Monday 17 Jan 2011

A life of Impact

Today, January 17th commemorates Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. A lot of us have the day off and although that is really nice, I hope you will take a moment to reflect on what this man’s life really represented!

Imagine living for something bigger than yourself. Think about doing and BEING a woman/man for a purpose. Ponder what it must have been like to put your life on the line for what you believe. Capture the courage he had to stand up to hate.

Whether you’re a lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender person or not Dr. King’s mission that all would be equal and get along can be your calling as well. In a month of New Year resolutions; perhaps all of us can resolve to follow his example!

Bill Pritchard

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Thursday 13 Jan 2011

A Picture of Thanks!

Back in October of 2010, our boys Jefferson, Brock, Timmy and Trevor stole the show at Chicago's 14th Annual Northalsted Halloween Parade, with their “human canvas” costume.

They painted themselves from head to toe in white body paint; then supplied the colored paints and brushes for parade goers to use on them. It was SO creative; they stole the show! Not only was it damn cold, but they worked nonstop dancing, posing for photos, and letting creeps & creepers paint all over them.

These boys volunteered their time that evening. That alone was perhaps the most impressive part of their efforts! So many times I hear folks around the country badmouth young people today. Well, these guys are the best and they have my gratitude! To that end, I’m taking them for a thank-you dinner; courtesy of Cesar’s and the all-new GoPride Network.

You can see all the photos from the Halloween festivities on

Happy almost weekend Girls and Boys!
Bill Pritchard

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Wednesday 12 Jan 2011


With so much devastation, turmoil, and bad news in the world today, I’d like to take our minds off of the crummy and on to the HUMP!

Not only is today the middle of the week, but technically one could surmise that it’s the beginning of the weekend. (Well, I know that’s stretching it a bit!) There is also the joy of admiring someone’s hump. Being a homosexual I tend to enjoy that one a lot.

At any rate, I say we should plan our weekend today! Why wait until Friday? There are plenty of great activities going on in WeHo, Boystown, and DC this week! Now that the GoPride Network of sites is up an growing; make the most of them and go out and about!

Don’t forget to plan now for Monday’s Martin Luther King Day observance. This is THE perfect day to give of yourself through volunteering.

I think I’m going to call in gay to work on Friday and make it an even longer weekend of looking at Humps!

Cheers Queers!
Bill Pritchard

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Monday 10 Jan 2011

A weekend in Boystown

What a fabulous weekend! I truly didn’t want it to end. Friday evening I allowed myself a night in. Well, my body made that decision as I fell asleep by the t.v. instead of trekking out and about. As cold as it was, I don’t think I’m too sad about that; although I was going to meet up with Scottie Brooks at some point in the evening. (Sorry doll!)

Saturday started off, as most do, at Breakfast with my Best Friend. We’ve done that for almost as long as we’ve known each other; six years. It is THE perfect time of catching up on our week and latest gossip.

Afterwards, I headed over to Intelligentsia Coffee to meet my friend Erik for coffee. Well, I don’t have to tell you how terrific that place is for fellowship. We overdosed on coffee and walked around the gayberhood for a while.

Lunching at Boystown’s Joy’s we parted ways only to meet up later for dinner at Wakamono. We both agreed that we could have eaten thrice as much as we did; it was so delicious! One can’t sup at Wakamono without enjoying a libation or three at Wang’s. Hosted by the adorable Derek and joined by blogger, Paul Blackburn and his boyfriend EJ we enjoyed some great fellowship before heading to the heart of Chicago’s Boystown.

Saturday evening Scarlet hosted the 30th Birthday party of my dear friend and former roommate, Mike Rippe. I was so blessed to see him SO happy among all his pals. It was a nice visit. From there I headed over to popular Boystown favorite, Sidetrack to reunite with Advisor Edward; whom I had not seen in the longest while. As always, the place was packed with pretty’s and the cocktails were flowing.

With a quick stop into Minibar Ultra Lounge and Café to say hello to the lovely Linda Little; I ran into’s Kinley Preston and the uber-cute Shawn.

I closed out my weekend with Erik and Lou Malnati’s Pizza at the flat. Like I said; a fabulous weekend!

Have a great week!
Bill Pritchard

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Friday 7 Jan 2011


One can NOT complain that Maroon 5 front-man Adam Levine is exposing his front in the latest issue of UK's Cosmopolitan as part of a prostate [See Prostate Self-examination] and testicular [See Testicular Self-examination] cancer campaign.

It’s a GREAT reminder to all of us dudes and those that love us; to check for signs of these diseases in our dude parts.

BRAVO to Adam for this and his long-time advocacy for gay rights. He may be straight, but he’s not narrow!

Have a great weekend!
Bill Pritchard

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