Monday 3 Mar 2014

Cornhuskers pride. Pride of us all!


Over the weekend, I received a message from my friend Eric Lueshen. He wanted to share his story of struggle, transformation, love, and acceptance of being openly gay playing football for the University of Nebraska, Cornhuskers.

From 2003 to 2006, Eric lived his life openly with his team mates. “I wasn’t going to live a lie. I wasn’t going to live in fear. I was going to be me.” He boldly lived life on his terms; in a world where most would dread retribution.

In the end, Eric was blessed to see his football buddies and even his coach, accept him for who he really was. “My sexuality was not anything that defined me.

Eric has a purpose for sharing his story. “I am trying to open minds, inspire LGBT everywhere, and further progress the gay civil rights movement.”  He is working with HRC, a Nebraska Senator, and a nonprofit on gay rights issues in his home state of Nebraska.

Eric’s inspiration to me goes a step further. I’ve known him socially for a number of years. I didn’t know his sensitivity or story. I assumed a good looking guy like him, had very little to struggle about. Boy was I wrong! He is in fact a reminder to that everyone has a story of challenges and a success from pain.

Thank you for sharing with us all, Eric!


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  Art with a Heart: An evening of cocktails, art, and community
Tuesday 25 Feb 2014

On The Red Carpet

Academy Awards:

Who doesn’t love the movies? Strangely enough, I’ am not much of a movie goer these days. I don’t know why that is. I always love when I go. The last one I saw, was when I hosted a private viewing of American Hustle for Sony Pictures.

Why then a blog about the Oscars? Well, the Center on Halsted is hosting its annual On The Red Carpet Academy Awards viewing party, on Sunday, March 2nd. Movie watcher or not, this is always one fun event; which includes cocktails, buffet dinner, silent auction, and a raffle drawing. Last year’s, gala was attended by 400 participants and raised more than $60,000 to support the many programs and services of Center on Halsted. (See photos.)

To get you in the mood, here are ten little-known facts about the Oscars:

Don’t miss out on the fun. Get your tickets today!


Bill Pritchard

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Getting Caught: Finding the positive in others



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Thursday 20 Feb 2014

My Gay Roommate

Butter Believe It!:
Uber cute Noam Ash has done it again! Known in the YouTube biz as My Gay Roomate, he’s bringing us one step closer to cheeky entertainment and another towards uses for butter!

Be sure to follow’s Noam’s channel!

Bill Pritchard

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Getting Caught: Finding positive in others

Friday 14 Feb 2014

Funny Valentine

Don’t be bitter!:
Okay, I get it. People are pissed. Folks are bitter, but let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is just a Hallmark holiday. So, you can spend it in misery, or you can spend it appreciating the love you have in your life. Surly you have a few you could name?!

I may not have a boyfriend, but I do have some great friends! And, as far as crushing, I’ll forever have a crushes. Crushes are easy to form and let’s face it; nobody has to know about them. Being a walking mouth, I tend to let a guy know when I’m crushin on him, but that’s part of the fun for me.

The following are a small snippet of my valentine’s this year:Michael Kane, (Duh!) Cenk and his janky hairy pecs, Brent Corrigan, Lu, Isaiah, (That’s kind of a forever thing, really) My Bosom Friend David, Ronnie Kroell, Spencer Allen, Yo and his BIG PERSONALITY, Broccoli, Matthew Barrett, Mark, Kiss FM’s Angie Taylor, (She may be a girl, but she’s damn FINE!) delightful diva Dennis, Brryce Fersher, Linda Little, (She’s the Dali Mama!) Ev, Lucas Seiler, Gregory, Kirk, (He’ll always be my Boystown crush! Have you seen/listened to him!?)Jay, JP, Beautiful Brit, Tom, Tristan Hayden, DJR, Bryan Brochu (Of course!) my long lost gal-pal, Jake, the gifted Ben Andrews, Hunter B., SY, Ross, (Dude is FINE!) Shawn “He remindes me of Shaun Cassidy” Porter, Jeffery, David Groene, (Um, damn!) Drew, Triple-threat Richie, model Mick “Lovell” Philips, Victor, the inspirational Shane Bitney Crone, Nick, Topher Dimaggio, my gay roommate Noam Ash, Colin, Kevin Warhol, Spencer Neville, Carson , Scott Herman, (He may be straight, but he’s terribly sweet!) YouTube sensation Joey Graceffa, Mark “It’s gonna be a great day” E. Miller, figure skater Adam Rippon, (He’s so cute, it makes me dizzy!) Patrick Frost, (Follow this guy, he’s crazy fun, damn motivating, and unbelievably hot!) Steve Grand, (Popo is not only talented, but he’s got a fine-behind!) Timmy, Joe Jonas, (Words aren’t necessary) and Nick Adams.

Clearly, I don’t mind Valentine’s Day at all! And, with a Mom like mine, I’ve got myself the best funny valentine!

Bill Pritchard

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Getting Caught: Finding the positive in others

Tuesday 4 Feb 2014


Without a doubt, I’ve been so blessed to have visitors, here in Chicago. Special people, whom I don’t get to, see as often as I’d like. One such chap is Michael Kane. I honestly can’t say enough about Michael and his keen ability to pick up right where we left off. Liked/Loved by everyone he meets; I’ve got no one in my life like him. Time with him is always perfect and I’m grateful for his latest visit, this week.

Anyone who reads my blog, Tweets, Make A Difference column, or Facebook posts will most likely see the great affection I have for my Sainted Father Llewelyn Pritchard. Spend time with this world changer, and community ally; you can see why.

Well, my Father is returning to Chicago this week for a visit. Having him here is always a blast and a lesson in stamina. At 77 he’s up at the dawn of crack. (That’s earlier then the crack of dawn) He gets more done in a day then most in their twenties, and will hear nothing about the “R-word” (Retirement) He’s a true force of nature!

In town for meetings with the American Bar Association, you’ll likely see this dapper chap all over town. Of course if he had his choice, he’s forget the weekend meeting in lieu of his favorite Chicago pastime, Sunday-Funday at Angelina Ristorante. (Or as I like to call it; gay church)

A few short days after my Father returns home, my Bosom Friend, David returns for a weekend of revelry. Every moment I have with David, is so rich! And we’ve had many! He’s alerted me of his desire to take part in Sunday-Funday on the sixteenth. Beware Chicago, it will be memory making.

Grateful for the love!
Bill Pritchard

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Getting Caught: Finding the positive in others and their actions

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