Friday 4 Nov 2016

WATCH: Cast of 'Hamilton' sing 'Go Cubs Go'

The Chicago Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years on Wednesday night and on Thursday the Chicago cast of ‘Hamilton’ sang ‘Go Cubs Go’ to celebrate the city’s World Series title.

The cast flew the 'W' flag during the song and the Chicago audience loved every second of it. 

Friday 12 Aug 2016

August 14 is Gay Uncles Day

We have celebrations and special days for just about everything, so why not Gay Uncles Day?Apparently it’s time for nephews and nieces to show appreciation for their ‘guncle’. And that day is August 14, according to the Internet hashtag campaign #GayUnclesDay. 

And although the campaign has taken off the last few days, it seems the concept of a Gay Uncles Day was actually first posted on Facebook back in May by Florida resident C.J Hatter.

The original idea was given a significant boost this week when hunky Olympic bob skier Simon Dunn posted a meme about it to his Facebook and Twitter, which has since been shared thousands of times.


#GayUnclesDay — why not? 

I asked columnist and proud ‘guncle’ Terrence Chappell what he thought.  

“There’s a lot of barriers to being yourself in the world. All I want for my niece and nephew is for them to be themselves and be happy,” Chappell said. “I’m proud to be a gay uncle because I can teach my niece and nephew how to unapologetically be themselves even when it can seem a little scary at times.”

So whether the special day actually takes off, I share some love and appreciation with Terrence (pictured with his nephew and neice) and all the gay uncles out there!
Wednesday 22 Jun 2016

WeAreOrlando -- Volunteers needed

Windy City Times and ( are coordinating a moment of silence and memorial during the 47th annual Chicago Pride Parade for the 49 victims of the Orlando shooting at Pulse nightclub on June 12.  

Large images of the victims have been created by Brad Delaney from One Million Kids for Equality, Theresa Volpe and Mercedes Santos. Topweb printer has produced large printed images of these for inclusion in the Chicago Pride Parade Sunday, June 26, 2016, to be carried by volunteers right after the lead banner. 

People willing to help carry the signs, especially Latinx LGBTs, are encouraged to arrive at 11 a.m. at the press check-in at the SW corner of Montrose and Broadway.

If you'd like to volunteer or assist, please contact us
Thursday 26 May 2016

Welcome to Our House

It's that time of year again! Memorial Day weekend when thousands of people — leathermen, bears, adult stars and admirers —  flock to Chicago for the trifecta of events: International Mr. Leather, the Grabby Awards and Bear Pride.'s coverage of this insanely busy holiday weekend begins with our top 10 picks for the hottest - and craziest - parties happening this weekend. We’ve also rounded up a complete list of weekend events

Photographer Anthony Meade interviews DJ Seth Breezy (Atlanta), who is bringing his tenacious beats and heavy drops to "Grunt", Manhole’s IML opening party on Friday.

Our friends at Grab Magazine (the producers of the Grabby Awards) share this interview with Brazilian adult star, underwear model and self-described fitness freak Diego San, who will co-host the annual awards show with ChiChi LaRue and Honey West on Saturday.

Anthony Morgano previews Neverland’s ‘Animal Farm’ party happening this Friday. (Puppies and piggies and leather, oh my!) And, Ross Forman profiles up-and-coming DJ Alex Cabot, who is bringing a Latin flare to IML’s Black & Blue Ball on Monday. 

So this Memorial Day weekend, we welcome you to Our House and invite you to GO ALL OUT! on the scene, on the go and on Twitter

(Image: IML Victory Party 2015 at the House of Blues, photo by Anthony Meade)
Thursday 31 Mar 2016

Transgender Visibility Day

Today, March 31, is International Transgender Visibility Day, a day on which the accomplishments of transgender people in society is celebrated.

The day is also meant to raise awareness of the many barriers the transgender community faces daily in their pursuit to live authentically. Transgender individuals struggle to obtain documentation that reflects their authentic gender identity, which can lead to discrimination, harassment and embarrassment.

Recently in Illinois, lawmakers have proposed a bill that would correct the gender marker on a birth certificate. HB 6073, which updates current state law to fit current medical standards of care, recently advanced to the House Human Services committee. 

"The great thing about seeing this piece of legislation near passage at the same time that we can mark Trans Day of Visibility is that it reminds us that trans people can count on the support of friends and allies to get the same deal, that our country's promise to recognize to all equally really does belong to all of us," said Chicago House trustee Christina Kahrl. "We know that getting people turned around on public policy to help trans Americans enjoy the same basic freedoms we should all be able to take for granted is a hard mission, but thanks to trans-supportive public leaders, we can be grateful that we might finally make it easy for folks born in Illinois to have final say in their own lives about who they are."

Learn more about Chicago House's TransLife Center

Learn more about International Transgender Visibility Day

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