Thursday 5 Jun 2014

Cheers from Suzy Wong!

Chicago's Taverna 750, in the heart of Boystown, announced a partnership with restaurateur, chef, mixologist and entertainer Arnold Myint. 

Arnold has received numerous accolades for his culinary and mixology skills nationally on Top Chef and in Nashville at his 3 venues; {blvd}, PM, and Suzy Wong’s House of Yum.

Arnold’s mixology has been recognized in publications such as GQ, the eater, and Nashville Scene. Arnold’s drag persona, Suzy Wong has won pageants, hosted charitable events and parties from P-town to San Francisco and can be seen on her web series; “Serve Fabulous”. 

Arnold/Suzy will be bringing some exciting additions to Taverna 750's already popular martini and drink program including sangrias made with his own wine, Show Pony. Show Pony will be launched to the Chicago market at Taverna 750 in July at what Suzy guarantees to be a fabulous party! 

New drinkie-phoos! Talk about a perfect way to start the summer! 

Bill Pritchard

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Monday 19 May 2014

Steve Grand Update

Like many Chicago folks, I’m a fan of Steve Grand. His success story has been so refreshing to watch.  I am also a friend of Steve’s. Seeing his hard work pay off has been rewarding. He is a talented and ambitious guy. (Okay, he’s hot too!)

With the success of his Kickstarter Campaign, the third most-funded music project in Kickstarter’s history and the first among musicians never affiliated with a major record label; Steve is off and running on his new album. Here is an update from Steve on how all that is going

Be sure to follow Steve on Facebook and Twitter.

Bill Pritchard

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Friday 16 May 2014

What To Do

Most of my friends know that is as much a part of my life as my lungs are. I partner with two terrific guys, Steve and Matthew, on serving the community via this new media platform.

I’m still amazed, however, when friends ask me, “So what’s going on in Chicago this weekend?”  Really!? What’s going on? Needless to say, this makes me giggle. I now text people the URL for our weekly community calendar.

I’m a bit weird. I like to plan events ahead of schedule. As busy as the site keeps me, I build in time with friends, work (Day job) and travel. That said, there is something so nice about a spontaneous night off or run in with a friend!

So what are you going to do the next few days? Here in Chicago, there is always something going on. Looking at the daily calendar is an easy way to make last minute plans. The weekly community calendar makes planning for the weekend or week ahead so much simpler. 

And now with recent site upgrades, you can look at all of these from the comfort of your phone, pad, or personal computer. Easy-Peasy! Of course, you can always ask me what’s going on. That’s what and I here for.

Have fun and make a new friend!
Bill Pritchard

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Tuesday 13 May 2014

INVITATION: Miss Mona Sinclair

Some of you will recall, a few years back, the back-and-forth bicker between drag queens on blogs. Every day it was a new volley of shade; never coming to fisticuffs, but comedy nonetheless.

Trannika Rex of popular Boystown Chicago club Scarlet, has added her own platform of comedy in an invitation she posted via social media. She invited failed Republican candidate & former drag queen Steve Wiles (AKA Miss Mona Sinclair) to Scarlet’s "Trannika's Most Wanted", to make her return to drag!

It wasn’t long ago that Ms. Rex issued an invite to Phil Robertson, the controversial star of A&E's Duck Dynasty, to attend her show. Wiles, a republican North Carolina state senate candidate and on-the-record supporter of the state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage spent part of his twenties working as the drag queen Miss Mona Sinclair.

Expressing her sympathies over Wiles’ loss in the recent senate primary; Trannika extend a “limp wrist” invitation offering a $400 stipend and airline tickest to appear at Scarlet. She even offered a makeover by her team of “expert drag queens" including Kim Chi, Shea Coulee,Ivory, KayceeOrtiz, and The Princess.

Who knows if the Wiles/Sinclair camp will respond. America indeed loves a comeback and Trannika Rex has stepped up to the plate. Said Rex, “If we can take back Britney, we can take back a closeted bigot with questionable taste in kaftans.”

Let the comedy ensue.
Bill Pritchard

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Friday 9 May 2014

MEET: My Gay Roommate's Noam Ash

I've known My Gay Roommate’s, Noam Ash for a year. Yet, we never met, that is until today. Meeting through correspondence over Facebook, we formed a friendship, based originally on his YouTube creations. But, there's a lot more to Noam.

For twenty-three, he's very in touch with who he is and what he wants out of life. He meditates twice daily and attributes those twenty minute meditations to his source of strength. Another empowerment for Noam is family. With citizenship in the United States and Israel, he travels quite a bit to be with his folks. As of this posting, he's now the proud uncle to a healthy baby girl. This has made him one happy Guncle! (Gay uncle)

It was such a treat to get to know Noam over coffee and arugula. I think you'll see great creativity from him. In his latest installment of My Gay Roommate, things heat up between Nick and the Cowboy, Ed copes with the new relationship, and the nerd den dwellers are visited by the Angelic TONY Award Winner Wilson Jermaine Heredia (RENT).  Be sure to check it out:

Bill Pritchard

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