Thursday 26 Aug 2010


Don't forget tonight's Bar AIDS event, taking place throughout Boystown, Andersonville, and Chicago today. 

Started here in Chicago in 2004 and modeled after the very successful Dining Out for Life program, Bar AIDS is a fun and festive philanthropic evening wherein participating bars will donate a portion of the night's proceeds to EdgeAlliance and AIDSCare Progressive Services, an 18-year-old Chicago non-profit organization.

This year's Bar AIDS has over 30 participating venues (See below) from all over the city. Organizers have also established a Text-To-Give Program where you can give a $10.00 donation by texting EDGE to 85944 then reply Yes to confirm your donation. All Text-To-Give donations are entered into the Bar AIDS Raffle.

For more information visit

2010 Participating Pubs, Coffee Shops, & Juice Bars:

Crew Bar & Grill
4804 N Broadway
(773) 784-2739

Gold (No Cover Charge)

954 W Belmont
(773) 348-4975

Butch McGuire's Tavern and Grill
20 W Division
(312) 337-9080

Cocktail Chicago
3359 N Halsted
(773) 477-1420

The Flat Iron
1565 N Milwaukee
(773) 365-9000

6406 N Clark
(773) 743-5772

The Motel Bar
600 W Chicago
(312) 822-2900

Nick's Beer Garden
1516 N Milwaukee
(773) 252-1155

Nick's on Wilson
1140 W Wilson
(773) 271-1155

Nick's Uptown
4015 N Sheridan
(773) 975-1155

Paris in Chicago
3310 N Halsted
(773) 883-7288

Spin Nightclub
800 W Belmont
(773) 327-7711

Velvet Rope
728 W Lake
(708) 358-8844

Silver ($10 Cover Charge)

Butterfly Social Club
722 W Grand Ave
(312) 666-1695

The Call
1547 W Bryn Mawr
(773) 334-2525

Cans Bar and Canteen
1640 N Damen
(773) 227-2277

Charlie's Chicago
3726 N Broadway
(773) 871-8887

Crimson Lounge
333 N Dearborn
(312) 923-2473

D.S. Tequila Company
3352 N Halsted
(773) 697-9127

Fat Cat
4840 N Broadway
(773) 506-3100

2201 N Clybourn
(773) 472-9920

The Funky Buddha Lounge
728 W Grand Ave
(312) 666-1695

The Glenwood
6962 N Glenwood
(773) 764-7363

Joie de Vine
1744 W Balmoral
(773) 989-6846

Landmark Grill + Lounge
1633 N Halsted
(312) 587-1600

Mary's Attic
5400 N Clark
(773) 784-6969

Red Kiva
1108 W Randolph
(312) 226-5577

Rehab Lounge
3641 N Halsted
(773) 325-2233

Roscoe's Tavern
3356 N Halsted
(773) 281-3355

Salud Tequila Lounge
1471 N Milwaukee
(773) 235-5577

3320 Halsted
(773) 348-1053

1829 W Montrose
(773) 528-3253

Sofo Bar
4923 N Clark
(773) 784-7636

2011 W North
(773) 964-9150

T's Restaurant and Bar
5025 N Clark
(773) 784-6000

Three Peas Art Lounge
75 E 16th Street
(312) 624-9414

6412 N Clark
(773) 465-7400

The Village Tap
2055 W Roscoe
(773) 883-0817

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Tuesday 24 Aug 2010

PRETTY Smart Guys!

Without fail, I’m always impressed when I fellowship with smart people. They have a way of showing me that I’ve got a lot to learn. Add to that the joy of good looks and you’re really in for a fun time.

Such a time was had this last Sunday as I partook in a rare Sunday afternoon/evening of fun. I usually enjoy Sunday’s to myself, but the sunny weather helped play a role in my frolic.

I met up with my pals Erik and Paul for lunch at Pastoral on Broadway. Talk about THE perfect place to enjoy eats and treats. They have everything a guy could want from cheeses to meats, wines, and breads. Their outdoor seating area was perfect for an afternoon lunch.

Afterwards Erik and I headed over to D.S.Tequila to fellowship with my friend Mike and his friend Rick. As the festive drinks flowed and the tasty tacos arrived, we all caught up and got to know one another. Like I said, I love to hangout with smart people!

From there we enjoyed a few libations and silly notes over at Male Call with Frita Lay at Roscoe’s. I’d forgotten how much fun it can be to go cruising whilst enjoying the company of friends. We sure had a lot of fun and Mike was force feeding me popcorn most of the night.

On my way home I did the smart maneuver and popped in to Wakamono for a bit of takeout. Its a bit dangerous for me to now know that I can get takeout from there any time my tummy thinks of it. YUM! As I waited for my order I grabbed a glass of white wine with uber-cute bartender Derek. He is always so damn sweet to people!

Closing out the evening I was reminded how much I enjoy a Sunday night out and about.

Bill Pritchard

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Wednesday 18 Aug 2010

I enjoy Fu_king Men!

I’ve seen Bailiwick’s production of “Fu_king Men” twice. Written by Tony-nominated writer Joe DiPietro, It covers, or should I say uncovers, every type of gay male out there. Observing the sex lives of the modern urban gay American male; “Fu_king Men” takes you on a personal journey of life as a gay man.

In seeing it twice, I’ve learned something new each time. The actors do an amazing job of conveying their characters! Each one has their own niche in the gay community; leaving audience members learning something new about themselves and others. Although the brief nudity can be a bit distracting, I found myself really surprised that my lust didn’t get in the way of the story.

I had the chance to hang (As it were) with the fella’s last week after the show. It was fun to see how much these actors were like and not like their characters! Four of the cast members were kind enough to take time out of their busy schedules to answer some questions for me.

Ryan Lanning’s character seemed like every gay mans friend. He was just so nice! (Read my interview with Ryan)

I think I related the most to Norm Woodel’s (Thanks for the cocktail Norm!) character the most. I may only be 40, but his sensibility and understanding of time appealed to me! (Read my interview with Norm)

For obvious reasons I was also impressed with character of “Brandon” played by Beau Forbes. Yes, Beau is damn fine! Aside from that, his character was so well played I found myself forgetting his looks and seeing right to his message of acceptance. (Read my interview with Beau)

Christian Kain Blackburn (Yes, he’s related to’s own Socialite, Paul Blackburn) did an outstanding job! Clearly this boy knows how to act! He had us all believing he was a modern day gay porn star; with a sensitive side. (Read my interview with Christian)

If you haven't seen “Fu_king Men” yet; get out and see it! Remaining performances are Fridays at 8 p.m., Saturdays at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., and Sundays at 7 p.m. General admission tickets are $25. Special Reserved seating is available for $30. Student and Industry rush tickets will be available at the door for $15 at every Sunday performance. Group (6+) tickets are $20.00. To purchase tickets, call the Stage 773 box office at 773-327-5252, or go to

Bill Pritchard

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Tuesday 10 Aug 2010

ABA and Same Sex Marriage

Today the American Bar Association, (ABA) the nation’s leading legal organization; and my day job, passed the following resolution:

RESOLVED, That the American Bar Association urges state, territorial, and tribal governments to eliminate all of their legal barriers to civil marriage between two persons of the same sex who are otherwise eligible to marry.

So many in the ABA worked hard to make this resolution happen! I am very proud of my company for it's stance. This in conjunction with the resent Prop 8 desicion helps our community move closer to equality!

Read last week's Prop 8 Opinion 

See the National LGBT Bar Association

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Wednesday 4 Aug 2010

29th Annual Northalsted Market Days®

I hope you will all join me this weekend at the 29th Annual Northalsted Market Days® festival; beginning this Saturday between Belmont and Addison streets.

Market Days is the Midwest's largest two-day outdoor street festival. With more than 150,000 visitors it's also one of the largest LGBT-centric outdoor events in the country. Spanning four city blocks; it has 17 entrance gates and includes four music stages. Also: food and arts & craft vendors--some 400 in total.

The hours are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. both days. Admission: A $7 donation benefiting the Northalsted Business Alliance Among acts scheduled to perform: Joan Jett, Jon Secada, Cathy Richardson, Adam Barta and American Idol finalist Blake Lewis

You can get up to the minute information and photos right here on

Belmont Stage Entertainment
12:30pm - Bird Talk
2:15pm - Everelle
3:15pm - Chicago Spirit Brigade (performing in front of stage)
4:00pm - International Academy of Design & Technology Fashion Show
4:40pm - Girl Next Door
6:15pm - Kimi Hayes
8:15pm - Cathy Richardson and the Macrodots

12:30pm - Pulsation
2:00pm - Black Betty
3:00pm - Windy City Cowboys (performing in front of stage)
3:30pm - Hag
4:45pm - Chicago Spirit Brigade (performing in front of stage)
5:30pm - The Joans
6:30pm - ROTC (performing in front of stage)
7:15pm - Dot Dot Dot

Addison Stage Entertainment
1:00pm - The Moves
2:45pm - The Handcuffs
4:30pm - Abba Salute
6:15pm - Eric & the Adams
8:15pm - Rock Candy

1:00pm - BambiRaptor
2:45pm - The Insecurities
4:10pm - Adam Barta
5:15pm - Blake Lewis
6:45pm - Gina Glocksen
8:15pm - Gabriel Sanchez & the Prince Experience

Roscoe Stage Entertainment
12:15pm - Shanghai Circus
1:35pm - Brit Beat
4:00pm - 7th Heaven
6:00pm - Jennifer Holliday
7:15pm - September
8:30pm - Jon Secada

12:15pm - 90's 210
1:45pm - House of Winehouse
4:00pm - White Tie Affair
6:00pm - Sixteen Candles
8:30pm - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

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