Monday 20 May 2013

Sunday Funday Fellowship

Gay Church:
As many of you know, I’m a big fan of the Sunday experience! So much, that oft times I’ll stay in on a Saturday night if I’m able to. Heavens, I could stay in all weekend, if given the chance, and make Sunday my day out and about.

Last Sunday was no exception

Getting a text from Philip at Angelina’s, I joined he and bartender straight Graham for a spot of revelry. Lots of laughs with them, and the entire staff! They are all so kind and SO cute! Have you seeeeeen Bryan Brochu!?

I was joined at the stroke of 12 Noon, by my longtime friend, Kathleen Scovel. She’s always a joy to be around and a lot of laughs! Appreciation: has been many things in my life; labor, joy, effort, meaningful and challenging. Like all rewarding things, it takes the good and bad to make it such a blessing.

We could not be who we are at without the marvelous contributors! Day in and day out, they give their time and investment to this online community. I’m pretty grateful! We could not be who we are at without the marvelous contributors! Day in and day out, they give their time and investment to this online community. I’m pretty grateful!

To show our appreciation, we threw a party at Cesar's on Broadway. It was such fun time of fellowship and amazing drinks. Folks from all over Chicago stopped by to say hello and celebrate our great collaboration.

I can’t begin to say how thankful I am to all of you who help make, the community site it is. Authors, photographers, bloggers, and viewers! Thank you!

Have a great week!
Bill Pritchard

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Friday 26 Apr 2013

Gettin Around

Dining Out for Life Tour:
The last few years, I’ve enjoyed a fun tradition during EdgeAlliance’s Annual Dining Out for Life. I see how many participating restaurants I can patronize in the evening; thereby giving more funds to the cause of men, women & children living with HIV/AIDS. This year was no exception.

The fun started at Taverna 750 where I ran into artist Becky Chmielewski and her charming girlfriend Jodie Gardner. I swear, we always run into each other at just the right time! It was nice to catch up and sip well-made libations. They are going to help me explore this new found fascination I have for beer and make me an honorary Lesbian.

Now, I know I’ve said it a million times before, but the staff at Taverna really goes out of its way and does such a great job. Last night was no exception. Joining me was gal-pal and Taverna 750 owner, Paul Cannella. True to form, Paulie was there to support the DOFL night like everyone else. However, my night was made when he said he’d join me on my tour! We enjoyed a sumptuous dinner, including spaghetti squash; something I’ve never had before. It was so delicious and way better than any noodle I’ve had.

Also dining at Taverna 750 was my dear friend and blogger, Paul Blackburn. He was joined by his cute boyfriend Edward and pals Michael Peppershaker and Scott. Nothing makes my day more than a bunch of cute guys doing the right thing for a good cause. And as much as those fella’s like to drink, I’m sure EdgeAlliance out did this years fundraising goals!

Paulie and I shuffled off to enjoy a drive-by-dessert and drinks with Philip and Carson at Angelina’s. The Dining Out for Life buzz was alive and well there too. In addition to seeing Hot Jason, I was pleased to run into my Sunday-Funday-Gay-Church bartender, Straight Graham. I could chit-chat with him all day. Yes, he’s incredibly cute himself, but seriously, the guy is very intelligent and damn funny. We’re going to start a talk show called “Talkin About Gina’s”.

From there we schlepped off to D.S. Tequila Co where we met up with Mamma for some beers and boys. I’ll tell you what, Teri is a force of nature. Honest, real and damn fun! Keeping on schedule, we headed over to Minibar Ultra Lounge and Café, where Dalai Mamma Linda Little was holding court. SO MANY friendly faces greeted us upon entry, including the white devil himself, Jay Pantzis, (Like Kansas) Robin Cook and co-owner Stu Zirin.

A beer later, and we were out the door and off to Wood. There we ran into GRAB Magazine’s Mark Nagle. Always the life of the party, Mark makes the night wherever he goes. After a tasty Sazerac (A variation of an old-fashioned, named for the Sazerac de Forge et Fils brand of cognac that was its original prime ingredient.) we were off to close the night at Scarlet. As always, we were greeting as if we owned the place (Wink-Wink!) and proceeded to consume our last adult beverage.

You know you’ve succeeded well in a Dining Out for Life tour, when Paul’s ready to go home at midnight. With that I ended my night.

Thanks to all of you who dined/drank in your community. Friends from all over the United States participated and really showed up! It’s marvelous to see a difference like that.

Bill Pritchard

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Tuesday 23 Apr 2013

Dining Out for Life

Eat This!:
This Thursday, EdgeAlliance hosts the 20th Annual Dining Out for Life, an evening of good food, great friends, and the largest HIV/AIDS fundraiser in North America!

In fact, Dining Out for Life happens in 60 cities throughout the country. Last year, EdgeAlliance raised over $110,000 to continue its mission of providing housing with life services to men, women & children living with HIV/AIDS. This year they hope to raise even more!

You can help Make A Difference in the lives of those in need, just by dining out on Thursday, April 25th at these participating restaurants in Chicago-land; or these in San Francisco, Seattle, Palm Springs, Indianapolis, or Washington DC.

Everyone loves to go out and eat. There are restaurants for everyone’s budget. Grab a group of friends; make some reservations, and dine for a difference!

This year, I’ll be enjoying a sumptuous dinner at one of my favorite spots in Chicago, Taverna 750; followed by a drive-by-dessert and drinks with Phillip and Carson at Angelina’s.

By the time the evening is over, we are sure to be full, and fulfilled, all whilst making an impact! I hope you’ll take part!

Cheers Dammit!
Bill Pritchard

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Thursday 4 Apr 2013

Spring is in the air

The unveiling of spring:
My friend Paul Cannella and the marvelous, hard-working team at Taverna 750 (750 West Cornelia Ave., 773-904-7466) hosted their spring Menu launch last night; a great seasonal dinner menu prepared by Chef Christopher Coker

Christopher truly outdid himself, with delicious selections of spring vegetables and savory chicken and seafood. Being a fan of asparagus and poultry myself, I was in pure heaven at the combinations. Chef admitted to me, that he would have liked every person to receive their own plated presentation, but that just wasn’t possible. Seventy plus attendees joined in the fun. Among them, were VIP’s patrons who frequent Taverna 750 via Open Table. This was Paul’s way of saying thank you. Now that’s classy!

Among the evening’s festivities were tasty libations by mixologist Benjamin Newby. As crazy fun as he is, his cocktail inventions are beyond delicious! Something must also be said about the outrageous floral arrangements of my friend Howard Silver. He is so creative and gifted in that arena. Those of you Lakeview loungers know Howard’s work all too well, if you’ve enjoyed Taverna 750’s outdoor patio. That boy has a green hand!

While there, I ran into Birthday Boy Andy Ambrosius, Editor of Lakeview Patch and his sweet boyfriend Vince. It was good to catch up and bit and to finally meet Vince! Also enjoying the eats was the Guru of Gays himself, Kirk Williamson, Editor of Nightspots. Kirk is a real gem; always sweet and snarky. Additionally, it was nice to run into pals Michael Snell and Derrick Sorles of Best Gay Cities. Those boys are outrageous!

Afterwards, folks were treated to an after party at Scarlet; where all were spoiled rotten with mid-week libations and tunes.

Thanks to Paul and all at Taverna 750 for your marvelous hospitality! The new menu is available as of today, so make your reservations.

A happy patron,
Bill Pritchard
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Tuesday 2 Apr 2013

Proud Friend

Twenty-One again:
You ever have those days when you feel blue for no reason? For me, those days usually happen immediately after an event or something I’ve been working on for a while concludes. One such event was the twenty-first birthday party of my pal Trevor.

Trev is a longtime friend form hometown Seattle. He was born old, so naturally catching up to the big twenty-one was a happy day for all of us. I wanted it to be special for him.

All of his friends came and joined us at Scarlet; where they spoiled us rotten! To say it was a good time; is an understatement! Needless to say, I don’t recall how I got home. #MissionAccomplished Sunday Funday was a splendid follow up to that festive night. It was almost as if I were twenty-one again. Thankfully I was able to call in gay to work on Monday and enjoy a relaxing day of gym and recovery.

Spring Picks: Readers of this blog will tell you, I’m a big fan of my Best Friend Isaiah. He lives a fast paced life in NYC, working for Modern Luxury. I am quite partial, of course, but reading his work is always a joy.

I was delighted to see that Mr. Porter invited Isaiah to submit his picks from their spring collection. Mr. Porter has amazing products, of course, however, the selections that Isaiah chose were spot on perfect. I’m especially a fan of the cashmere blanket and the Bergamot Candle. (

A proud friend,
Bill Pritchard

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