Tuesday 9 May 2017

Doing The Difference

The difference in your opinions is what you do with them.'s Bill Pritchard challenges you to take action, in a world of inaction.
Friday 5 May 2017

Pretty In Pink!

For thirty-five plus years The Pink Door in Seattle has been a utopia, a home-away-from-home for me. Introduced to me by my Sainted Father when I was 12,  owner Jackie Roberts created a place where the art, sounds, and smells thrilled. I wanted to visit every day. I still do!

Last December 31st the terrific team at The Pike Door, hosted me in a farewell of sorts. Not only were we bidding adieu to 2016, but to the infrastructure of the restaurant. Closed for remodeling since day one 2017, I’ve been going through withdrawals each week. With their opening on May 7th 2017, we’ll be back to the culinary revelry!

A typical week for me at The Pink Door consists of Wednesday’s after work, to hear Casey MacGill & Friends jazz it up; or a night out with friends to enjoy the seasonal specials of the day. With the remodeled floor plan, there are even more seats to see the bands and acts that take place each night and the sumptuous menu continues to be Pike Place Market fresh, in the gigantic new kitchen.  

They’ve expanded their space, now boasting some of the best views of Elliot Bay and the Pike Place Market. What most worried would be lost in the rebuild, is still very much in place. The kitschy, cheeky charm of wacky art; well-placed mirrors, and bottles of spirits fill the room.

The bar, now three or perhaps four times the size of its predecessor, looks like architectural art in and of itself.  Even better, the caring staff and management of this family owned/operated Shangri-La still produce its character and zest.

Quite simply, the Pink Door has come back from break looking even better!

When in Seattle, you must go. I’ll see you there!

Monday 1 May 2017

Randy Rainbow "Unpopular!"

Genius Randy Rainbow has done it again with his newest post, “Unpopular!” Be sure to follow Randy (And me, for that matter!) on YouTube!

Monday 6 Mar 2017

Must See: When We Rise!

The impacting When We Rise is now available on, Hulu and i-Tunes so anyone can see it. 

Don't miss out on this historic presentation. It's a conversation we have needed to have for a while. You see in the stories of LGBT icons like Cleve Jones, how much we have gone through as a community.

I found so many things I didn't know before. I promise you will be inspired!

Bill Pritchard (Now also on YouTube!)

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Wednesday 9 Nov 2016

We Won!

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