Thursday 14 Feb 2013

My Funny Valentine

Give and it will come back to you:
Tell the truth, how many of you are bitter that Valentine’s Day is here and you’re alone; or in a bad relationship? Well don’t be. There is something you can do right now, to make this a special Valentine’s Day for you and someone else!

First, it must be said, my valentine will forever be my Sainted Mom! Whether I am in a relationship someday or not, she has always been a loving person in my life! She is worthy of a day of praise.

Don’t have a special someone? How’s about you send anonymous flowers to someone you know; who’s in the same situation! Doing/Being something for someone, without them knowing it was you; is just as rewarding for you as it is them!

You can always go to the store and buy those cute little Valentine’s Day cards to give out to people. You know, like the ones you has in elementary school! How about calling some single friends up and cooking dinner!

In short, get out and give to others! I think you’ll find it just as rewarding as receiving something from someone!

Bill Pritchard

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Not To Worry: Setting aside the things that cause us to worry

Tuesday 22 Jan 2013

Roe v. Wade Forty Years Later

Simply Sarah:
Today, I celebrate longtime friend and mentor, Sarah Weddington. At the age of twenty-six, she was counsel for Roe v. Wade; decided forty years ago today, in a landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court, on the issue of abortion; and ultimately women’s rights.

Twenty-six years old!

After arguing Roe v. Wade, Sarah completed three terms in the Texas House of Representatives and served as General Counsel of the United States Department of Agriculture in 1977. (The first woman to hold that office.) She also had the honor of being Assistant to the President during the Carter Administration.

At almost sixty-eight (Sorry for telling folks your age Sarah!) Sarah is a force of nature and continues to fight for the rights of women and citizens in the minority; via the Weddington Center. Since I was 15, Sarah has been a stalwart friend, supporter, inspiration, and consummate dinner date. She is family and has my utmost support and love!

THANK YOU SARAH for allowing your life to be used for the betterment of those you may never meet!

Fortunate to know her,
Bill Pritchard
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Wednesday 9 Jan 2013

Get ready to Grindr

2012 Awards:
With more than 4.5 million users in 192 countries across the globe, gay social site, Grindr has taken a look back at 2012 with their Best of 2012 Awards. Honors have gone to some of my favorite people like “Gay icon”, Anderson Cooper, “Straight ally”, President Barack Obama, and “Best comedianKathy Griffin! (See Photo) The list also includes some dear friends.

It’s always nice with folks you collaborate with receive praise for their hard work. partners, Windy City Times was chosen as "best local gay news outlet" for Chicago.

My pals at Sidetrack, were voted as the “best Sunday-Funday” spot and my first Chicago gay bar experience, Roscoe’s, was chosen as “Chicago’s favorite gay bar. DJ Phil DaBeatz and Frida Lay got the nod as well. Both work so hard to entertain the Chicago gayberhood!

Not enough can be said about my dear friend Linda Little! In my heart, I’ve always thought of her as an icon. She would have you refer to her as the Dalai Mama. Regardless of her title, Linda is a class act and always the perfect host, party-rocker, and dear friend. The Grindr guys got it right on you LL!

I was truly touched to be voted "Best local hero/community advocate of the year." I can’t tell you what a surprise that was to find out. (And, by pals who I didn’t know used the application.) Having people say that about you is very kind. With nearly 1 million Grindr users logging on to the application every day, this translates to a very sweet viewer’s choice award. Thank you!

Perhaps now, Joe Jonas will go steady with me!

Thanks Guys!
Bill Pritchard

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Tuesday 1 Jan 2013

New Year To Contact Lawmakers

As the new year begins, same-sex couples in Illinois are closer than ever to full marriage equality - and the process is moving extremely fast!

"... it's coming along at a rate that even surprises me," Rick Garcia of The Civil Rights Agenda (TCRA) recently told

Gay rights advocates are pulling out all the stops to ensure a successful vote during the lame duck session (January 3-9). Equality Illinois CEO Bernard Cherkasov recently told me that the vote could come as early as January 2nd. "It is absolutely crucial that every lawmaker hear from her or his constituents in support of marriage equality," he said.

Equality Illinois along with a number of other gay rights organizations - including TCRA, Lambda Legal, HRC and the ACLU - have spent years building the momentum we see today.

Cherkasov reminded me, "Nothing is as important as a phone call from the lawmaker's voters. I also urge our supporters who've already called their lawmakers to contact their relatives all around Illinois and ask them to call their lawmakers, too."

So today as you celebrate the new year, take a moment to Make a Difference in the fight for marriage equality in Illinois. Contact your state lawmakers, families and friends!

Find your lawmaker contact information here. Also visit

Get involved in community!
Bill Pritchard

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"Modern Family" star Jesse Tyler Ferguson lobbies for Illinois marriage equality

Wednesday 12 Dec 2012

Johnny Weir Loves Ke$ha

Fun, Fast, Five:
Chicago’s LGBT nightlife is so much fun. There is something for everyone and each has its niche. Sidetrack, has space and show tunes; Minibar Ultra Lounge and Café has its hot staff, including the Dalai Momma, Linda Little, and CREW Bar & Grill features jocks! These are but a few of the many fun choices.

When one of these fun night spots celebrates an anniversary, we’ve got another reason to see friends and have some fun. When it is a spot that once was destroyed in a fire, we stop and really appreciate the journey. This can be said of Scarlet!

My friend Paul Cannella and his team at Scarlet really celebrated last week. Known for his generosity in the community, Paul opened Scarlet for a five-night hosted bar. Additionally he brought in well-known friends in the LGBT world to ramp up the fun factor. One such special guest was Two-time Olympic Figure Skater, Three-time US National Champion, and Star of his own reality TV series, “Be Good Johnny Weir”, Johnny Weir!

I enjoyed the opportunity to host Johnny, Paul, and my friends from GayChicagoTV for Champagne over at my flat. We set up a nice space for interviews (You’ll see those soon) and got ready for an action packed final day of celebration. While Paul was being interviewed in the other room, Mr. Weir and I had a chance to visit. I have to say, with all the hype about him being a diva; I found him to be very sweet, thoughtful, and ambitious. He was over the top professional and indeed, a lot of fun!

It was now Johnny’s turn to step into the other room and be interviewed. Paul and I enjoyed my favorite Champagne, Veuve Clicquot and caught up on the week’s revelry. I have to say, I really appreciate my friend Paul. He’s always been very real with me and such a joy to hangout with! I was very fortunate to celebrate this milestone with him.

From my flat, it was off to brunch at Taverna 750 with a few of Paul’s friends and then off to Scarlet for the Liquid Brunch Party. It was such a blast. Everyone from around Chicago showed up! Sure, we had to obey Johnny's "yes" and "no" music list a bit, but fun was had by all!

Happy to see success in community!
Bill Pritchard

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