Friday 3 Dec 2010

How Sweet It Is

The AIDS Foundation of Chicago out did themselves once again as they hosted their annual World of Chocolate extravaganza Thursday! I’m pretty sure the whole damn city of Chicago was there.

I was the lucky ducky to be able to serve as guest judge along side some notable folks like Candice Jordan; ABC’s Kathy Brock; FOX’s Jan Jeffcoat; Chicago socialite Billy Dec and of course’s own, Miss Foozie.

In addition to sampling sweet and savory creations from over thirty different venders; I enjoyed seeing so many of you supporting a true need in the community with your time and treasure. Spotted last night: Everyone’s favorite pod-caster’s Marc and Fausto from the Feast of Fun; Velvet Rope’s Frank Elliot ; School teachers, Michal Kosko and Andrea Wolfe; Nightspots’ Kirk Williamson; the uber-cute Matt Lieberman; my dear friend, Scottie P.; beautiful bearded man, Bryan Blaise and of course my date Bill Pritchard. Opps, I mean, Michael (You should have seen him introducing himself to everyone as me. KA-razy!)

Many politicos came a knockin; hoping to garner the community’s attention. LGBT ally, Governor Pat Quinn also showed his support by attending. (See Photo Above) He addressed the one thousand plus crowd, saying, “We used the power of democracy and we worked together to make sure that we would have a law in Illinois authorizing civil unions. That law will land on my desk very shortly and I'm going to sign that law."

Also, something really needs to be said about Shayne (See Photo) who was promoting the Chicago Red Dress event. Not only was this guy DAMN FINE, but he was really sweet about everyone’s looking at (and in some cases touching) him. If you ask me he's just a real kind person!

After all the revelry, Michael and I headed up to Minibar Ultra Lounge and Café to wish Robin Cook a very happy birthday. I’ll tell you what, he is one damn sweet man and I wish him the very best.

While there I ran in to my future Civie, (Def: Term we just made up for the person you are in a civil union with) Linda Little. She popped the question via text the other day. I also ran into the damn sweet Jay Pantzis and Prince-William-look-a-like, David Groene. There was even a surprise hi and hello from former roommate Clydee; the charming Rollin’s Brothers ; DJ Ben Castaneda and the SERIOUSLY damn cute Kyle B.

As you can see, it was a splendid night and I made it home at a good hour. Have a GREAT weekend and enjoy the snow!

Bill Pritchard

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Chicago House Speaker Series Luncheon featuring, Madeleine Albright

Wednesday 1 Dec 2010

World AIDS Day

Every year, on December 1, World AIDS Day is celebrated around the globe. World AIDS Day reminds us all that HIV has not gone away - it's a day to raise awareness and remember those who have passed.

I always think of Robert E.`Ned' Behnke, who died of complications from AIDS in 1989. Ned was the first person I knew to have AIDS. To this day, his influence on the arts and the HIV/AIDS community is strong. His artwork (See photos) reminds me of the beauty that each individual has to contribute to this world.

The AIDS Foundation of Chicago tells us that every 9 ½ minutes someone in America is infected with HIV. Most recently my life I’ve been impacted by HIV. My ex-boyfriend and dear friend Matthew Barrett learned that he was HIV positive. As you can well imagine this is a life changer and yet he has summoned his courage and resolved to educate and inspire others with his story.

I applaud Matthew for his public stand. That can’t be easy. Likewise I recall the bravery that my friend Jay showed when he told us about his diagnosis with HIV. I challenge you to educate yourself and learn from their lives.

Remember, the AIDS Foundation of Chicago hosts their annual World of Chocolate extravaganza this Thursday, December 2nd at the Chicago Hilton. (720 S. Michigan Ave.) Tickets can be purchased online.

Bill Pritchard

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Illinois Senate passes civil unions
Monday 29 Nov 2010

World of Chocolate

Didn't get enough sweets over the Thanksgiving Holiday? Not to worry, the AIDS Foundation of Chicago hosts their annual World of Chocolate extravaganza this Thursday, December 2nd at the Chicago Hilton. (720 S. Michigan Ave.)

This is such a fun Chicago tradition for the holiday season! Last year I was the lucky man to have my bosom friend David Cruse Beal fly in from Singapore to accompany me. (See Photo) This year, it looks like I will be joined by the equally as charming M.E. I promise to share photos later this week.

I’m been honored once again to be a judge for this festive event. Joining me in that honor is everyone’s favorite personality, Miss Foozie! We will be judging creations from popular Chicago sweet makers such as Blommer Chocolate Store, Cyndy's Sweet Treats, Kendall College School of Culinary Arts, The Hearty Boys, and a personal favorite, Terry's Toffee. Last year fellow guest judge, Billy Dec did a little self-made video of his experience at the World of Chocolate:

Tickets are still available. Not a sweet freak? Not to worry, the AFC provides a tasty selection of comfort food for you to enjoy. There is also marvelous entertainment, a raffle, an open bar, and the opportunity to pick up festive holiday crafts and ornaments.

I hope to see you there!
Bill Pritchard

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Tuesday 23 Nov 2010

Is homosexuality a choice?

We’ve all heard the statement before; homosexuality is a choice. For those of us in the minority we would differ from that assumption.

What about you? Do you think it’s a choice or are Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgender people born that way?

Tell me what you think!
Bill Pritchard

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Monday 22 Nov 2010

Ho Ho HOliday's

I can’t believe it! The holiday’s already? Come on! Seriously? Didn’t we just celebrate the ball (Hee-Hee, ball!) dropping in Time Square? Either I am getting so old that time is speeding by; or time is speeding by.

This weekend started the holiday train going for me. From my flat I could see Christmas tree lights in the windows of other buildings. I even saw to guys decorating their tree naked. Talk about yuletide gay! Also this weekend my pals Paul and Michael hosted their pre-holiday party. What a damn fun time.

Enjoying the festivity that night was Advisor Edward and his boss Dr. Drew. Everyone’s favorite teacher/bartender Michal Kosko and his delightful “wifey” Andrea were also there. Markus D., James & Ross, Troy K., Darryl S., EJ, Mr. Healy , and Erik Thornton were also in attendance.

It was a lovely evening that brought the holiday’s closer in my heart. Now about my wish-list for this year; see photo above!

Happy almost holiday’s!
Bill Pritchard

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