Thursday 29 Jun 2006

WTF Part 1

Someone please explain to me why anyone is on this site? You meet someone talk back and forth a dozen times through e-mail. Then you upgrade to text messages. After that they disappear for a week, you send them an e-mail and they say it was a computer problem but they disappear for another week.
Am I wrong but that isn't the way to meet someone and find a partner. I think the women on this site are being way to critical. At this rate we will all be single till we die. This truly saddens me.
What happened to having friends also? Sometimes friendship is far more valuable then a girlfriend or boyfriend.
I am deeply saddened by what I have seen on this site so far. You can't even send someone a message about what you read or saw in their profile. They don't have the decency to answer back. Makes me just want to stay single :(

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