Thursday 5 May 2011


Now don’t you forget! This Sunday, May 8th is Mother’s Day! This happens to be one of my favorite holidays as my Mom is pretty incredible!

She’s never been Mother or Ma, just Mom. So loving and caring with an expert hand at teaching; my Mom exercises the perfect amount of grace and mentorship. She’s been THE perfect example and friend.

I get that a lot of you don’t have a great relationships with your moms and I’m genuinely sorry about that! Therefore, I’d like to share mine with you. As sweet and generous as she is, I think she deserves even more praise than I can give her. Smiles

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

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Center on Halsted’s Human First Gala
Tuesday 15 Mar 2011

Introducing spring!

Don’t look now, but it would seem that our old pal spring has sprung and is about to show its pretty face to the people of the Midwest!

Moments like these really encourage me to go outside more; albeit with an umbrella.

Happy 2222's Day!
Bill Pritchard

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Wednesday 9 Mar 2011

Rainy Hump Day

I don’t know about you, but I adore a misty day like today in Chicago! Perhaps it makes me feel like I’m back in my hometown of Seattle; seeing my Sainted Mom and Dad. Whatever the reason, I sure do love the many seasonal faces of Chicago.

Last weekend, Test Positive Aware Network’s Rhett Lindsay, Kyle Heath, and Dan Paterno truly out done themselves with Chicago Takes Off "Lido des Boys". It was an outstanding success; raising over $150,000 for the programs of TPAN

Produced by Keith Elliott and Todd Kiech Chicago Takes Off "Lido des Boys" was a burlesque revue-style show featuring talented male and female dancers who donated their time and talent to strut their stuff in support of this important cause. There was truly something for everyone as men, women, old, young, plump, thin and even k9 performed.

Hosting the show was none other then Murray Hill, the self-proclaimed "hardest-working middle-aged man in show business." Without a doubt, Murray is THE perfect host for such an event! Picture Don Rickles with a mustache and a hidden vagina. It was pure roast and everyone adored it. Yours truly was even the target of an ad-libbed one-liner; making the rest of the evening a lot of fun around the city. It was like being part of the show without taking my clothes off. (Chicago would have really taken off!)

You can see Photos from the evening on WARNING: The show is a bit risqué.

The weekend was also filled with libations at Scarlet; cocktails with the lovely Dalai Momma herself, Linda Little at Minibar Ultra Lounge and Café, and meeting of Austin Armacost of The A List: New York at SPIN. To be honest, I’ve never seen the show, but he was a nice kid! While there I ran into JADE of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame. I’ll tell you what, JADE is the real deal in performers AND is a true friend of the community!

I also had a nice visit with the Perry Twins last weekend. They were headlining the DJ booth at Hydrate. They were super sweet and had a lot of nice things to say about Chicago.

I happen to know there are some fun events coming up in WeHo, Boystown, Miami, and Washington, DC! I know that money is pretty tight now for most of us, so pick one and/or volunteer at another. All-in-all, it’s a fun way to give back to your community, meet some new friends, and make a difference!

Bill Pritchard

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Feast of Fun chats with Shirley Phelps
Friday 4 Mar 2011


Leave it up to Test Positive Aware Network to host a fabulous event called Chicago Takes Off "Lido des Boys". The shows are a Broadway-style musical revue that elevates the “strip-tease” to an art form. God, I love art!

TPAN’s Rhett Lindsay let me know that they still have 12 seats left for the 10:30 PM performance, and 20 for the 7:30 PM performance. You can Email Rhett or give him a call at 773-989-9400 ext. 233

Check out some of the photos from last years show. It was AMAZING! Each year gets better and better. WARNING: The show is a bit risqué. You might want to take a cold shower before you arrive. In 2009, New York’s Coco Peru (Many will recall Ms. Peru’s hosted. You can see a bit of it in this video:


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Windy City Times chats with Laurel Holloman
Friday 25 Feb 2011

Extra Ticket to Gaga

Yep, it’s true, I’ve got two tickets to the Gaga concert in Chicago for next Monday the 28th.

What I don’t have is the cute guy to go with me. This is a single man’s cry. Perhaps you would be free to go with me?

Why should I pick you? Comment below.

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