Friday 11 Apr 2014

My Gay Roommate


My Gay Roommate’s, Noam Ash is at it again; breaking the comedic barriers with a new installation of #MGR. Turns out the Noam’s character, Nick is rooming with more than he signed up for. Ed, his roommate has a few friends he’s been hiding.

If you’re into cute cowboys, rough thugs, and a damsel queen named Priscilla; then you’re in for a treat.


Bill Pritchard

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Thursday 3 Apr 2014

Scarlet's Selfie Mania

Traveling South on Halsted, just past Addison, you’ll undoubtedly notice a rather peculiar (Some say RiDikulous) billboard just above the public parking lot.

Turns out popular Boystown hotspot, Scarlet is ramping up Spring fever with a new Friday night campaign. Yep, that’s right! The folks who brought you ‘Dance Off, Pants Off”, the “Adam and Steve want to get married party”, and the annual “Barn Party: A roll in the hay” are placing Friday nights into overdrive.

Hostess with the mostess, Trannika Rex and DJ Joey Luna set the mood; with the help of uber-cute/cray-cray bartenders, Mike Rubino and Brryce Fersher. Throw in a few well poured Fireball shots and your weekend is off and running.

Now Scarlet is going one step further in promoting their Friday RiDiKulous parties, by joining the selfie craze. Simply snap a selfie with the Scarlet billboard and post it; tagging @ScarletChicago on Instagram and/or ScarletBar on Facebook.  A winner will be drawn, to receive a Friday night stage party at Scarlet. All participants will receive a prize. (One entry per person. Contest through April 12th)

This is your chance to “exercise your selfie control!”
Bill Pritchard

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Tuesday 1 Apr 2014

Farewell Frankie

Tremendous sadness has been felt by so many. Legendary DJ and Producer Frankie Knuckles has died.

There are quite a lot of Frankie stories to be shared. I met a protégé of his, David Morales back in 1998, when we brought him to Seattle's Paradise Garage. It was there that I first heard House Music and learned about Frankie. It was also that evening where I met my second boyfriend, Christopher. Both moments I'll not ever forget.

A few years later, upon my arrival to Chicago, I was given a copy of his Whistle Song. That mix became a representation of my personal life changes and relocation. No exaggeration, I’ve probably listened to that mix every week for the last 13 years.

My friends Mark and Rodney invited me to meet Frankie. He was the resident Sunday DJ at their then new nightclub, Hydrate in Boystown. It was all I could do to not scream like a girl. Frankie was humble and very sweet. I’m sure with the amount of adulation he received every day, he was used to such fanaticism. For me, it was a moment to thank him for his music.

Every time I saw Frankie after that, he greeted me as if we were old friends. I’m quite sure he didn’t even know my name, but his kindness was true to form for him.

It’s sad to say goodbye to a friend, who helped to define so many lives through music. His impact on this world will live on forever.


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Monday 31 Mar 2014

A Return to Downton Abbey

SO much fun was had last weekend, beginning with the young professionals from the IFH Junior Board on Friday. They hosted InterACT: Cocktailing for a Difference at Rebel Bar & Grill in Chicago’s Wrigleville neighborhood.

What better way to have fun and give back to the community than drinks with new friends and old! There was a great turnout and everyone had a nice time. I was pleased to see a number of folks who’ve never heard about IFH. You can see photos from the event above or here.

Saturday was spent in fellowship with friends. Now Sunday, was spent in the most lackadaisical way. I woke up pretty early, and had the marvelous idea to make breakfast in bed. I enjoy cooking, but there’s something to be said about cooking for oneself as a form of pampering.

As you can see above, I had eggs, bacon, English muffin, coffee, and orange juice.  The only thing that could have made this meal better was if Joe Jonas himself were enjoying it next to me.

I then spent the whole day being with myself; a bit of time outside in the spring weather, a delicious lunch and ending it with a bit of Downton Abbey and a sumptuous dinner. (I’m watching it from the beginning.)

When was the last time you made a day like that for yourself? By the time I went to bed, I was relaxed and ready for the week. I had a perfect night’s sleep and woke just before my alarm.

I’ll have to do this more often!

Have a good week!
Bill Pritchard
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Tuesday 25 Mar 2014


Everyone’s looking for a way to give back these days. Seems like so many are attending events and galas; filling their consciences with the assurance that they are making a difference.

Join the young professionals, of the IFH Junior Board this Friday, March 28th, from 9pm-12am at Rebel Bar & Grill in Chicago’s Wrigleville neighborhood for InterACT: Cocktailing for a Difference

Wristbands are just $25 for three hours of quality cocktails, luscious libations, all in a PRIVATE room big enough for 200+ of our closest friends!

The last event, InterACT Art with a Heart drew in a number of folks looking to do their part to support the life restoring work of Interfaith House; a 64-bed interim housing respite care center, which provides holistic help to Illinois’ ill and injured homeless adults. IFH helps to restore their health, rebuild their lives and regain self-sufficiency.  They provide bold solutions, not band-aids, to the problem of homelessness.

You're going out anyway, might as well make it count right!?!  RSVP here

Bill Pritchard
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