Monday 12 Dec 2011

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Tis The Season
My dear friends Amy Armstrong and Freddy Allen are at it once again with How the Diva Stole Christmas IV; an evening of giggles, good tunes, and merriment guaranteed to make any yuletide gay!

The show takes place at Hydrate Nightclub, with two showings; one on Friday, December 16th and the other Saturday, December 17th. A portion of each nights proceeds will go to the work of local charity, Chicago Lost and Found.

Chicago Lost and Found is a not-for-profit group that turns re-purposed stuff into art and fancy fashion; raising funds from the sales to educate young people in the arts. Be sure to check them out at

Check out this little ditty from their 2009 performance (Warning it’s an adult song):

Hope to see you there!
Bill Pritchard

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Geek Out! a Mild-Mannered FanBoy in a Boystown World
Tuesday 8 Nov 2011

Ronnie Kroell’s makin the moves on me

You Ought To Be In Pictures
Sure the title of my weblog is sensational. I wanted to get you to read it! The scandalous photo makes it look like I'm gettin some play from Ronnie. In truth, I was. It's amazing what happens when the two of us celebrate anything!

What never ceases to amaze me, however, is how life throws opportunities our way. If you would have told me eight years ago that my pal Ronnie Kroell would be this former reality star; now starring in yet another movie, I wouldn’t believe you.

But, that’s exactly what is happening tonight at the Reeling Film Festival. Our boy Ronnie stars in the film Into The Lion’s Den. It premiers tonight at 9:15 at the Landmark Century Centre Cinema (2828 N Clark St.)

Into The Lion’s Den is a “bold, uncompromising thriller that plunges into the depths of human depravity”. Even as I type that, I still have to pinch myself, because it’s Ronnie. To me, he will always be the guy that impressed me all those years ago; the friend who has partnered with us over the years to impact the community. My friend!

Now, I’m not much of a movie going guy, but you better believe I’ll be there to see it. I hope you will too. After the showing, there will be a meet & greet with Ronnie at Minibar Ultra Lounge and Café. Come have a libation!

See you at the movies,
Bill Pritchard

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Make A Difference: Are You Entitled?
Tuesday 1 Nov 2011


A Joke!
And people think gays are ruining the sanctity of marriage? Clearly, the hetero community is fine at doing that on its own. After a measly 72 days of marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce. Was the whole thing a scam to get money and media? They both got money for the act; not having to pay for their wedding. How is it this is alright, but members of the LGBT community can’t bring honor to the ‘institution’?

I’m PISSED that the LGBT community is always being told that they would damage; what appears from Ms. Kardashian’s escapades as a lame institution. We are constantly under the gun for attempting to bastardize marriage when many in the straight world do a fine job of messing it up on their own.

Looks to me like we owe Kim and Kris a big debt of thanks for showing the world what a joke marriage can be theses days. Not the charming, wonderful commitment, like my Sainted Parents have enjoyed.

I feel bad for her/him as I'm sure this is a tough time, however, the point still remains; the LGBT community should have the same rights in marriage as everyone else!

In the meantime, I've posted a few photos of men that I'd enjoy getting married to.

My opinion,
Bill Pritchard

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Wednesday 26 Oct 2011

The Poppa

Anyone who reads my blog, Tweats, Make A Difference column, or Facebook posts will most likely see the great affection I have for my Sainted Father Llewelyn Pritchard. Spend time with this world changer, and community ally; you can see why.

Well, my Father is returning to Chicago this weekend for a visit. Having him here is always a blast and a lesson in stamina. At 74 he’s up at the dawn of crack. (That’s earlier then the crack of dawn) He gets more done in a day then most in their twenties, and will hear nothing about the “R-word” (Retirement) He’s a true force of nature!

Want to meet him? We’ll be attending Urban Village Church on Sunday the 30th, and brunching afterwards at his favorite, Angelina’s. (Or as I like to call it; gay church) Sweet Philip and all his gang pull out all the stops in honor of him.

Bill Pritchard

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Friday 7 Oct 2011

Blog This!

It never fails, summer gets me so busy, and I tend to put things like my weblog on the back burner. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy sharing my experiences and opinions, but who’s got that kind of time to sit and write these days.

All of us at joke around with the fact that we each have our day job and our gay job. Most would find it hard to believe that we use our resources from our day jobs to pay for our gay job, As corny as it is to say; our sites are really a labor of love and our way to give back to the community.

So with events, news, and all that makes,,, and happen, it can be a bit too much for me to wanna write.

AIDS Run/Walk Chicago
Last weekend, thousands participated in the AIDS Run & Walk Chicago in Grant Park. Proceeds benefited the AIDS Foundation of Chicago and the programs/services of more than 125 local HIV/AIDS organizations.

This is one of our favorite events each year. It was even more fun for me to see my Besti, Isaiah running for team Vital Bridges. He’s such a good guy to give back to the community AND he did really well.

It was great to run into Illinois State Representative, Greg Harris and community supporter, David Hackett. Both friends do so much for our community.

Be sure to check out all the fabulous photos by Photo Journalists, Anthony Meade and Kevin Wayne

Interfaith House
I was truly honored last week to find out that the Board of Directors of Interfaith House voted to have me join them in their efforts to restore health, rebuild lives, and return to home, Chicago’s homeless.

What an amazing group! Interfaith House fills what was a service gap in the network of groups addressing the challenges faced by the Chicago area's homeless population. They help men and women with medical recovery needs that cannot be appropriately addressed in a shelter environment. You’ll be hearing more about Interfaith House in the future.

He Returns!
Great news, my Sainted Father Llewelyn Pritchard is returning to Chicago for a visit at the end of October! Many of you will recall trips past; loaded with revelry and song.

If you would like to meet this amazing man, we will be at Italian supper club, Taverna 750, enjoying their new sumptuous menu on Friday, the 28th; attending Urban Village on Sunday the 30th, and brunching afterwards at my Father’s favorite, Angelina’s.

Summer II
Clearly summer doesn’t want to end just yet in Chicago. I know that many of you are pretty damn happy about that. I can’t complain either, however, I do hope we have a fall instead of being thrust right into winter as we were last year.

There are some fun events taking place this weekend. Get out and make a new friend!

Bill Pritchard

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