Friday 7 Jan 2011


One can NOT complain that Maroon 5 front-man Adam Levine is exposing his front in the latest issue of UK's Cosmopolitan as part of a prostate [See Prostate Self-examination] and testicular [See Testicular Self-examination] cancer campaign.

It’s a GREAT reminder to all of us dudes and those that love us; to check for signs of these diseases in our dude parts.

BRAVO to Adam for this and his long-time advocacy for gay rights. He may be straight, but he’s not narrow!

Have a great weekend!
Bill Pritchard

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Monday 3 Jan 2011

Happy Nude Queer

With special thanks to my dear friend and humble hottie, Ronnie Kroell, I want to wish you a very happy [Almost] Nude Queer!

2011 brings great opportunity to start anew and recommit yourself to your Family, Friends and the Community!

I hope this year is a blessed one for you!
Bill Pritchard

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Friday 17 Dec 2010

Real World’s Mike Manning

With the Senate in session, there is still time for them to vote to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell. Mike Manning of MTV’s Real World DC would like to remind everyone, “We only need one last push.

LGBT activist Manning talks about DADT, how people can get involved, and why it is so important to do so. “People should not be afraid to talk to their Senators.

Take a look how easy it is:

Come on everyone! Take this damn fine looking guys advice and call your Senator today! For more information on Mike go to his website,

Happy weekend!
Bill Pritchard

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Blonde Ambition Trevor Project Fundraiser
Wednesday 15 Dec 2010

Bye-Bye DREX! broke the news this morning that Clear Channel’s 103.5 KISS FM let popular morning personality DreX go.

Clearly this is sad news for those of us who’ve made DreX a part of our morning routine. For me, I’m sad to see a community friend move on. DreX has been a champion for Chicago's gay and lesbian community for years. I'm a big fan and have the utmost respect and appreciation for DreX's efforts and honesty on-air!

I'm sure Clear Channel and KISS-FM will continue to show support for our community! They’ve gone above and beyond in years past for us and have always been kind to me.

For the last four years I’ve appeared on the DreX Morning Show; during PRIDE month. Listen to this years 2010 interview. Joining me was my pal Ronnie Kroell; who was in town to promote his spread in Playgirl.

If I know DreX well, I’d bet he’s going to enjoy some well-deserved time off and make the most of the holiday’s. I’m sure we will see him resurface in the near future!

So long DreX!
Bill Pritchard

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Chicago Gay Idols Unite For Howard Brown
Tuesday 7 Dec 2010

TPAN’s Top Bun’s

Forget the cold; it’s time to get hot over Test Positive Aware Network’s Bar-Lesque fundraiser winner, Jason from Sidetrack; who raised a total of $4,712.00 for TPAN. Coming in second place (As it were) was Michael from Atmosphere raising $4,352.00

Both beauties are in their 30’s proving once again that growing older isn’t such a bad thing as some would have you to believe. In fact, there are some of us in the community who would gladly start the petition to get TPAN’s Rhett Lindsey in on this contest! Perhaps next year.

In its third year, Bar-Lesque has some new items on hand; making instant gratification possible. There is still time and need to give!

Giving has never been so much fun!

Bill Pritchard

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Chicago House Speaker Series Luncheon featuring, Madeleine Albright

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