Wednesday 11 Sep 2013

OUT at Six Flags

Gay Games:
So summer’s over, so what! Why should we give up on the fun, just because the calendar says the season is over! Thankfully there’s Out in the Park at Six Flags Great America!

This festive night promises twelve roller coasters, two DJ’s, three singers, six bars, two drag queens, and 8000+ people! Beginning at 8:00 p.m. Six Flags has given an extra hour to ride, dance and party until 1:00 a.m. Proceeds even go to supporting the life changing work of Chicago House

Now, I'm not a rides person, (It's in my contract, that I don't have to ride them.) but there are SO MANY OTHER THINGS to enjoy at Out in the Park on the 14th. Performers, Fabulous Fellowship, DJ's, Cute boys, karaoke, Pretty girls, Bear beer bust, singles meet & great AND a lesbian cocktail hour!

Because this is a "private event", there are no tickets at the door; only online, with your PC and printer. Tickets, are just $38 and available through Saturday afternoon. (Use Promo Code OUT at the top right of the page, to get your ticket) There’s even free parking! Plus, the beauty of the private night is short lines.

DJ Scotty T. and a number of the cuties from Scarlet will kick off the evening, followed by friend and international DJ icon, Matthew Harvat! There will also be mini live music performances by Jess Godwin, Eli Lieb and Isaiah Grass and hosted by Teri Yaki and Debbie Fox!

Lets play!
Bill Pritchard

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Wednesday 21 Aug 2013

Happy Birthiversary

Helen’s Home:
A few years ago, I was chatting over cocktails with my buddy, and Scarlet owner, Paul Cannella. He was telling me about a new place he was opening at the former Cornelia’s location. In true Paul form, he invited me to walk down and show me his vision for the space.

Although it was in messy construction mode, he showed me where the bar would be; how the front of the restaurant would be elevated and his future plan to place new windows, where none had been before. Little did I know, the final visualization of Taverna 750 was well on its way to being a dream come true for Paul.

It was also on this site visit that Paul generously gave me some of the bar stools, chairs, and a table from the former Cornelia’s, before they were removed. To those of you who don’t know Paul; this is a typical act of kindness from him. It’s that kind Karma that has made him so successful. To that end, Taverna 750 celebrates its second anniversary this week.

A charming private celebration was held Wednesday evening, outside amongst Helen the well-known neighborhood garden patio, by florist Howard Silver; with delicious grilled treats and a few of Taverna’s tasty Cellos. It was a perfect party, with many in the community attending. Congratulations Paulie and Taverna 750!

Diva’s Day:
Every once in a while you stumble into a friendship that changes your life from day one. A person who makes you smile, laugh and experience joy. Such an occasion happened in my life twelve years ago; when I met Amy Armstrong. August 21st marks Amy’s Birthday. I am forever in her debt and truly grateful for her presence in my life!

Bill Pritchard

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Friday 16 Aug 2013

Little is always better!

Size Queen:
Tell the truth, you clicked on the link to my blog, because you couldn’t believe I would say little is always better! Didn’t you?

Well, it’s the truth. I really appreciate the little things in life. I’m one of those people; a touch sentimental and thankful of small gestures that impact big.

It’s kinda fun to think about those things in your life that do that. The note from a friend; a special meal made just for you, or the anticipation of a fun event. These small simple things bring a smile to your face or warm your heart.

Be on the lookout for the little things, and you will find they are in abundance. Provide those little things to others and your day will be made.

Big Schmig!
Bill Pritchard

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Tuesday 23 Jul 2013

Athletic Supporter!

Out At Wrigley:
Last year, I went to my very first Cubs game with my buddy Paul Cannella. We had THE best time doing all the ball game activities; from drinking beer and eating peanuts, to actually watching the game. To be clear, I’m pretty sure we could have fun in a cardboard box, but the game at Wrigley Field was such a unique experience.

Out At Wrigley celebrates its 13th year of providing that fun experience as Chicago’s original gay day at Wrigley Field.

Tickets for the August 3rd fun are on sale at And, If you buy a Budweiser Patio Deck ticket, you will get a free ticket to the National gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony the day before!

Go Cubs!
Bill Pritchard

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“All-American” sensation: an interview with Steve Grand

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Friday 28 Jun 2013

Brotha Fred’s GAYberhood

KISS This!:
One of the highlights of my Pride every year is when my friend Brotha Fred, my girl Angi Taylor and my boy MJ at Chicago’s 103.5 KISS FM invite me to come on-air the Friday before the Pride Parade.

We had such a blast talking about Pride and all the events taking place this weekend. It’s especially encouraging to see such great support for LGBT equality and community from our straight Allies! They are so damn sweet to reach out to our community and shed light on the LGBT cause!

Of course and Chicago’s 103.5 KISS FM have been partners for years, through I heart Radio and PRIDE Raido; streaming on and all the GoPride Network sites.

Make your pride plans with’s 2013 Pride Guide. You can also see the parade live on via our partnership with Gay Chicago TV; providing a front row seat to the 2013 Chicago Pride Parade

As much fun as Pride can be, we ought not to forget why we celebrate it! Many individuals have fought for our rights to equality. As corny as it sounds, it is those make a difference people we should be proud of. It is equality we should be celebrating. We may have more to achieve, but we can all agree; we’ve come a long way in our community!

Bill Pritchard

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