Tuesday 3 Aug 2010

From One Man to soft cheese

Last week was full of adventure and a lot of busy work. The day job and the gay job (Yep, our work here at is a volunteer thing; a labor of love by a lot of us!) have been keeping me very busy these days. I can’t complain too much, but would love to be on vacation back in Italy at the moment.

One Man Chicago
I attended the first of many cocktail meet & greets in honor of the One Man Chicago contest taking place.

It was a well attended event and I met so many interesting people. It was great to see Vital Nights guru James Goeke and his sweet boyfriend Steve. Also on site was’s Editor-at-Large, Terrence Chappell with his SWEET Mom and Sister; and columnist and vacation expert Bryan Herb.

Best Gay Bar
Chicago Magazine just crowned Scarlet the “Best Gay Bar” in Chicago. In honor of that auspicious occasion, I stopped by to give my regards and raise a glass (Or three) to Paul and Rob. Lord knows they’ve been through a lot over the years to get Scarlet what it is in Boystown. I’m sure happy for them.

Spotted where the educated bartender himself, Michal Kosko; uber-cute Adam; (See Photo) Vice President of Branding, Michael Livingston; Paul Blackburn, our friend Dan and the damn cute Reese. Check out the photos by Anthony Meade

Happy Birthday Jim Flint
With a “Lit” Anthony Meade in tow, I stopped by Club 3160 to wish Chicago icon Jim Flint a happy birthday.

Entertaining for the evening was none other than Mark Farris, Paul Marinaro, Jeremy Kahn, Joe Policastro, Amy G. Cole , Rose Colella, Dan Effland, Beckie Menzie, Tom Michael, Audrey Morris, and Andy Pratt. Talk about a walk down memory lane! It was a wonderful tribute to a kind man.

It was nice to meet Dan Neniskis, the social media guru for the Continental Pageantry System, 3160 and the Baton. I also ran into Zander Mander who is on cloud nine with his tour around the globe. Thirty years is a lot to celebrate. As always it’s a real pleasure to run into Advisor Edward. Talk about holding court, he seemed to know everyone there! Check out the photos by Anthony Meade

Fu_king Men
Paul Blackburn, invited me to be his plus one at the production of “Fu_king Men. Written by Tony-nominated writer Joe DiPietro; it observes the sex lives of the modern urban gay American male. I have to say, I think it covered every type of gay male out there. I was really impressed with the acting AND the set design. They really made that space work.

Paul’s cousin, Christian Blackburn did an outstanding job. Clearly this straight boy knows how to act. He had us all believing he was a modern day gay porn star. For obvious reasons I was also impressed with character of “Brandon” played by Beau Forbes. Yes, Beau is damn fine! Aside from that, his character was so well played I found myself forgetting his looks and seeing right to his message of acceptance. It seems that everyone thinks the grass is greener on the other side of the street. Beau's Zac Efron-like character gave us a glimpse into what it must be like for someone to be locked in the closet. (NOT saying that Zac Efron is in the closet.) I’m almost ashamed to admit that I thought he was cute.

Fu_king Menplays at the Theater Building through August 8th and may possibly be extended.

Soft Launch
I closed the week with my first wine & cheese party at the flat. Willy Lopez, Kris Gibbons, Isaiah Freeman-Schub attended. I served assorted cheeses, salmon/leaks, crackers/breads, cucumbers and salami. Consumed was a spot of Veuve Clicquot, a promiscuous wine and a Italian white. Billie Holiday joined in the fun as well.

It was a perfect evening. We seemed to talk about every subject under the sun. I really enjoy being around well educated people. (Whether by school or experience) I was reminded how much I love to host in my home. Many more of those times to come!


Bill Pritchard

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Monday 26 Jul 2010

Piano Man

Like the coming of the messiah promised in the book of Revelations; so has the return of piano man Mark Farris has brought fourth joy and happiness!

This summer Club 3160 hosts Mark every Saturday in their piano lounge. I enjoyed this last Saturday evening with the likes of Adventrek guru’s Clint and Trey (Trey was celebrating his 31st birthday) and Socialite, Paul Blackburn, Mike P. and Mr. Kill. The room was also blessed with the presence of the “Realtor to the stars”, Mike Liska. That man always makes me smile!

Without a doubt, Mark Farris delivers wonderful entertainment and joy. Singing standards, show tunes, and medley’s from yesterday; he has even tapped into the Gaga craze!

Many will remember Mark’s influence in the Chicago cabaret scene over the last ten years. He was quite instrumental in my introduction to Chicago all those years ago. I not only love the evenings he creates, but I am grateful to call him my friend!

On a side note, everyone’s favorite cocktail waitress, Will, has returned to 3130 with his trademark smile and sweetness. I swear, he gets better looking every day!

Mark will be appearing through August every Saturday at Club 3160. Try something different and go see him.


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Saturday 24 Jul 2010

A School Night

Thursday night I joined Boystown Crush Kirk, cute Adam, and hottie Donnie for drinks and eats at boystown’s new eatery, D.S. Tequila Company.

Started by my friends and Minibar Ultra Lounge owners John Dalton and Stu Zirin; it
features some damn tasty tacos, burgers and yummy tequila drinks. Clearly it was designed to bring a different decor to Boystown while offering the same great service and smile you expect from across the street. Their patio is like none other. This place will do well!

Okay, there’s my plug. Now about the rosemary turkey burger, it was to die for! To be honest, I think I picked it because I was sitting with a group of very attractive guys and I didn’t want to appear to be the pig that I am. Boy am I glad I went with my vain choice! It was the best turkey burger I’ve ever had. When all was said and done, Stu Zirin brought over a Tres Leche Cake for the table. OH MY GOD! It was straight from the alter of God!

Running into fashionista Borris J Powell, and the eyes of,  Anthony Meade, the fun level went to red alert as photos ensued and libations were consumed. That Anthony is trouble!

We then headed over to Cocktail for . . a cocktail. (Congratulations by the way go to Gino and Dusty on their wedding bliss!) I ran into former roommate Clyde and our pal Ross. It was nice to catch up for a bit before heading to Hydrate to see Cyon Flare’s birthday show (See Photos) in full swing. I’ll tell you what; the folks at Hydrate are so damn nice! DJR was on hand pouring drinks and shooting that perfect smile; while DJ Phil spun the talented tunes. Chicago is one lucky city to have the gifted DJ’s that we do! Speaking of gifted, I ran into the uber-cute Adam Guerino who was enjoying a night out. That boy really has an eye for entertainment!

Running into Socialite Hunter B. Lyon and my husband to be, Omicah House on my way out, I joined them in a walk down Halsted on my way home to my flat.

A lovely night out and about!
Bill Pritchard

Piano Man Mark Farris returns!

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Sunday 18 Jul 2010

Smart Guys Always Finish First

It wouldn’t be a Sunday morning without the desire to go to Intelligentsia for a cappuccino and atmosphere!  It’s sunny out which makes it for a perfect walk and they have free Wi-Fi. What more could a website nerd like myself want?

After a some serious revelry on Friday night at Scarlet, Minibar, Cocktail, and Hydrate I ended up staying in for the night on Saturday. I sure don’t mind a night in from time to time.

Friday evening was spent in celebration of my dear friend Michal Kosko’s  2_th birthday. I’m sure he will be happy that I left the other number off for public consumption. There’s a certain age in life where many gays feel like they are dead. I look at it this way, he can now rent a car; look down on folks in their early 20’s; and perhaps finally fit into his old soul. Joining in the fun was the intellectual and beautiful Andrea, Liz, and new friend Reese. (He’s one damn funny guy and really cute too!) Michal is one dear smart man with a big heart for others.


As the hour approached the late evening/early morning, I had the joy of meeting up with Boystown Crush Kirk and the uber-cute Adam at Minibar. It had been forever since seeing Kirk as he’s been working on the other side of the globe for the last year or two. I’ve always enjoyed when Kirk’s around. He’s one smart guy with a lot of good things to say! Its so damn encouraging to know highly educated hotties!

Adam can hold his own in the area of higher education as well. He too has been far away working and traveling the world. It never ceases to impress me when people spend their efforts on study, travel, and hard work. The fact that they happen to be damn good looking is a bonus.

Listen here all you gays! We can take a lesson from people like Michal, Kirk, and Adam! It’s hot to be smart. To be that we should participate in moments of critical thinking; read; and experience life! (My opinion)

Its times like these where I am reminded how much I enjoy people. We are pretty lucky in Chicago to enjoy a variety of different types and cultures. As much as I enjoy Boystown and the fun I can have here, I really like the other options that the Windy city has to offer!


Here’s to a GREAT week!
Bill Pritchard

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Wednesday 14 Jul 2010

All Good Things

After a busy 2010 Pride season, I boarded a plane for the first vacation I’ve had in four years.

I know that sounds like a long time, but I’m not much for vacations and certainly not in the frequency that I see them being taken by unemployed people who seem to always need a favor. (Laugh Out Loud)

I met up with my bosom friend David Cruse Beal from Singapore; in Rome. Rome is truly beautiful. I've never walked SO much in my life, but really enjoyed it! There's so much to see and soak in.

Friday, after a late dinner of white wine, Caprese salad and citrus Osobuco; David and I went to Rome's hippest gay club, Alibi. I had just mentioned to David how refreshing it was to have to stand and wait in the long line instead of being known and thereby have line privileges. No sooner did I say that then an older gentleman looked to me and beckoned me to come around to the front. It must have been my blue blazer.

On Saturday we flew down to Palermo Sicily where we boarded a 50 foot boat to cruise around Sicily. We were moored in this charming coastal town called St. Agata Di Milletto I enjoyed myself a privately appointed cubby for a cabin, so sleep was not really part of the plan at first, but I got used to it.

From there we boated to Di Cefalu. It’s a charming coastal town with a beautiful Norman cathedral and beach front. We took the dinghy into town and had dinner on the beach in this cafeteria style place; a bit tourist but charming nonetheless. We spent time on the boardwalk and inner-streets before boating back to the ship. (See photo. Third boat from the left) The weather was perfect and I didn’t fall under the Pritchard weakness of seasickness.

The next day we arrived to Castelmare Del Golfo. It is SO beautiful. After a few coffees we toured the Greek Temple in Segeta, a small drive away. We were able to hire a local to show us around. The temple was 2400 years old and quite beautiful. Later that day we caught some time at the beach. There are some seriously HOT guys playing volleyball in Castelmare Del Golfo! Billy was happy!

Our last day in Sicily we boated out to Scopello bay where we lunched on the boat and took in the views. Among other things to see were the Nazi gun mounts and natural caves. We boated back to  Castelmare Del Golfo for our last night there.

We ended up going to Booga Wooga; Castelmare Del Golfo's attempt at a lounge/disco. It was way too funny and David had the staff working way too hard to over serve us.

The next night I stayed at the hotel in Palermo to fly back to Chicago on Sunday. In so many ways I was stretched and challenged on this trip. A boat, tight accommodations, and a foreign language; to name a few. I overcame all of those and more. Words can not express how grateful I am for the experience!

More pictures to come!

Bill Pritchard

LGBT community well-represented in One Man Chicago competition!

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