Thursday 27 Jan 2011

Vital Nights with the Devil

Last night blogger Paul Blackburn and I attended the Vital Bridges Junior Networking Committee’s wildly popular charity event "Vital Nights" at Nacional 27 (325 W Huron) here in Chicago.

Talk about a fabulous event! My Besti, Isaiah and pals, James Goeke, Robbie Martin, and Meghan Conbeer were just some of the team that hosted last nights fundraiser; where guests enjoyed making a difference over tasty libations and eats while looking over exciting raffle prizes and a veritable who's who of Chicago's up and coming.

Vital Bridges helps people throughout the city of Chicago impacted by HIV/AIDS; improve their health and building self-sufficiency by providing food, nutrition, housing, case management and prevention services.

Later, I stopped by for my mid-week makeover by the Dalai Momma herself, Linda Little at Minibar Ultra Lounge and Café. Linda was taking a well deserved evening off, so filling in was the uber-sweet Justin. I was told that this was his first night hosting dinner in the Café, but you sure wouldn’t have known it. He was such a great server, albeit hot! (wink)

Of course no Wednesday would be complete without a visit with the globe trotting Jay Pantzis (Sounds like Kansas) on the Minibar side. Know affectionately by me as Equinsu ocha or White Devil, Jay is always such a pleasure to chit-chat with. The rumor mill has always flowed well for Jay and me; primarily because we once lived together. Although I’m not at liberty to share everything about our relationship, I can say that he is a dear man and such a joy to be around!

Tonight I have the pleasure of attending Champagne Wrapture Snowball 2011: Clicquot In The Snow hosted by Chicago House. This is always a favorite make a difference event in Chicago! Sponsored in part by Veuve Clicquot and hosted by Co-Chairs Scott Silverman, David Kaufman, Tom Segal, Matthew Harvat, and Christopher Hubbard; Snowball promises to be too much fun. There are still tickets available at the door.

As the weekend approaches, there are plenty of great events going on in WeHo, Boystown, and DC! I hope you will go out and about and meet some new friends.

Happy Birthday today to’s Mike Livingston! Many happy returns of the day pal!

Bill Pritchard

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Wednesday 26 Jan 2011


Today marks the 89th Birthday of my dear Aunt Peggy Golberg in Seattle! She has been such a hero in my life, in a day when few people have one.

She is always looking for the good and living beyond life's challenges. She was the first adult that asked me to call her by her first name and has always been a joy to be around. She’s generous, kind, always interested in others and has been willing to share her dogs (Waaaa) with a silly Billy Pritchard on the weekends.

My life is better because of her love and friendship to me!

Cheers to you Peggy!
Bill Pritchard

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Monday 24 Jan 2011

A quickie with sex

Heavens, it was so hard to get out of bed this morning! I guess that means a fun weekend. Clearly, it was! Albeit quick.

Friday was a special treat as Erik and I went to dinner at Chicago’s Francesca’s on Chesnutt. He’s been feeling a bit under the weather, so I wanted to treat him to a nice dinner AND a show. Who better to enjoy performing than Amy Armstrong and Freddy Allen!

Amy and Freddy have residency at Francesca’s Thursday through Saturday. Now, many of my readers know of Amy and Freddy from their experiences on a cruise, in P-Town or Chicago’s Boystown, but this experience is so completely different! It’s pure musical talent! Gone are the “cat song” and references to the gays; replaced with charming tunes to set the mood. It was perfect! When we arrived, we ran into our pals, Bill Healy and Kathy Hartman; who were seated at the table next to us. I guess you could say that Erik and I enjoyed dinner and a show; and a show! Wink!

Saturday was spent having Breakfast with Isaiah; various errands, and getting some S.E.X. Sparkling Wine at Chicago’s Kafka Wine Co.. I’ll tell you what, that S.E.X. is such a tasty steal and clearly a lot of fun at parties. “Welcome! Would you like to have some Sex?

Saturday evening, Erik and I joined a small handful of close friends celebrating Bill Healy’s birthday. It was a nice time to make new friends and fellowship with old ones. Leave it up to Paul Kepner to develop a ditty called the 12-Days of Healy. There were a number of people there I was glad to see. Among them, it was nice to catch up with Advisor Edward and his boss, Author, Dr. Drew and my friend and physical therapist, Travis Ahlquist.

Erik and I took a moment and stepped up the street to El Mariachi to see my ex Jesse Rubly. He just started working there. It was nice to see his face and for Erik and I to have some time together.

Sunday was a lazy day all together. Taking coffee with blogger, Trevor at Boystown’s Intelligentsia and spending time working on’s sites was really all that I did. I just adore a (kinda) day off!

Looks like many of you in Los Angeles enjoyed Micky's Cocktails with the Stars hosted by Scotty B. This week featured the Twinklight release party with models Kryz Perez and Brice Carson. YUM! You can see all the photos taken by Brendan-John on

Happy Monday!
Bill Pritchard

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Monday 17 Jan 2011

A life of Impact

Today, January 17th commemorates Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. A lot of us have the day off and although that is really nice, I hope you will take a moment to reflect on what this man’s life really represented!

Imagine living for something bigger than yourself. Think about doing and BEING a woman/man for a purpose. Ponder what it must have been like to put your life on the line for what you believe. Capture the courage he had to stand up to hate.

Whether you’re a lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender person or not Dr. King’s mission that all would be equal and get along can be your calling as well. In a month of New Year resolutions; perhaps all of us can resolve to follow his example!

Bill Pritchard

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Thursday 13 Jan 2011

A Picture of Thanks!

Back in October of 2010, our boys Jefferson, Brock, Timmy and Trevor stole the show at Chicago's 14th Annual Northalsted Halloween Parade, with their “human canvas” costume.

They painted themselves from head to toe in white body paint; then supplied the colored paints and brushes for parade goers to use on them. It was SO creative; they stole the show! Not only was it damn cold, but they worked nonstop dancing, posing for photos, and letting creeps & creepers paint all over them.

These boys volunteered their time that evening. That alone was perhaps the most impressive part of their efforts! So many times I hear folks around the country badmouth young people today. Well, these guys are the best and they have my gratitude! To that end, I’m taking them for a thank-you dinner; courtesy of Cesar’s and the all-new GoPride Network.

You can see all the photos from the Halloween festivities on

Happy almost weekend Girls and Boys!
Bill Pritchard

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