Monday 24 Mar 2014

Community Compassion

I noticed over the weekend that Westboro Baptist Church had its first protest since the passing of Fred Phelps Sr. What was marvelous to see were counter-protesters showing compassion for Phelps with a sizeable “sorry for your loss” sign! Clearly that is the most un-Phelps thing to do!

A positive and compassionate message; although lost on church members has resonated with the media and public.  Members of the notorious hate church protested outside Lorde's concert in Kansas City, Missouri last Friday. This time they were met by counter-protesters who held up the sorrowful sign.

Nate Phelps, the estranged son of Phelps Sr., posted the story and image on his Facebook page (See above) with the comment, "I love the world when I see this.". Nate also posted this official statement.

I honestly wondered when I posted an Op-Ed on Phelps eventual passing a week ago; whether there might be a backlash from it. I think most thought it would. Even the Wall Street Journal interviewed me on what most thought would be an unpopular opinion. 

Wonderfully, I’ve  seen more compassion from people. Judy Shepard, the Mom of Matthew Shepard showed great strength in her stance. Even snarky activist, George Takei showed great restraint in his approach!

In the end, the real legacy I hope we create is the one of compassion to our fellow man. What Mr. Phelps did and said is inexcusable; his hate evil. I for one will not dignify that by responding in kind.

Bill Pritchard
Thursday 20 Mar 2014

Farewell Vernita

The LGBT community lost a friend on March 18th. She lived and fought for countless people around the country.  I’m talking about Vernita Gray

Every time I saw Vernita, she’s greeted me as if I were her best friend. We honestly never spoke about LGBT rights or her work for equality. The year I was born, she came out as a lesbian soon after attending Woodstock. There she learned about the Stonewall Riots.  With that she organized a gay and lesbian hotline using her on own phone number. She hosted support groups in her home and was published comprehensively in magazines.

She took charge in leading the Chicago gay liberation movement; serving lesbians and gay men in Chicago's African American community. All this, before a gay kid from Seattle; who would someday move to Chicago, would benefit from her efforts.

I am grateful!

Vernita was active in forming the first Lesbian Caucus of the nascent Gay Liberation organization and the first Chicago lesbian newspaper Lavendar Woman. She pioneered the outreach to the Lesbian community becoming iconic as a role model

Our community is grateful!

Wonderfully, Vernita and her wife, Pat Ewert were the first same-sex couple married legally in Illinois, in November of 2013, after winning a court victory because of Vernita’s health situation. That started the ball rolling on additional court rulings that accelerated marriage in Illinois ahead of the original June 1, 2014 enactment of full marriage equality in the state.

BEYOND Grateful!
Bill Pritchard
Tuesday 18 Mar 2014

Boys Cry Too!

Many of us have been long time fans of Joey Graceffa. His silly antics and crazy adventures always bring a smile. Sure, he's cute, but always entertaining.

One of his resent Vlog's (Video web log) really impressed me. He shared a more personal part of his life. His private life.

I really applaud Joey for his transparent side. It takes a lot of guts to show weakness and personal growth!
Tuesday 11 Mar 2014

I Heart Billie Holiday

One can't help but love the music and sound of Billie Holiday! Even more so, knowing she was a troubled woman. I've listened to her my whole life. Her songs make me think on my heros and good times around the table!

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Grand stand: An interview with out musician Steve Grand

Thursday 6 Mar 2014

Art With A Heart

Paint The Town

Looking for a way to give back and have fun at the same time?!  Well, this is YOUR event!

Join professionals, young and old, Friday, March 7th, from 8-10pm at Gallery Bar in Chicago for Art with Heart: An evening of cocktails, art/artists, and classy-community-cuties.

There is NO COVER and the bar is OPEN! That’s a HOSTED BAR!

What’s the catch? It’s our hope that you will give some of your drink dough to support the life restoring work of Interfaith House; a 64-bed interim housing respite care center, which provides help to Illinois’ ill and injured homeless adults. IFH helps to restore their health, rebuild their lives and regain self-sufficiency.  They provide bold solutions, not band-aids, to the problem of homelessness.

Start your Friday evening with artists, artwork, and an kickass OPEN BAR!

Artsy Fartsy!
Bill Pritchard

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