Tuesday 23 Nov 2010

Is homosexuality a choice?

We’ve all heard the statement before; homosexuality is a choice. For those of us in the minority we would differ from that assumption.

What about you? Do you think it’s a choice or are Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgender people born that way?

Tell me what you think!
Bill Pritchard

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Well, from a psychology perspective (4.5 years studying and almost 6 working in the field)... It's not born that way NOR is it a choice, at least according to the most current research.

Studies of identical twins-- identical DNA-- show the sexual orientation matches only 50% of the time on average, meaning it's not all due to genes... 50% is due to environmental influences. But it's not 0% of the time, so genetics are definitely a factor.

Regarding genetics, though, there are certain conditions that increase your odds of being LGBTQ... For example, I have congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH). I just found out a year or so ago. Females have this condition from the womb, and about 15% of us grow up to be lesbians or bisexuals compared to the typical 3-5% in the general population... Of course, a bunch of us CAH'ers also have ambiguous genitalia (hello, trans'ers!), which I don't, otherwise it wouldn't have taken the docs 27 years to diagnose it. :)

Other studies indicate genetics are only responsible for anywhere between only 13-35% of sexual orientation..............

But the current conclusion regarding sexuality along with pretty much EVERY OTHER HUMAN CHARACTERISTIC is that it's a combo of genetics plus environmental influences-- translation: the old Nature vs. Nurture debate... Am I BORN THAT WAY, or did I CHOOSE TO BE LGBTQ? Psychology seems to say no, you weren't BORN THAT WAY, but you didn't CHOOSE TO BE THAT WAY either... You had a predisposition to being LGBTQ based on your heredity, and certain environmental influences (family, friends, culture, time, place, etc.) nudged you in that direction. This would explain why there is so much fluidity among the spectrum... I mean, I was gay, then "straight," then bisexual, and now I'm gay "again." Possibly starting to lean back towards bi. Am I choosing these things actively? Well, maybe I'm choosing who to have sex with and who to ignore, but I'm not choosing who I'm attracted to.

On a final note, I remember reading this awesome study regarding the fluidity of female sexuality. Some researchers (man, I wish I had saved this study, got it off a medical journal database when I was working as researcher at UIC) took self-identified straight men and self-identified straight women, put gadgets that measure arousal on them, and "made" them watch porn.... Straight porn, lesbian porn, and gay male porn. Then, the lab rats--- er participants--- were asked to subjectively rate how aroused they were by each.

Men, oh you men, followed their hearts and penises and were honest. Men loved the straight porn and the lesbian porn, but hated the gay male porn... And their body monitors confirmed these things to be true. Women, oh you tricky women, followed their brains and were complete liars. They said they loved the straight porn and hated the lesbian and gay male porn... But surprise! Their vasocongestion levels clearly indicated they looooooved all three... And that's very interesting that all the women felt the need to deny their arousal levels in front of researchers when they knew it would be confidential. Anyone wonder why we women have a tough time coming out of the closet even to OURSELVES? :) Food for thought on Turkey day.
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Monday 22 Nov 2010

Ho Ho HOliday's

I can’t believe it! The holiday’s already? Come on! Seriously? Didn’t we just celebrate the ball (Hee-Hee, ball!) dropping in Time Square? Either I am getting so old that time is speeding by; or time is speeding by.

This weekend started the holiday train going for me. From my flat I could see Christmas tree lights in the windows of other buildings. I even saw to guys decorating their tree naked. Talk about yuletide gay! Also this weekend my pals Paul and Michael hosted their pre-holiday party. What a damn fun time.

Enjoying the festivity that night was Advisor Edward and his boss Dr. Drew. Everyone’s favorite teacher/bartender Michal Kosko and his delightful “wifey” Andrea were also there. Markus D., James & Ross, Troy K., Darryl S., EJ, Mr. Healy , and Erik Thornton were also in attendance.

It was a lovely evening that brought the holiday’s closer in my heart. Now about my wish-list for this year; see photo above!

Happy almost holiday’s!
Bill Pritchard

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Thursday 18 Nov 2010

Pills for the Weekend

Time and time again I’ve hear the saying, “Everybody’s working for the weekend”. Gosh, that is so damn true. Well, unless you’re a bartender or club owner; in which case your weekends are work.

Weekend! Just saying it makes my face grin. I even think of how my friends in London put the emphasis on the word end in week-end. For most, it’s a promise of a good time; a hot date, or two days off.

Some count the days off until the weekend arrives. Lately I’ve been doing the countdown with my vitamin case. From Monday until Friday I produce victory in taking my daily vitamin dose; much like an advent wreath at Church or the letter “X” on a calendar.

Well, today being Thursday; I am one happy camper. I hope you’ve got some fun plans for the weekend. You can always check out CalendarQ, right here on, for all the latest events and community programs.

Happy almost weekend!
Bill Pritchard

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Monday 15 Nov 2010

Use Condom Sense

For years we’ve heard the importance of using condoms. Their success rate is pretty substantial. Their ability to ward off unwanted pregnancy and diseases is a big benefit!

Sadly, many from all walks of life don’t use them. Their lists of excuses are often times longer than their appendages and yet the fact remains; condoms are a good choice for healthy behavior.

My sainted Father has been very active (As it were.) with Planned Parenthood of the greater Pacific Northwest since the early 70’s. His admonishment to all has always been about health and safety.

Sure, talking with ones parents about sexual issues may be a bit hard (No pun intended.) but, I have always been the lucky recipient of great education and support. Even now as the Planned Parenthood Board met this weekend, I know that a sizeable package (Leave it alone!) will follow shortly; filled with condoms for me.

Now, I am blessed to have a Father who cares for his kid. I’m not however able to use said condoms for the psychological picture that comes with it. “Hold on a moment, while I grab one of my Father’s condoms”. Not what one really wants to think of in the throw’s of passion.

So, I will continue to do the next best thing and give out said condoms to all my pals and new friends. “Hi I’m Bill Pritchard. Here’s my card and a condom.” I guess we could call that save networking!

Bill Pritchard

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Monday 8 Nov 2010


Saturday night I attended the Chicago Human Rights Campaign (HRC) 2010 Annual Gala at the Fairmont Hotel in Downtown Chicago. It was a nice time for a good cause!

Joining me in the fun were’s President, R. Matthew Inawat; blogger, Paul Blackburn; Mike Livingston, Vice President, in charge of Branding for; Kinley Preston,’s new Transgender Community Relations Representative and photographer Anthony Meade.

Well, I don’t need to tell you that this bunch is all about the fun! We heard great remarks from recently re-elected Congressman, Mike Quigley and superb entertainment from Niki Haris. The uber-hot Luke Macfarlane was this year’s 2010 Visibility Award winner. Some of you might know Luke from ABC's Brothers and Sisters. His speech was just terrific and has us all liking him more.

HRC advocates on behalf of LGBT Americans, mobilizes grassroots actions in diverse communities, invests strategically to elect fair-minded individuals to office and educates the public about LGBT issues.

After the gala, Paul, Anthony, and me stopped by Downtown to check out the new digs. Once the occupied by Gentry Piano Bar; Downtown has come alive in what looks and feels like a new space. Owner, Brian and star-employee, Kenny (Very Cute!) took great care of us. I’m pretty sure I will be a regular.

Heading up North, we stopped into Minibar Ultra Lounge and Café where we were hosted by the WONDERFUL Linda Little (I heart her!) and the sweet Byron Green. (Damn Cute!) They take such perfect care of people!

It was a great night of fellowship and fun. I ran into Advisor Edward, Darryl, Evan Trad, Hot Ross; CUTE Facebook Friend, Joseph K.; my sweet friend, DJR.

Be sure to check out the HRC Gala photos, from everyone’s favorite photographer, Anthony.

Happy Day!

Bill Pritchard

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