Monday 1 Feb 2010

Chicken & Waffles

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With the weekend over I always like looking back at tweets and texts that were done all weekend long. Like it or not, Twitter does keep a record of everything.

This weekend was particularly busy with a number of drop bys. Friday evening was one of those nights I didn’t have to do anything, but wanted to enjoy a libation or two. I took myself to the lord and Scarlet’s 2010 Resolution First Ward Ball: "We resolve to find Jesus" party. Among the honored guests was Chip-Jesus, Tranny Jesus, and Rocker Jesus.

Holy (Hee Hee) cow, it was a fun time! I even planned ahead and wore my “Saved” hat. (See Photo) Not really known for being a hat wearer; I was passed by a number of pals on the streets of Boystown. It was pretty funny.

Saturday Night Alive:
Making her new debut at Circuit Nightclub’s Rehab, the lovely Miss Foozie hosted her new weekly show, Wiggin Out!. It was a splendid time of fellowship. In attendance was the Red Eye’s Jason Steele; socialite blogger, Paul Blackburn; his boyfriend Michael; Time Out Chicago’s Jason A. Heidemann and Michal Kosko. (See Photo)

Afterwards we ventured a bit south to join my Besti, Isaiah at our friend Bill’s party. Performing at the party was none other than Amy Armstrong and (Piano instructor,) Freddy Allen. They make any evening SO much better!

Stopping in for a libation or two at Minibar I ran into owners Stu Zrin and John Dalton. As always it was a real treat to run into the WONDERFUL Linda Little. (See Photo) She was being her iconic self and bartended with the sweet Byron Green. He takes such great care of people!

Heading home I ran into Facebook pal, Matt Gallagher. His pictures don’t do him justice! He’s really KA-ute! We popped into Hydrate to say hello to DJ’s Phil DaBeatz and dJR. Of course the lovely hostess Cyon Flare was on hand being her wonderful self! (Toast, bread, waffle, peace) The staff at Hydrate always takes good care!

Pal’n in Pilsen:
Sunday was all about fellowship. My dear friend Michal Kosko treated me to brunch at Nightwood (2119 S. Halsted) I’ll tell you what, they have some damn tasty treats; including yummy chicken and waffles. (See Photo Above) Of course the company was wonderful!

A bit later, I was the lucky guy to have tea with Erik Thornton. It was THE perfect way to close out the weekend. A nice evening in with a VERY old dog and some Little House on the Prarie dvds from Netflix completed it all.

On the level:
As some of you know, I’ve been hit with a number of calls, asking me if there is any truth to the rumors that my pal Ronnie Kroell will be featured in Playgirl magazine. If there is any truth to this, he has not told me. If he were going to participate with Playgirl, I’m sure he couldn’t talk with anyone about it, until they do. Either way, I love and support Ronnie 110% with all of his choices. He is a stellar man with a heart of gold. It’s my pleasure to wish him a very happy Birthday today!

Enjoy your Monday!
Bill Pritchard

Community CalendarQ

Friday 22 Jan 2010

And the Star of the show is. . .

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Living in the COLD:
Last night I joined my Los Angeles pal Marcus Reynaga (See Photo Above) at Scarlet for drinks. Marcus is in town from for meetings and had to have at least one libation in Boystown before heading back to sunny LA. It was funny, he was so cold and all the locals at last nights Frat House Thursday were saying that it had warmed up. Marcus was the star of the show and drank through his chilly pain.

Some will recall when Marcus and his team from Instinct Magazine had me host their Model Star Search in 2008. Not only was I surrounded by hot guys; like Boystown Crush, Kirk McNamara, but I also gained a good pal in Marcus and all the gang at Instinct Magazine!

Spotted in Boystown last night were socialites Hunter B. Lyon, and’s own Paul Blackburn, his boyfriend Michael; Advisor Edward; Bill Healy; Fred Bachhuber; Minibar Ultra Lounge and Café’s Robin Cook and Stu; along side Boystown Icon, Linda Little and Hydrate hottie, Sean Kotwa

HIV Life!:
Not a day goes by where I don’t think about the many courageous folks impacted by HIV/AIDS in our community. So often I think about my friend Jay (Not his real name) and his public walk through his diagnosis with HIV. I also think about our very own Frank Elliott who has put his status on center stage for all to see. Jay and Frank are real stars in what can be a dim world.

Groups like Test Positive Aware Network, AIDS Foundation of Chicago, BEHIV, Edge Alliance (AIDSCare), and Chicago House star in the community show of difference makers.

Tonight, from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. SPIN shines brightly as they host Positive Spin Dace Party, a fun place for HIV positive men to meet. Hosted by Saya, with DJ Luis M. working the sounds. Proceeds from the $5 cover charge will go to the life impacting work of Test Positive Aware Network.

Hurry girls and boys, there are still tickets available for this Saturday’s Equality Illinois Gala. If you would like to attend, tickets are on sale by going to

Shout Out:
A very happy birthday this Saturday to my dear friend Kristy Falkanger Riedel

Have a great weekend!
Bill Pritchard

Community CalendarQ
Wednesday 20 Jan 2010

Politics and Pussycats

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Last night Equality Illinois, the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago and Join The Impact Chicago hosted an evening at Sidetrack with the openly LGBT candidates running for public office in Illinois in the primary election. It was the perfect time to meet, greet, and hear from the candidates in an informal setting. (Side note: It was SO nice to run into Bud Boy, Zach, who promises me that he will return to blogging shortly!)

Equality Illinois Political Action Committee announces endorsements

From Sidetrack I headed a bit north to the new and improved Kit Kat Lounge and Supper Club. They were hosting their grand “Revealed” soiree.

Joining me were’s new socialite blogger, Paul Blackburn, his boyfriend Michael;’s (’s parent company) Vice President of Brand Management, Mike Livingston and the lovely Kinley Preston. photographer Anthony Meade was also on hand! (See photos of the evening)

Kit Kat’s new black-and-white color scheme, was really nice. I especially liked the damask fabric covering the ceiling! I couldn’t stop looking at it. Well, the disco balls hanging overhead, did take some of my attention. (Wink) It must be mentioned that performer Aurora Sexton (See Photo Above) did an AMAZING job of entertaining the crowd! She went from Gaga; to Dolly; to Cher. Damn impressive, really!

It was so nice to see Boystown Icon, Linda Little, (See Photo) with cute Cocktail bartender David Sikora and Tom Segal; half the genius behind Kaufman Segal Design, who made the “Revealed” look of Kit Kat happen. It was also a pleasure to run into the newly crowned manager of Sidetrack, Jimmy Kays!

As of this morning, there are still tickets available for this weekend’s Equality Illinois Gala, taking place Saturday night. This is an easy opportunity to impact folk’s right here in Chicago and really make it count for something big! If you would like to attend, tickets are on sale here or by going to the

Happy Hump Day!
Bill Pritchard

HIV Life: Dance Party to benefit TPAN!

Monday 18 Jan 2010

A Day On, NOT A Day Off

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Martin Luther King:
Today marks the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day observance. It is a time to remember, reflect and respond to the call of that make a difference pioneer Martin Luther King Jr.!

King's wife, the late Coretta Scott King challenged us saying, "On this holiday, we commemorate the universal, unconditional love, forgiveness and nonviolence that empowered his revolutionary spirit." The King Center continues that challenge by admonishing us to look at Monday the 19th as a "Day On. . . Not A Day Off"

I can't think of a better way to look at it! Sure some of us may not have to go in to work, but perhaps you can take a few moments that day and study the life of Dr. King or volunteer your time at a community event or center. Truthfully, the parallels between the fight that Martin Luther King Jr. fought and those of the LGBT community are very much the same; equal rights, civil treatment, and safety, to name a few.

Equality Illinois Political Action Committee announces endorsements

This week seems to be packed with some great activities and events! There are still tickets available for next weekend’s Equality Illinois Gala, taking place Saturday, January 23, 2010. This is a terrific opportunity to Make A Difference right here in Chicago! The Equality Illinois Gala is a blast! Everyone dresses up for a great meal, inspiring speeches, fabulous libations and a great dance floor. If you would like to attend, tickets are on sale here or by going directly to the Equality Illinois website

As always, you can see all the great events listed here on in CalendarQ.

Happy Week!
Bill Pritchard
Thursday 14 Jan 2010

Back To School

Frat House Thursday

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As busy as the holidays were, I was hoping for a bit of a slow down in the schedule. Alas, this is not my luck. I can’t complain though as there are some damn fun things going on.

Can you believe that American Idol hottie, Adam Lambert came to Boystown on Tuesday!? Leave it up to’s Anthony Meade to be on the scene and capture it all. I don’t know who’s prettier, drag sensation Frida Lay or the guy-liner wearing Idol.

Frat Night Thursday:
Once again, and Scarlet are hosting Frat House Thursday tonight. (See photo above of former Scarlet heartthrob and my pal, Tom Dziarma)

Not only is it your opportunity to start the weekend off right, but you have the chance to meet’s new socialite blogger, Paul Blackburn! He’s super sweet and a welcome addition to the team!

How Trendy:
Not too long ago I was hosted in Los Angeles by my pal Nick Thorsen. Nickie took my friend and “ultimate meanwhileDylan (See my resent blog photo of him. Oh my!) and I to West Hollywood. It was there that we were hosted by none other than generous socialite extraordinaire Jonathan Chang. For God sake, this man knew everyone and they all adored him!

One such adoring friend was his Besti, Hollywood sensation Bobby Trendy. Gosh did I like Bobby! Not only is he cute, but a lot of damn fun. Many of you will remember Bobby from his time spent with the late Anna Nicole Smith. Now he is more well known for his business Designs by Bobby, that specializes in custom furniture and interior design; serving famous clients including Dennis Rodman, Janet Jackson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and even Snoop Dogg.

This Friday you can meet Bobby as he hosts Gretchen Bonaduce’s (Yep, that’s the Partridge Family’s Danny Bonaduce’s ex.) 80’s Night at Circuit Nightclub. Knowing Bobby, it will be off the hook!

A Day On, NOT A Day Off:
Monday the 19th marks the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day observance. What a tremendous time in history to reflect on civil rights and the challenges ahead of us. It’s time for us all to get involved in our community and country. I hope you will think about how you can get involved in your neighborhood!

What are you doing this weekend? Check out all the great events listed in CalendarQ.

Cheers Queers!
Bill Pritchard

Equality Illinois Political Action Committee announces endorsements

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