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Hello Singapore:
My weekend began Thursday with the arrival of my bosom friend David Cruse Beal from Singapore. David flew into town to attend my fortieth birthday party. From the moment he joined me at the Palmer House Hilton (Thanks Paris!) the revelry ensued with bloody Mary’s in the lobby. We then joined 1000+ people at the festive World of Chocolate gala for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. A special thank you shout out goes to Candice “Candy” Hickman for her amazing help in judging the booths!

Afterwards David and I were joined by my Besti, Isaiah (See Photo Above) at Home Bistro for a sumptuous dinner. Honestly, I don’t know what I enjoyed more; the food, or the fellowship. I heart BOTH!

From there we joined Paul, Mike, Hunter B. Lyon, Erik, and my hair designer, Drew at Frat House Thursday at Scarlet. What a fun time!

Father’s Day:
Like clock work, my Father arrived on Friday and started calling to meet up. We all met up at my favorite, RL. I tell you what those folks at RL can do no wrong! From the moment we walked in, General Manager Rich Varnes and RL’s Chryssi Cochanis and Kirk took such great care of us!

Later that evening my father hosted a thank you dinner at the Union League Club for Advisor Edward, Dr. Drew, David, Isaiah, Uncle Tom, Aunt Coco and my dear friend Mary Cavallini. It was such a special time.

We headed up to Boystown to be blessed with bottle service by Michal Kosko and the gang at Scarlet. After a marvelous time there, we said goodbye to Isaiah and the others and headed Minibar Ultra Lounge and Café. I had to show David the new space and introduce him to the WONDERFUL Linda Little. You know she’s a wonderful person when David talks more of her than the cute and sweet Byron who was bartending with her. (Although he did mention him a number of times! Grin)

We took in one more stop on the way back to the hotel at Hydrate. Your pal and mine, DJ Phil DaBeatz was spinning. Seriously, he was in great form; even taking a request of Whitney Houston’s newest song, from me. (You haters need to give that girl a break!)

My Besti, Isaiah truly went above and beyond the call of duty in planning and arranging the best birthday party I’ve ever been to; much less been honored at! Advisor Edward and Dr. Drew kindly opened their lovely home in Bucktown for the lavish event. The food and drink were so delicious and well arranged and the home was perfectly decorated and festive!

The best part of the party was the guests! Although I can’t name them all here, (That’d be too long!) some honored guests need to be mentioned: My friend Travis Ahlquist who provides many hours of healing in my life; Adventrek’s Trey & Clint; Piano man Ben Hartman,’s Executive leadership team, Mike Livingston, S. James Long and R. Matthew Inawat; the one and only Miss Foozie; Minibar Ultra Lounge and Café co-owner, John Dalton; DJ Phil DaBeatz; Fashion phenom and DJ Darshan Patel, my newest friend Erik Thornton and Sandra Vanderbilt and her hot legs! (Shhh!)

Life is a Cabaret:
With a toast by my bosom friend David, and a few words of thanks from me, the night was then truly blessed by my friends Amy Armstrong and Freddy Allen! (See Photo) Singing from the staircase, Amy belted out “The Glory of Love”. The party guests were on fire! I was honored next by an invite to sing a duet with Amy & Freddy. We picked an old favorite of ours, “Let’s talk dirty to the animals”; made famous by the late Gilda Radner. By then everyone was in a frenzy of joy!

Missed Connection:
It has to be said that I missed having my Mom here for the festivities! Clearly she had a lot of work in the whole process of getting me here, and to that end she shouldn’t have to work on schlepping here. I will see and celebrate her on the 24th. (My actual birthday) Also missed was my faithful old dog Buffy, who always loves a party, but would have been stepped on.

My thanks go to you for reading this long blog, but ultimately, my thanks goes to my amazing best friend, Isaiah! He really worked hard on making this event happen. If you have read any of my articles, blogs, and posts here on; my Twitter or Facebook pages, you know how much Isaiah means to me. He is beyond my besti, he is family to me. I am indebted beyond measure to him for his amazing gesture of love and friendship in throwing this party for me!

Cheers to the next forty!
Bill Pritchard

Thursday 3 Dec 2009

SEX at 40

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Birthday Weekend:
Well, I hope the title of today’s blog got your attention. *Wink!* Today begins the weekend for me. Now, before you hate me more than you already do, let me explain.

Today begins my 40th Birthday weekend with the arrival of my bosom friend David Cruse Beal from Singapore. David has flown 9362 miles to bless me with his presence at a private party being thrown in my honor by my Best Friend Isaiah, Advisor Edward and Dr. Drew. Although my actual birthday isn’t until the 24th, we are taking this weekend to have some fun.

I’ve never been one to get into my birthday. Even though my Mother and Father went to great lengths to separate the Christmas season from my day. At one point they went as far as getting a decree from the Chief Justice of the Washington State Supreme Court to proclaim June 24th; my half birthday, my new birthday. It can never be said that my folks didn’t do all they could for me!

My Besti came up with the idea six months ago to do something special, here in Chicago, with a handful of close friends. His challenge to me was that it not be any “work” on my part. He’s so thoughtful and always goes out of his way to bless me! I’ve been a good guy and not gotten in the way.

Tonight starts the weekend fun at the World of Chocolate gala for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. This is such a fun Chicago tradition for the holiday season! I’ve heard that there are a few tickets available at the door for $100.

Afterwards I am a lucky man to enjoy a sumptuous dinner at Home Bistro with David and my Besti. There over a bottle or two of my favorite wine, we will revel in the arrival of my Sainted Father, Uncle Tom and Aunt Coco from Seattle.

Cheers to fun weekend with friends & Family!
Bill Pritchard

Thursday 26 Nov 2009


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Turkey Lurkey:
So here I sit, working on the “gay job whilst enjoying coffee and funny Danielle and Chad at Caribou Coffee on Halsted.

I wanted to take a moment and wish you a very happy Thanksgiving! I don’t know about you, but I am SO grateful for so many things! My family; my Best Friend Isaiah; my Bosom Friend David Cruse Beal and all my pals!

Needless to say, I am thinking of my Mom and Father in Seattle. Although I am happy to be spending the Thanksgiving dinner with Advisor Edward and Paul (With a possible cameo by the Besti.) I do think more of my folks on days like this.

Take a moment over this extended holiday weekend to remember what you’re thankful for. It can be as simple as the breath you breathe, to the one you love. We sure can be appreciative of a lot of things!

Gobble! Gobble!
Bill Pritchard

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