Thursday 20 Feb 2014

My Gay Roommate

Butter Believe It!:
Uber cute Noam Ash has done it again! Known in the YouTube biz as My Gay Roomate, he’s bringing us one step closer to cheeky entertainment and another towards uses for butter!

Be sure to follow’s Noam’s channel!

Bill Pritchard

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Getting Caught: Finding positive in others

Friday 14 Feb 2014

Funny Valentine

Don’t be bitter!:
Okay, I get it. People are pissed. Folks are bitter, but let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is just a Hallmark holiday. So, you can spend it in misery, or you can spend it appreciating the love you have in your life. Surly you have a few you could name?!

I may not have a boyfriend, but I do have some great friends! And, as far as crushing, I’ll forever have a crushes. Crushes are easy to form and let’s face it; nobody has to know about them. Being a walking mouth, I tend to let a guy know when I’m crushin on him, but that’s part of the fun for me.

The following are a small snippet of my valentine’s this year:Michael Kane, (Duh!) Cenk and his janky hairy pecs, Brent Corrigan, Lu, Isaiah, (That’s kind of a forever thing, really) My Bosom Friend David, Ronnie Kroell, Spencer Allen, Yo and his BIG PERSONALITY, Broccoli, Matthew Barrett, Mark, Kiss FM’s Angie Taylor, (She may be a girl, but she’s damn FINE!) delightful diva Dennis, Brryce Fersher, Linda Little, (She’s the Dali Mama!) Ev, Lucas Seiler, Gregory, Kirk, (He’ll always be my Boystown crush! Have you seen/listened to him!?)Jay, JP, Beautiful Brit, Tom, Tristan Hayden, DJR, Bryan Brochu (Of course!) my long lost gal-pal, Jake, the gifted Ben Andrews, Hunter B., SY, Ross, (Dude is FINE!) Shawn “He remindes me of Shaun Cassidy” Porter, Jeffery, David Groene, (Um, damn!) Drew, Triple-threat Richie, model Mick “Lovell” Philips, Victor, the inspirational Shane Bitney Crone, Nick, Topher Dimaggio, my gay roommate Noam Ash, Colin, Kevin Warhol, Spencer Neville, Carson , Scott Herman, (He may be straight, but he’s terribly sweet!) YouTube sensation Joey Graceffa, Mark “It’s gonna be a great day” E. Miller, figure skater Adam Rippon, (He’s so cute, it makes me dizzy!) Patrick Frost, (Follow this guy, he’s crazy fun, damn motivating, and unbelievably hot!) Steve Grand, (Popo is not only talented, but he’s got a fine-behind!) Timmy, Joe Jonas, (Words aren’t necessary) and Nick Adams.

Clearly, I don’t mind Valentine’s Day at all! And, with a Mom like mine, I’ve got myself the best funny valentine!

Bill Pritchard

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Getting Caught: Finding the positive in others

Tuesday 4 Feb 2014


Without a doubt, I’ve been so blessed to have visitors, here in Chicago. Special people, whom I don’t get to, see as often as I’d like. One such chap is Michael Kane. I honestly can’t say enough about Michael and his keen ability to pick up right where we left off. Liked/Loved by everyone he meets; I’ve got no one in my life like him. Time with him is always perfect and I’m grateful for his latest visit, this week.

Anyone who reads my blog, Tweets, Make A Difference column, or Facebook posts will most likely see the great affection I have for my Sainted Father Llewelyn Pritchard. Spend time with this world changer, and community ally; you can see why.

Well, my Father is returning to Chicago this week for a visit. Having him here is always a blast and a lesson in stamina. At 77 he’s up at the dawn of crack. (That’s earlier then the crack of dawn) He gets more done in a day then most in their twenties, and will hear nothing about the “R-word” (Retirement) He’s a true force of nature!

In town for meetings with the American Bar Association, you’ll likely see this dapper chap all over town. Of course if he had his choice, he’s forget the weekend meeting in lieu of his favorite Chicago pastime, Sunday-Funday at Angelina Ristorante. (Or as I like to call it; gay church)

A few short days after my Father returns home, my Bosom Friend, David returns for a weekend of revelry. Every moment I have with David, is so rich! And we’ve had many! He’s alerted me of his desire to take part in Sunday-Funday on the sixteenth. Beware Chicago, it will be memory making.

Grateful for the love!
Bill Pritchard

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Getting Caught: Finding the positive in others and their actions

Monday 13 Jan 2014

Scarlet's Sexy Six

Bring The Action:
With a three-day-weekend on the approach, I’d imagine many of you in the city of Chicago are on the lookout for some fun plans. Chicago’s LGBT nightlife does in fact provide a ton of fun. There is something for everyone and each has its niche. Sidetrack, has big spaces and show tunes; Minibar Ultra Lounge has its super-hot staff, and CREW Bar & Grill features jocks! These are but a few of the fun choices all over the city.

Celebrating six years of action packed fun and pant less dance off’s, Scarlet Chicago is gearing up for one heck of a three day weekend; leading up to its 6th Anniversary Party, featuring Cazwell and Traver Rains on Sunday the 19th.

Scarlet knows how to throw a party. One of my dearest friends, and owner of Scarlet, Paul Cannella, is known for his generosity in the community. Last year he brought in well-known friends in the LGBT world to ramp up the fun factor; including two-time Olympic Figure Skater, and Three-time US National Champion Johnny Weir! This year, he’s continued the tradition by featuring popular New York rapper Cazwell and T-Rains’ designer Traver Rains

On a personal note, Paulie is like family to me. He works hard to provide quality experiences and great memories for people. One can’t help but smile, seeing a good guy, do so well in the community. He’s the first guy to volunteer; the first to help out a friend, and the first to assist a stranger. He’s the kind of person we could all strive to be like. I know I often do.

Congrats Paulie and your hardworking team, on six fun years in town. Scope out the Community Calendar for all the fun events taking place in LGBT Chicago!

Thrilled to see success in community!
Bill Pritchard

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Monday 16 Dec 2013

Nice to mEAT ya!

Skew You!:
Boystown just got a little more tasty with the opening of mEAT. The group who brought Minibar Ultra Lounge and DS Tequila to Halsted have ventured in to the world of delicious and unique dining.

Owners John Dalton and Stu Zirin have done it again! I had the pleasure of dining over the weekend at a friends and family night, before the opening on December 16th. If there’s one must mention item about mEAT that I’d have to say, it’s flavor. Everything is so flavorful!

Delicious drinks, created by mixologist Tony Potempa, change every classic cocktail; using foams, whipped creams carbonation and even gels. You’ve GOT to try the Modern Cosmo! The food was a true experience. Their skewers are meant to be ordered like sushi, with bite-sized pieces of meats, seafood and vegetables; all served family style. Skip the idea of skipping dessert! Their Bananas Foster was better than love!

Check out their menu and see for yourself. mEAT is a nice unique addition to Chicago!

mEAT, you can’t beat it!
Bill Pritchard

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