Friday 25 Jun 2010

PRIDE: I love me some Drex!

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Thank YOU!:
Thanks SO much to everyone who came out last night to the 8th Year Anniversary Party! We had such a blast. Be sure to look for all the fun photos taken by Anthony Mead, Frank Failing, and Jay Shaff! Props to Absolute 100 Vodka for their sponsorship. A BIG thank you to Shawn, Chris, Jim Ludwig, and all the Staff at Roscoe’s for their hard work in making for a delightful party.

Lines of folks, out to see 2010 Playgirl cover model, Ronnie Kroell and donate to the Center on Halsted, kept the night going. Miss Foozie was in GREAT form! She kept me in stitches all night long. I truly adore working with Foo.

A special thank you goes to the Hot/Smart Jonathan G. and my Gal-Pal Jake Conrad for sporting the short shorts (Unstuffed) and big pecs for the night. It was the perfect way to start the 2010 Pride season!

The Annual Chicago PrideFest, takes place Friday and Saturday, June 25-26.Thea Austin, '80s teen pop sensation Tiffany, Taylor Dayne, Amber, Sophia May, American Idol contestant Frenchie Davis, and house music chanteuse Inaya Day, are among the artists set to perform.

Pride Parade:
This year's Pride Parade steps off at Belmont and Halsted at Noon on Sunday, June 27th and boasts over 250 entries making it one of the largest pride parades in the nation! I will be on the - KISS FM float featuring Special K & Ty Bentley, from 103.5 KISS FM; 2010 Playgirl cover model Ronnie Kroell; and the team.

Lets have some DREX:
This morning, I continued the tradition of appearing on the Drex Morning Show on KISS FM; to start off the Pride weekend. It was even better this year to have Ronnie join us in the interview. I’ve done a billion events with Ronnie over the years, and find that we work really well off each other. If you missed out, you can here it here. Thanks to Drex, Mel-T, Angie, Paul, Nicole, Kristie, and the lovely Nina Chantele at 103.5 KISS FM.

Bill Pritchard

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Thursday 24 Jun 2010

Celebrate Eight

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Happy Pride ! I hope you will join this evening at our 8th Year Anniversary Party at Roscoe’s!

There's a hosted bar, courtesy of Roscoe’s and Absolute Vodka and a ton of giveaways and prizes. My dear friend and 2010 Playgirl cover model, Ronnie Kroell and the fabulous Miss Foozie are hosting!

I can't think of a better way to start the 2010 Pride festivities! The fun starts at 7PM. is your hometown connection to all things Pride in the city of Chicago! Check out our 2010 Pride Guide and comprehensive CalendarQ for hot happenings all this weekend.

Bill Pritchard

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Saturday 12 Jun 2010

Koinonia with Kathy

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Milwaukee PrideFest:
What a night! Enjoying fellowship with the team, the PERFECT Amy Armstrong and Freddy Allen; the Feast of Fun boys, Marc & Fausto; the one and only Miss Foozie; and the divine Kathy Griffin!

Clearly Milwaukee PrideFest is one terrific time! There’s two more days of fun, fellowship, and FINE looking guys!

I’m off to NYC to join my Sainted Father at the Tony Awards!

Bill Pritchard

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Sunday 30 May 2010

Grab This!

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Last night I attend the 19th Annual Grabby Awards at the Park West Theater. The Grabby’s celebrate the adult industry’s contribution to the community. And contribute they have; partnering with the Test Positive Aware Network (TPAN) to raise money for HIV testing and education. In fact many of the Grabby Weekend events have had raffles that benefit TPAN.

As my friend Steve could tell you, the Grabby’s are always a silly time for me. Let’s face it, not all of us are into the whole adult film thing. What I can say is I really enjoy the dedication by Grabby producers Stacy Bridges and Mark Nagel of Grab Magazine to the Chicago LGBT community. Those boys have raised tons of dough and awareness for the things that matter. Of that we can all be proud of!

Hosted by the uber-thin and hilarious Chi Chi LaRue and Chicago’s own Honey West; the event was full of innuendo and indecent exposure. (Didn’t mind that at all) On a personal note, I have to say that Honey West is truly the real deal and a joy to listen to!

While there I enjoyed running into a number of pals in the industry; including Chicago’s Jayden Grey. Many will remember when Jayden started in the biz via an introduction to one Brent Corrigan from yours truly. The boy has really gone far and remained so damn sweet! Sadly Brent wasn’t able to attend last night as he’s been swamped in both mainstream and adult work these days. I’m super happy for all his successes. They are well deserved!

Spotted: Industry Favorite Matthew Rush,’s own Anthony Meade, Seattle boys Brian M. Westbrook, Cute Richard Dunn, HOT Dustin Strop, and center square Bruce Vilanch. Check out the pictures from last night's fun, right here on

Joining me in the debauchery was Advisor Edward,’s own Paul Blackburn and our cute pal Matt M. Speaking of Debauchery, don’t miss out on said event, tonight at the Crimson Lounge in the Hotel SAX. (333 N. Dearborn).

Make all of your Memorial Day weekend plans by checking out CalendarQ!

Bill Pritchard

Honor LGBT Veteran's this Monday!

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Tuesday 25 May 2010

Community Conversation

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Refreshing Education:
Last night I was asked to join four advisors and 16 students from the University of Minnesota at Ann Sather's on Belmont for nice evening of dinner and conversation. They are on a May Term LGBT Studies course/trip that looks at leadership and community organizing within the LGBT/queer community. Their three week trip, which started right here in Chicago will take them from Minneapolis to Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia and finally on to Washington, DC.

The dinner was designed to get the students interacting with folks who are involved in LGBT media & publishing. Part of an initiative offering an integrated, year-long learning experience for undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota, this group of students represented intensive study and dialogue regarding LGBT issues with national leaders of LGBTA rights.

Also in the discussion was none other than Jorjet Harper and Emmanuel Garcia from Windy City Media Group. Jorjet was part of the team that developed the book Out and Proud in Chicago. She gave some refreshing historical perspective to the discussion. I am a big fan! Emmanuel shared about being a young activist and journalist at Windy City Times.

Joining the conversation with me from was Executive Vice President and Content Chief, Steve Long. Clearly this is one damn smart man in media. I’ve often said how lucky we feel at to have Steve at the helm. He is kind, compassionate, wise, and difference minded!

I really had a blast with these students. It’s damn refreshing to see tomorrow’s youth taking charge of their education and opportunity!

Happy Tuesday!
Bill Pritchard

Honor LGBT Veteran's this Monday!

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